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Edition No. 223

Date:- 16 October 2005

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SO SAYS new research that redefines the rules of attraction. A major study has found that ‘gentlemen no longer prefer blondes’ and that the ideal partner is a brunette – the colour that apparently now defines an intelligent, sophisticated and strong willed woman. More than 51% of men, spoken to as part of the nationwide study, proved that they’re rebelling against their own stereotypical behaviour by voting brunettes No 1. Unfortunately for Colleen McLouglin and other fun-loving Liverpudlian blondes, a staggering 52% of men from Liverpool and the North West, also favour brunettes. This was also reflected in the fact that 30% of Liverpudlians voted Catherine Zeta-Jones as the most glamorous and attractive celebrity.

Working alongside City University, London, the report commissioned by hair care expert Sunsilk is the widest reaching research into the correlation between men, hair colour and the intensity of attraction.

Professor Peter Ayton who conducted the Sunsilk /City University study comments:- “What we’re seeing might be down to history and our ancestors, where blonde hair was seen as a symbol of youth. However, as the role of women has evolved, men’s expectations of women have changed. They’re looking for more intense, equal partnerships, and appearance has a large role to play. It’s even possible that certain hair colours can indicate wealth and experience.”

The National Picture

· Londoners definitely prefer brunettes – 59% of Cockneys gave them the thumbs up as the most attractive ladies

· Geordies and the men of the North East are the highest supporters of redheads – 22% prefer a flame haired girl

· The Welsh like a grey lady! 13% of those in Wales think grey hair is the most attractive hair colour

· Yorkshire men like their women blonde – 40% picked blonde women as their preference.

· Southerners aren’t alone in their appreciation of brunettes – 39% of Mancunians also picked them as more attractive.

The Brunette Effect

· 81% nationwide think brunettes are intelligent

· 67% see them as indepent and self sufficient

· 62% think they are stable and competent

Blondes Have More Fun

· 59% of the nation think blondes are extrovert

· 63% think that they are frily and approachable

· But 40% see blondes as needy and lacking in indepence

Red Heads Keep It Lively

· 79% of men see red heads as intelligent

· 64% see them as temperamental and fiery

· 45% see red heads as neurotic!

Steve Kearns, Sunsilk brand manager, comments:- “We saw a big rise in the number of women wanting products to help make the
most of their hair colour and wanted to investigate the psychological reasons behind colour and the intensity of attraction.

We decided to commission the first report of its kind into attraction psychology. As a result, we have developed a Colour Collection range specifically for the three types of hair – a three step process of shampoo, conditioner and leave in cream, designed to maximise your colour and therefore your lifestyle.”

Every child matters in Warrington

A NEW Children and Young People's plan is being produced to help ensure that every child matters in Warrington. The plan is being developed by the Council together with a number of key partners, including Connexions and the Halton and Warrington
Youth Offending Team and representatives met this week to discuss the way forward. A series of consultation exercises will aim to find out how the Directorate can work even more closely with its partners, including health services, to ensure that
every child across the town is kept safe from harm, and achieves their full potential as they enter adult life.

Staff will be asked to focus on how information can be shared most effectively across different teams and how services for children need to develop in order to ensure that all children are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, and achieve economic well being - making sure that every child matters in Warrington. The consultation process
will continue in November with 5 events across the borough - to include schools, parents, carers, Warrington Primary Care Trust, voluntary organisations and other partners in helping to shape the future of Warrington's services for children.

Cllr Colin Froggatt, Executive Board Member for Children's Services, said:- "The Children Act 2004, and the accompanying guidance contained in 'Every Child Matters Next Steps', represents the most fundamental change in 30 years in the way Children's Services are designed and delivered. This is an exciting time for the Council and its Children's Services Directorate as we will be working with key partners to bring about a change in culture and develop services, including the Children and Young People's Plan, to help ensure that every child does matter in Warrington."

Results of the consultations will feed into the Children's Plan for Warrington, which will be available in draft form by January 2006.


A STUNNING banner celebrating Liverpool's Chinese heritage is to decorate the corner of Seel Street and Slater Street. Chinese Reflection honours Liverpool's Chinese community, the oldest in Europe and will transform a derelict building which has blighted the area.

Liverpool City Council's Executive Member for Culture, Councillor Warren Bradley, said:- "This is a showcase of many groups working in partnership to turn dereliction into something beautiful."

It will be unveiled in front of invited guests at 11am on Tuesday 25 October.

Moira Kenny, the local artist who worked for three years to create the striking piece, said:- "The work is a tribute to the many industries and rich cultures that exist in Liverpool, providing a visual history of part of the heritage in the city. This project brought old and young members of the community together. The use of art as a communicative tool helped overcome language barriers and has been the main tool for recording and sharing personal histories."

The colourful banner charts the story of the Chinese people's journey to Liverpool and their settlement here, depicting fireworks, the Blue Funnel Line, immigration documents, the Headmaster of the Chinese school with his wife plus examples of Chinese commerce in the city this week. Traders from Southern China first came to Liverpool in the 1840s. Many of them settled in the city and formed the thriving Chinatown we know this week. Chinese seamen who originally sailed with the Blue Funnel Line have provided Moira with information and the exquisite paintings of the Chinese Emperor that are featured in the first panel of the banner.

The project is supported by the Liverpool Culture Company, plus the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre, Liverpool, Chinese Business Association, Frenson, Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool Echo's 'Stop the Rot' Campaign.
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