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Date:-  29 May 2006

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Streets of Rubbish:- "Bin bags, bin bags and more BIN BAGS....!"

"AS OF LATE, SOUTHPORT Streets are awash with orange and blue bin bags... Every night, out in Southport, I keep seeing more and more bin bags left outside that often are a danger to the public for they are placed on on narrow side road pavements, or in the middle of the large pavements, like Lord Street without any warnings for the blind. The side road ones, like outside your e-newspapers' offices on Post Office Ave., often force people to walk into the road. It does not seem too bad at first, but how long before there is a serious accident? Also the rubbish bags get blown over, thrown about by kids and, worse still, attract vermin in full view of the tourists..! Why have the bags suddenly started to be left out on the roads? They use to be placed behind the buildings and the rubbish men collected them just fine that way. It is making the town look like a dump at night and in the morning it looks worse still! Something has to be done. It is not the businesses' fault, as they have always kept the town as clean and tidy as they can.... It must be a Sefton idea! It really puts one off going out into the town. Liverpool looks clean and tidy while Southport just looks like a tip... What tourists must think, well that's anyone's guess!" Jason aged 24 from Ainsdale. Full contact info. supplied.

Editors note:- "Thanks Jason for your comments. Yes, we have been asking the same question. Recently all the businesses down our road have been told that "For health and safety reasons bin bags must be put out the night before in front of your building. No longer will they be collected from behind your premises." We quite agree and also, in some cases, the bags in our view are worse than just a hazard to pedestrians, but also to the traffic! It is just a time saving measure in our view by the council. We also agree that it really does not look good for the image of the town, but our hands are tied."

Letters to Editor:- "Burying Band News!"

"HESKETH Bank villagers already pay a supplementary council tax, rising annually to cover Parish Council initiatives; whereas folk living in neighbouring Tarlatan pay no additional charges! Two Hesketh Bank parish councillors, residing in Tarlatan, both voted in favour of a controversial £50,000 payout to Hesketh Bank FC for sporting facilities which swung the decision over the controversial resolution at the last Parish Council meeting.

Thus the community now faces more council tax to recover this liability in the financial year 2007/8. A matter of this magnitude should have had extra publicity, and explanation, to gain public participation in the decision-making.

I live in the village and I am a member of the public. I had sight of the parish council's draft letter offering the grant, and I could see serious flaws in the wording. I contacted them about my concerns before the matter was posted, but the warning was ignored because it was considered to be a 'private matter'!

The Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council is also a Chairman of Hesketh Bank FC and has a vested interest as far as I know. Whilst he refrained from voting, policy formulation had been liable to influence.

I have put an analysis of the facts on the village website ."
Trevor Roberts.

Letters to Editor:- "Grid Lock!"

"THE town over Bank holiday weekend was gridlocked thanks to the silly bus lanes that are operational 24 hours a day...

That's not forgetting the narrowing of most of the linking roads, the pedestrian scheme and other ideas that Sefton have now forced upon the town. How long can we as a town sustain such a silly road system and keep tourists from deserting the town?

Already it is fast becoming a ghost town at night, and over the weekdays the sales in shops have dramatically decreased, thanks, in part, to the increased road works including the lack of parking. Something has to be done and fast.

This is Bank Holiday, what will the summer be like!" Jill, a Southport resident. Full name, address and mobile number supplied.


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