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16 April 2002

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Film review:- K-PAX 
It is astounding that this film was made being that their are no car crashes, no explosions, no actors saying "Please nominate me for an Oscar".  No this is a really an  enormously fascinating, with fantastic cinematography.   I have to disagree with the Telegraph this week.   I  found this film very interesting.   Ok,  I agree, not the most defining film not even original, but still very griping and entertaining.   Hollywood has had a fascination with Aliens and the Paranormal for some time, now.  This time combining it with good old  psychiatry, like the days of Bladerunner is a real winner for Sci-fi.   The last film I sore last week was  A Beautiful  Mind.  That was a similar plot outline that made you wonder if the character was what he was and doing what he said he was doing.   In this film director Iain Softley makes a loveable mad character that reminds me of Forest Gump.  this character is called Prot.   Prob played by  Kevin Spacey is a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be from a far away planet. Prob is a wonderfully character with the gentle presence of an outsider who understands.   His psychiatrist Dr. Mark Powell played by Jeff Bridges tries to help him, only to begin to doubt his own explanations.   Prob is a wonderful character that seemingly blends all aspects of the film together from the disparate elements, the science, the drama, psychological  that gives him a real feeling of being a real person.  we had an argument in the car as to the approach in grading this hidden gem as it dose not soot every ones cup of tea, like with the Telegraphs critic.     This film starts strange and ends strange and leave you with a question,  "Was he?"  We would like to do the same about the stars, but can't.   4 stars as it is not appealing for all, but still a must see if you like hidden meanings in films.   As far as I am concerned I feel that this film is one of the best of its type.   Everyone from the science fiction fans (Who appreciated the depth and seriousness of the subject matter)  would probably agree with me.

Actors, first credits only:- Kevin Spacey as Prot, Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell, Mary McCormack as Rachel Powell, Alfre Woodard as Claudia Villars, David Patrick Kelly as Howie, Saul Williams as Ernie, Peter Gerety as Sal, Celia Weston as Mrs. Archer, Ajay Naidu as Dr. Chakraborty, Tracy Vilar as Maria, Melanee Murray as Bess, John Toles-Bey as Russell, Kimberly Scott as Joyce Trexler, Conchata Ferrell as Betty McAllister and Vincent Laresca as Navarro 

Film Review by Patrick Trollope.

Film Age Rating In The UK Tagline:-
    Change the way you look at the world.
 Our verdict 4 stars out of five stars.
Runtime:- 120   
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