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Date:- 23 April 2007

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EDGE Hill University is calling for volunteers to take part in its ongoing study into the effects of ecstasy on memory and other mental processes.  The University has been at the forefront of scientific research into the effects of drug use on mental processes such as memory since 2000. Contributions by Edge Hill researchers to international scientific journals and presentations to major conferences, have contributed to a large body of evidence gathered by universities around the world. Now, in order to continue this research, psychologists at Edge Hill are seeking public volunteers to help them learn more about the effects of the drug.

Principal investigator, Dr Philip Murphy explains:- “There is still much we have to learn about the effects of drugs such as ecstasy and cannabis. For example, although we know that ecstasy impairs some aspects of memory performance, we still do not know how long these impairments may persist after use of the drug has been stopped. With calls to revise drug laws on the basis of the potential harm they can do, it is vital that our research continues. Similarly, we need to know more about the effects of cannabis on memory and other mental processes.”

Dr Murphy and his colleagues are looking for people between the ages of 18 and 30 years (inclusively) who have had experience of using both ecstasy and cannabis, or cannabis without ecstasy.

“We have an upper age limit of 30 years because beyond this, naturally occurring changes in memory performance could confound our results,” added Dr Murphy. “What matters for our research is that our participants have been regular users of one or both of these drugs, even if this was some years ago. However, we only require our participants to have been drug free for 7 days before we see them.  It is important to note that our research is conducted under the code of ethics of the British Psychological Society which guarantees confidentiality to all our participants.”

Anybody interested in participating in this research at Edge Hill University should contact Dr Murphy in the Department of Social and Psychological Sciences directly on 01695-584600 or by email.

Dr Murphy concluded:- “We need to interview people briefly by telephone or email to check that they are eligible to take part in our research. If they are eligible we will invite them to the University for a session at a mutually convenient time which will take approximately 2 hours. At the end of this they will receive a £10 supermarket voucher to thank them for their time.”


SOUTHPORT households should be helped to follow the energy cutting examples of countries like Sweden to cut around £400 off energy bills each year.  Proposals announced this week by the Liberal Democrats show that a quarter of carbon emissions come from homes and a cut in this would mean massive savings on fuel bills.

The Party's 'Climate Change Starts at Home' plans would set innovative requirements for new homes that would cut fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions. These include super insulation to dramatically reduce heat loss and buildings designed so that most of the windows face south to make use of the heat of the sun.  The Liberal Democrats are also proposing energy mortgages, which are a long-term loan for energy efficiency improvements repaid through the householder's energy bill.

Southport MEP Chris Davies, who is the party's environment spokesman in the European Parliament, has welcomed this novel idea. He said:- "Energy improvements often have a considerable outlay which puts many schemes beyond the affordability of home owners. But the new mortgage would make this more affordable and should ensure that energy bills fall by at least as much from the reduced energy use as it rises to pay for the improvements."

Energy suppliers will also have an increased role to play. Currently companies are required to promote energy efficiency yet the anomaly exists that energy companies make profits by selling more gas and electricity.  The Liberal Democrats are to break this link by proposing a scheme for companies to maximise profits by helping customers to become more energy efficient.

Churchtown Shop has just launched a brand new website that will soon show what styles of hats and other accessories are all in for weddings and other big formal days.

Go to to see the new website.

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