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Date:- 23 January 2006

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THE Government on Tusday 17 January 2006 announced its long-term strategy for reducing street prostitution, ruling out the idea of "managed zones" for prostitution.

The Prostitution Strategy promises:-

* better enforcement of laws against kerb-crawling and those who exploit prostitutes;

* more opportunities for women to leave prostitution, including better links between police and projects that work with prostitutes;

* an increased focus on preventing children, particularly vulnerable children, from being lured into prostitution.

To reduce the demand for street prostitution and bring to justice those who exploit individuals through prostitution, the Government and local authorities will encourage proactive policing of kerb-crawling by local police forces, and greater enforcement of penalties such as removal of driving licences from repeat offenders.

The Strategy proposes creating a new penalty for the offence of loitering or soliciting for prostitution, so that courts can direct women into services to help deal with drug or alcohol dependency treatment. To ensure fewer people enter prostitution, reduce the harm it causes and offer routes out, the Government and local authorities will also:-

* ensure that drug treatment programmes, other health services, and supported accommodation are available to women who want to get out of prostitution;

* use the recently published UK Action Plan on Trafficking to target traffickers;

* expand the successful Ugly Mugs scheme, already running in various areas, which informs prostitutes about violent punters in order to protect them, and link this system with Crimestoppers information;

* produce a guide to services available for women in prostitution who suffer violent or sexual crimes;

* ensure that ASBOs, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Intervention Orders are used in conjunction with local support projects, and do not stop prostitutes from getting help;

* change the definition of a brothel so that two prostitutes can work together. Respondents said this was vital to increase the safety of women working in prostitution.

Home Office Minister Fiona Mactaggart said:- "Prostitution blights communities and the lives of those who participate. While kerb-crawlers could choose not to pay for sex, women involved in prostitution often have very limited choices in life. They come from difficult backgrounds, might have drug problems or nowhere safe to live. I want them to have help and support to leave prostitution.

The communities who suffer the side effects of prostitution end up with no choice over what happens on their streets and they are the ones who see used condoms on the streets, who live in fear of innocent women being abused or attacked and who have the stigma of living in a red-light area.

We will not eradicate prostitution overnight, but we must not condone this exploitative industry. I want to see a tough approach to kerb-crawling, combined with much better work to prevent children being drawn into prostitution and give those involved a route out."

Speaking specifically about "managed zones" for prostitution, Fiona Mactaggart said:- "I cannot accept that we should turn a blind eye to a problem that causes misery for people living in or near red-light areas. There is no evidence that decriminalisation or licensing prostitution would achieve our objectives of reducing exploitation, improving the safety of those involved, and making local communities safer."

To prevent children entering prostitution, the Government will tighten up child protection guidance for social workers, focusing on those children who are most at risk of being lured into prostitution, such as those not in proper education and those leaving care. It will also create a guide for schools to be aware of the risks and early signs of prostitution, and help devise training for police officers, teachers and nurses to spot the signs and risks of sexual exploitation.

Other measures to tackle the demand for prostitution include:-

* where appropriate, and only for a first-time offender with no other convictions for sexual offences, offering kerb-crawler re-education programmes as an alternative to prosecution.

* naming and shaming those convicted of kerb-crawling.

Fiona Mactaggart added:- "There is some truly excellent work going on around the country to help women get out of prostitution. I want to see more projects working well with local police forces, councils and crime prevention groups to link up all those with an interest in making our streets safer."

The Strategy has five key aims:-

1. Prevention and awareness-raising; prevention and early intervention measures to stop individuals, particularly children and young people, from becoming involved in prostitution

2. Tackling demand; responding to community concerns by deterring those who create the demand and removing the opportunity for street prostitution to take place

3. Developing routes out; proactively engaging with those involved in prostitution to provide a range of support and advocacy services to help them leave prostitution

4. Ensuring justice; bringing to justice those who exploit individuals through prostitution, and those who commit violent and sexual offences against those involved in prostitution

5. Tackling off-street prostitution; targeting commercial sexual exploitation, in particular where victims are young or have been trafficked.


SUPPERSTORE company Tesco is set to transform the way we make phone calls and slash call costs with the launch of its new internet phone service.

The Tesco Extra in Bidston Moss has been chosen as one of the first Tesco stores to sell the internet phones, meaning that local residents will be among the first to try the new service.

Tesco internet phone is:-

o Both easy to set up and simple to use
o A low-cost alternative to traditional fixed line telephones
o The must-have technology for 2006

8.1 million homes in the UK now have access to broadband internet, but until now internet phone technology (also known as VOIP), with its complicated technology and confusing jargon, has mainly been the domain of techies.

All that is set to change with the launch of Tesco's new Internet phone. Offering both ease of use and great value calls, it's expected to make this technology appealing to a mass market for the first time ever and make 2006 the year of the internet phone.

Calls from Tesco's new Internet phone both within the UK and to popular international destinations such as the US, Canada and Australia are priced at just 2p a minute, while calls to UK mobiles cost only 10p a minute. Calls to other internet phone users are absolutely free wherever they are in the world.

Tesco internet phones are as easy to use as traditional fixed line phones and feature the same call quality, plus they offer households the option of a second phone line without the added cost and hassle of line rental and installation.

And there's good news for Abingdon residents who are planning a home move, because internet phone users can choose a unique, non-geographical number when they sign up to the service. This number can then be kept for life and taken to all future addresses.

Using Tesco's Internet phone pack could not be easier. Users install the software, register their details and select their phone number using the supplied installation guide. Then they simply plug the handset into the USB socket on the PC and calls can begin. Easy!

What's more, Tesco internet phone is a pay as you go service, so users can monitor exactly how much they're spending on calls.

Andy Dewhurst, chief executive officer of Tesco telecoms says:-  “The way we communicate is rapidly changing and we believe that this is just the beginning of the internet phone revolution.

Our research showed that while many people are aware of internet phone services, most have been put off by complicated technology and confusing tariffs and installation.

Tesco's simple and convenient new service will finally make this amazing technology accessible to millions of households throughout the UK and allow everyone to benefit from free or very low-cost internet calls.”

Nell McAndrew is already a huge fan:- “I come from a close-knit family and because we all live quite far apart, it's really important for me to stay in touch over the phone. Plus I'm a big talker, so Tesco's new Internet phone will mean much cheaper phone bills, which I'm sure my husband will appreciate!

Usually I'm a bit of a technophobe, but this new service is perfect for me because it's so straightforward and easy to use.”

Singles night at the Walker Art Gallery

THE National Museums Liverpool is hosting a Valentine's singles night at the Walker Art Gallery from 19:00 to 21:00 hours on Friday 10 February 2006.

The inspiration for the evening is the stunning exhibition Conrad Shawcross:- the Steady States. Shawcross has been described as the Da Vinci of the 21st Century because of his awesome sculptures that use noise and light to explore cosmology, quantum mechanics and musical theory. In creating a wonderful sensory atmosphere, where art fuses with science and music, the exhibition provides a stimulating backdrop for meeting new people.

Guests are kept entertained and encouraged to mingle with various activities:-

· Private tours of the beautiful Walker Art Gallery, including the Shawcross exhibition

· Ice-breaker games and quiz

· Indulgent refreshments including Smirnoff Norsk Vodka and Thornton's Eden chocolate.

Single in the City, a popular event for the singletons of the North West, takes place in different cultural organisations across Liverpool. Set in beautiful locations with things of interest to see and do, the events create a relaxed environment- perfect for meeting like-minded people and making new friends.

Tickets to the event cost just £5 each. Places are limited so please book in advance. For more information or to book your place call Kathy McKeon on 0151 478 4616.

Clairvoyance Evening with David Traynor

THE evening hosted by Dave Traylor will be held on Friday 10 February, at Liverpool Spiritualist National Church, 14 Daulby Street, Liverpool (at the side of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital next door to the Roy Castle building.) Doors open at 7.30pm and the evening starts at 8.00pm. Tickets are £5.00 each with tea and coffee served.

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