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Edition No. 228

Date:- 28 November 2005

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Who Do You Think You Are?

ARE you a mover and a shaker?

Do you know someone who should be part of history?

Want to Lord it with the best? 

Burke’s Peerage & Landed Gentry, publishers of the ultimate and original guides of the UK’s movers and shakers are, for the first time, compiling a North West edition and are currently searching for new entrants.

Burke’s Landed Gentry, 19th Edition, Volume III, The North West, Including Contemporary People of Distinction will be published in June 2006. However, the busy team of researchers are currently looking for around 3,000 influential individuals born, living or working in the North West who should be in this brand new edition.

You don’t have to own an estate and a title to be listed. The prestigious 200 year old publication, famous for listing Peers, Baronets and Lords and Ladies is now stepping into the 21st Century and searching forcontemporary people of distinction. Entrants already on the list range from MDs, Lawyers, Architects, Chief Constables and Officers in the emergency services to Sir Paul McCartney. Pete Postlethwaite, World Record Holder Paula Radcliffe MBE and all the North West Lord Mayors have also secured their places.

Mike Cross, CEO of Burke’s Peerage & Landed Gentry says:- “Our first regional edition called the 'Ridings of York' has become an invaluable tool for the business community.

Now we’re producing the North West edition, and would like to hear from anyone who believes they know, work with or work for someone who deserves to be listed in this ultimate guide to the people of the North West. People can of course nominate themselves!”

If you know of anyone in the fields of politics and local government; religion; charities; education; law; media; the arts; business; military; sports or medical who should be featured you can contact John Hancock on 01642 713 530 or email



THE NORTH west is throwing vital vitamins and vegetables in the bin.  Despite good intentions to eat well, 80% of North Westeners admit to stocking up on fresh vegetables to feel healthier, spending on average £5-£10 / week, only for 39% to eat them when they are past their sell-by date.

The research, commissioned by Birds Eye, highlights that Britain is unknowingly becoming a vitamin-drained nation, with 43% of households admitting to throwing away an average of £114 worth of fresh vegetables every year.  A recent national study into food wastage compelled Birds Eye to conduct its own research into vitamin depletion and waste in fresh foods, knowing that both can be reduced by choosing frozen vegetables. The study surveyed Brits on their healthy eating knowledge and saw leading scientists from Leatherhead Food International door-step the kitchens of the UK to examine the state of the nation's vegetables.

Recent trends, including the fashion for all things fresh spearheaded by celebrity chefs and the rise in farmers' markets, have led 79% of those living in the North West to believe that fresh vegetables are healthier than frozen with many buying them to feel better about themselves. However, the research revealed that some fresh vegetables are drained of vital vitamins by the time they are eaten. As freezing suspends vegetables in time and locks in vitamins and minerals, people can improve their vitamin intake by adding frozen veg to their weekly shop.

Frozen Veg - The Facts

77% of people in the North West feel that fresh vegetables contain more vitamins than frozen . . . BUT in fact frozen vegetables can contain higher levels of vitamin C than fresh vegetables. For example, in the research, frozen peas were found to contain 34% more vitamin C than fresh and frozen green beans to contain 67% more vitamin C than their fresh counterparts.

77% of people think that frozen vegetables contain more artificial colours, flavours and preservatives than fresh . . . BUT in reality, as freezing is the most natural way to keep food fresh, there is no need to add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Fiona Angus, food scientist at Leatherhead Food International said:- “As soon as vegetables are harvested they start to lose vitamin C and vital nutrients. The length of time that vegetables are stored for also impacts on vitamin and nutrient levels and when vegetables are peeled or chopped even more vitamin C is lost.  Comparatively, frozen vegetables are often more nutritious than fresh. Once frozen, loss of vitamin C is much slower and less during storage than in fresh vegetables.”

Leading nutritionist and registered dietician Jill Scott added:- “Although it is encouraging that shoppers do have good intentions to eat well and improve their health, there is a distinct lack of understanding about how to make up their recommended five a day, resulting in people losing out on vital vitamins and minerals.  People often feel guilty if their trollies aren't overflowing with fresh vegetables, when in fact frozen are often just as nutritious as fresh and there is no waste.”

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