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Date:- 28 May 2007

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Feeling hot, hot, hot…

LIVERPOOL blokes have proved to be some of the most macho curry eaters in the UK according to a survey by drinks brand WKD.  Almost 75% of the nation’s men admit there is a macho curry culture which takes over when visiting their local Indian with their mates.  The survey of 3,000 men revealed that blokes measure their manliness against the level of curry heat they can stand.

A Vindaloo was the basic rite of passage for 60% of hardened curry eaters, with a Korma voted the supreme dish for wimps by 69% of fellas. Dupiaza, Pasanda and Rogan Josh’s also have a lowly status on the macho barometer, with 20% of men revealing that they would become the butt of any jokes if these turned up in front of them.  In the macho curry eating top 10 Liverpool took a very respectable 4th place, Chelmesford took the top spot. Other macho curry centres are Bristol, Plymouth and Edinburgh, while Cardiff is crowned the UK’s softest korma eating city.

A spokesperson for WKD said:- “Men will take any opportunity to out do their mates so it’s no surprise that blokes have turned eating into a contest and what better way than with the much loved curry. Sharing a pizza or a Chinese just doesn’t do it – it’s all about the spice and chilli content. Want to be top dog? You’ve got to let your tongue take the burn!”

The macho curry eating culture has become so prevalent that more than 1 million men have admitted they have stopped going for an Indian with their mates for fear of ridicule.  The survey ‘served up’ some interesting macho curry eating etiquette; Reaching for a drink is a definite no-no, however turning Tandoori red, perspiring and removing clothes is more acceptable - stripping down to your pants may be pushing it!

Bite Sized Macho Curry Culture Facts:-

1 million+ blokes have been forced to take a day off work to recover from a Vindaloo or Phaal

5 million British males believe that curry is the best way to end a night out

£18,000 is spent on curry in the average life time.

2 million+ blokes regularly endure sickness, upset stomachs, chronic wind, body odour and bad breath from trying to down the hottest curry with their mates

Company managers and directors are most likely to be victims of the macho curry culture and be out to impress their mates

Around 750,000 women also love to out do their friends by ordering Vindaloos and Phaals whilst on a night out.


1. Chelmsford
2. Bristol
3. Plymouth
4. Liverpool
5. Edinburgh
6. Glasgow
7. Nottingham
8. Leicester
9. Manchester
10. London


1. Cardiff
2. Aberdeen
3. Cambridge
4. Belfast
5. Sheffield
6. Newcastle
7. Southampton
8. Birmingham
9. Swansea
10. Coventry

The Accidental Vegetarians

WE might not realise it, but it seems we all enjoy a bit of vegetarian dining with Liverpudlians topping the poll for the highest percentage of vegetarians in the UK (13%) - joint 1st with Glasgow, Cardiff and Plymouth.

Interestingly, over half of all Liverpudlians surveyed said they do not eat meat or fish for almost 3/4s of all meals. 

The survey of 1,000 men and women, undertaken on behalf of the Linda McCartney Vegetarian range, revealed 52% of Brits eat meat or fish less than twice a week, the equivalent of 104 days of the year. This means 31 million Brits are Accidental Vegetarians – eating the vegetarian way most of the time, and often without being aware of it!

26% of those surveyed said they eat less meat now than they did 5 years ago, so maybe the old tradition of meat and 2 veg really is becoming a thing of the past.

Taste comes out top

Surprisingly only 10% of Brits chose not to eat meat every day for health reasons, suggesting that taste and quality of food are more important issues than health. Meanwhile, 29% of respondents said they chose to cook without meat because it was quicker and easier and fitted in with today’s busy lifestyles.

Variety is the spice of life

29% of Liverpool people surveyed said that they chose not to eat meat or fish as they liked variety in their diet, with pasta, stir fries and rice dishes featuring heavily in their weekly menus.  72% of Liverpudlians eat a vegetarian ready meal/meat replacement once a week or more.  89% of Liverpool eat pasta or rice at least once a week.

Going vegetarian

The survey also revealed that more and more people are going completely meat-free. Liverpool topped the poll for the most number of vegetarians (13%), compared to the national average of 10%. With many celebrities across the UK adopting the vegetarian way, the benefits of a meat-free diet are there for all to see. 

Comments Hain Celestial’s James Gentle who is working closely with the McCartney family on the re-launch of the Linda McCartney range:- “’Meat and 2 veg’ was still very much a part of people’s everyday lives when Linda first launched her range of vegetarian ready meals more than 15 years ago. It’s really interesting to see how times have changed since then and how her pioneering of the vegetarian food market has had an impact on people’s eating habits today.”

Other interesting facts:-

11% of people in Liverpool eat less meat now than they did 5 years ago...

51% of Brits over 40 choose not to eat meat as they like variety in their diet...

21% of people in Southern England cities of Maidstone and Norwich, and 20% of Londoners admitted to eating meat every day...

10% of 20 to 30 year olds eat pasta/rice every day...

48% of 20 to 25 year olds eat less meat than they did 5 years ago...

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