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Edition No. 228

Date:- 28 November 2005

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:- "Southport and Crime."

"HAVE you ever noticed that every weekend there are crimes of violence that seem to occur in the same places at the same times or at the very least very near to the same places and times in Southport. Also every week we see the police asking for witnesses. It is well known that it is far safer to go out at the weekend in Liverpool City Centre than to go out for a night out in Southport. I ask myself the same thing every week, where are the police in Southport, at the weekend especially? In Liverpool the city centre is well policed and they are very much visible, probably why people feel safer there than here. We have quite a few night clubs and late night bars enough you would think to make policing the area a priority. But I guess not, I guess we will continue to read about the crimes of violence and continue to see the Police asking for witnesses after all I guess it is warmer being sat somewhere else than on the streets and visibly policing the area."  G Spence, full address supplied.

LETTERS EDITOR:- "Sefton Council"

"Once more we see Sefton Council refusing to accept the will of the people it purports to represent. Last year they sent out a referendum asking people to vote yes or no to the hand over of Council owned properties to a private enterprise, the people voted NO. After the vote a certain councillor in the local press sent out his condemnation to those who voted NO. Now once again wasting tax payers money they are about to ask the very same question only this time the NO campaign have no funds to fight. Sefton hoping that this time when people are asked they will have forgotten why they voted NO and now vote yes. The whole thing is disgusting, money that was originally set aside in the budget to improve council homes is now being with held I guess in the hope that this issue will force some to move over to the Yes vote. Not one news paper has bothered to take up this story which I find rather sad. It makes one wonder whether the influence of some people in high places have influences elsewhere like the media.

Not too long ago Sefton was advised against using a particular developer for the Winter gardens design and build project, other local authorities warned Sefton about what would happen, yet the all wise Chief exec went ahead ignoring all advice and costing the council tax payer millions. He did it again when the original plan for the promenade which included a water world fell apart and we ended up having to settle for something we did not want. He is still employed in the same position and taking his large pay packet home even though he cost the tax payer millions again. He even refused to resign when prompted due to his enormous failures.

It was once the proud privilege of men and women to stand as a councillor in their free time costing the tax payer little to nothing, now these new breed of councillors cost us over a million pounds just in expenses. These people are nothing more than leeches in our society. I much preferred it when councillors were people who had retired and who were experienced in the knowledge of what the boroughs’ greatest needs were. These people were the true carers of our borough and who wore their badge with pride, this lot just take from the public purse, with any excuse they can, God help our future when they bleed us all dry and no one can afford to pay council taxes due to the enormous cost burden they are becoming."  G Spence, full address supplied.

Paula Dickinson Takes To The Stage...

ON Wednesday 23 November local girl Paula Dickenson took to the stage at Mulligans Bar in Southport.  This was her very first paid job as a solo singer. Over this year she has steadily built up confidence as she competed in several large competitions, each time getting good reviews. Two of them were the Fame Search For A Star at Pleasureland in Southport and the other, again in Southport, the British Resorts' Search For A Star North West Heats and Final.   We wish her every success for the future.

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