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Date:- 27 March 2006

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Fans on Merseyside reveal their Make or Break football moments

THE AMAZING night in Istanbul tops the poles. Sure Sport for Men reveals the football moments on Merseyside that have mattered most. It’s no surprise that Liverpool’s dramatic win in Istanbul topped the polls with the Red half of the city, while Duncan Ferguson’s crucial goal in the 1-nil win over Manchester United and a certain Mr Rooney came top with Everton Fans.

As part of the Sure Sort for Men search for the UK’s most passionate fan, supporters have been asked to name their all time top Make or Break Moment from their club’s history. The ‘Make or Break’ moment is when fans experience feelings of sheer joy or despair without inhibition, it could be a vital goal, amazing match, crucial result or even something supporters wish they could forget such as relegation. Fans on Merseyside have been submitting their entries to in huge numbers and now we can reveal the moments that have really mattered most:-


Winning the European Cup in Istanbul 84%

Beating Chelsea in The Champion’s League 2005 7%

Beating Roma in The Champion’s League 2001 4%

The Treble in 2001 3%

Owen’s goals against Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup 2%


Beating Man United last season 22%

Getting into the Champion’s League last season 18%

Rooney’s goal against Arsenal 17%

Winning the FA Cup in 1995 15%

Beating Liverpool last season 13%

Sharp lob at Anfield 9%

Bayern Munich at Goodison in 85 6%

The survey was conducted as part of Sure Sport for Men’s search for the UK’s Wildest Fan. Hundreds of fans who think they are the nations most passionate fan have been entering online on on the Sure Sport site.

Vicki Franks, Brand Manager for Sure Sport For Men, said:- “Sure Sport is all about giving fans the confidence to go wild during Make or Break moments in football. We wanted to celebrate the fact that football is as much about the fans in the stands as it is the players on the pitch. These findings show that the top Make or Break moments are when fans are going wild with jubilation as their team win crucial, exciting matches.”

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

BRITONS are being urged to check out what is between the sheets as their mattress could be home to millions of mites according to Relaxsan, the ‘no-springs!’ mattress company.

Despite 80% of allergies being caused by dust mites, 31% of Britons admit that they have never vacuumed their mattress. Those in their 20s are most likely to shy away from bed hygiene, 49% have never vacuumed their mattress. Londoners are least likely of all regions to vacuum their mattresses, 37% admit to never putting a vacuum anywhere near their bed.

Relaxsan asked a GB representative sample of 2,000 adults whether they vacuumed their mattresses and if so, how often.

The over 50s are most likely to heed the importance of bed hygiene, 47% regularly vacuum their mattress. Clean Scots are the mattress vacuuming region of the UK, 44% regularly fumigate their beds.

Robert Badman, UK head of sales, Relaxsan, said:- “It is important that we take appropriate measures in bed hygiene to avoid dust mite infestation. These microscopic creatures affect a huge number of allergies, so is important to keep your sleeping environment as clean as possible. They can trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma and hay fever and also skin diseases like eczema. Asthma alone affects around 1 in 8 Britons.  Mites are most commonly found in bedding materials, especially conventional inner spring mattresses. The space inside of this type of mattress provides a perfect place for mites to thrive. Relaxsan mattresses are dust mite resistant and have no springs, providing little space for the mites to live.”

Dust mites – the facts...

* There are between 2 to 3 million mites in the average mattress
* Dust mites like warm (25°C), dark and humid conditions
* 85% of people with asthma have an allergy to the house dust mite
* The average size of house mites is 0.3mm

How to avoid dust mites...

o Vacuum your mattress and under the bed at least once a week
o Wash bedding at a temperature of at least 60°C at least once a week
* Put duvets and pillows in plastic bags in the freezer for 24 hours at least once a month
o Change your mattress at least once every 10 years

Table - % People who never vacuum their mattress by region

Region % People who never vacuum
London 37%
South 30%
Midlands 30%
Wales 30%
Scotland 28%
North 26%
UK Average 31%

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