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Date:- 11 June 2007

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FOR years women have lived their love lives by the rules – but now Big D, the nation’s cheekiest pub snack, are calling on men in Liverpool to stand up and fight back.  Big D are hunting for the top 10 dating rules for blokes by targeting pubs across Liverpool. The competition is being run in support of the Everyman campaign to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.

These aren’t the rules that you think you should use, they are the rules you really want to live by… the ones that you talk to your mates about in the pub. Have you made a vow never to call after the first date? Or, do you always flirt with the barmaid to keep your date on her toes?

Big D Babe Malene said:- “We want to make sure men know about 2 important issues, how to bag a date and how to look after their nuts.”

Send your ideas to and anyone selected to appear in the Big D Top 10 will receive a years supply of nuts, signed merchandise featuring Big D Babe Malene and see their Big D Rule on pub cards and beer mats across the country.  Not only that, one of the 10 winners will also win a night out with Malene and their mates at the pub and appear in a film set to be broadcast on the internet.

Iain Paton, Marketing Controller at Big D, said:- “This is a fun way of highlighting a serious subject and we would encourage every man out there to follow the golden rule when it comes to cancer prevention and ensure they carry out regular checks.”

Rules we have already seen include:-

* The first 2 months of the relationship do not count – it will not stay this way – life moves on, get over it.

* Men are not mind readers and our lack of telepathic skills is not proof we don’t like you.

* Anything said more than a week ago is not admissible in an argument, we can barely remember what we said yesterday.

Big D - Proud to support Everyman’s campaign to raise awareness of Prostate and Testicular Cancer.

Terms and Conditions...
 All entrants must be 18 years or over and residents of the UK. No employees of Trigon Snacks Limited, who make Big D, are eligible to enter the competition. Entry is limited to one per person, and although more than one rule can be included in an entry, no more than one winning rule per person will be permitted. All entries must be received by us by 5:00 p.m. on 30 June 2007. The top ten winners will be chosen by a panel, which shall contain an independent judge. If there is more than one version of the same rule, the winner will be chosen by a draw, also conducted by the panel. The top ten winners will then be entered into a draw and the winner of the evening with Malene in the pub will be drawn by the panel from that draw. The panel's decision will at all times be final.

A year’s supply of nuts is defined as 288 50g packets of salted Big D peanuts. These will be delivered by post over the course of 12 months to the top ten winners.

The evening at the pub will be held in a Big D associated pub with a maximum of £500 to spend on beer or food. No cash will be given out. The prize will be in the form of a tab in the selected pub. A cash alternative is not available. Malene’s appearance at the pub (on a date and time chosen by us) will be limited to two hours, which will include the recording of the short film. The number of mates who can join the winner at the pub is limited to 20, including the winner.

All winners will be notified by post or email within 21 days of the Panel's decision and the subsequent draw(s). Winners’ names will also be posted on the Big D website.

By submitting your entry to Big D, you agree to Trigon Snacks Limited using your entry for any and all publicity purposes (including newspaper, TV, radio and web based PR and marketing activities). In addition, by submitting your entry, you agree to assign the copyright in your rule to Trigon Snacks Limited on their request. Winners also agree to participate in all reasonable publicity.   This not being run by PCBT Photography or any of its trading names.

Ignorance of fluoride benefits could prevent improvements in oral health

A NEW UK-wide dental survey has revealed that people have little or no understanding of what fluoride is.  The National Smile Month Survey, commissioned by leading independent charity the British Dental Health Foundation in association with Healthplan provider HSA, found that 13% believed fluoride was a mint flavour; 12% a tooth whitening product and 15% a marketing gimmick.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Foundation, commented:- “It is a big concern that people know so little about fluoride – especially when strategic health authorities are starting consultations on new water fluoridation schemes.  The Foundation is in strong support of the fluoridation of public drinking water supplies to improve oral health and there have been a number of high level scientific reviews that support our position.

A study by the University of York for Reviews and Dissemination analysed a large number of research studies and found that children living in areas with a fluoridated water supply were 15% more likely to be free from decay.  Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is present to some degree in all water. It works by strengthening the enamel as it forms, making it more resistant to decay.  It has already been added to the water supply in Birmingham for over 40 years - with excellent results in improved oral health.

As a practitioner on the borders of Birmingham and Sandwell in the early 1980s the effect of fluoride was so noticeable that we could tell which side of the road children came from by the state of their teeth. At the time Birmingham was fluoridated and Sandwell was not. Since Sandwell was fluoridated in 1987 (the last scheme to be introduced) it has gone from nearly bottom in the oral health league to nearly top.  It is the Foundation’s strong belief is that adding fluoride to the water supply is the best and most cost effective way of achieving a major improvement in oral health in this country.”

The research also found that 28% of people thought that their water supply was fluoridated – more than twice the true figure of 11%. More than 40% admitted they had ‘no idea’ whether their water supply was fluoridated.

Abby Bowman, spokesperson for HSA, commented:- “As well as the important role fluoride can play in maintaining good oral health, regular visits to the dentist are also vital.”

Euro-MPs ban new Mercury Barometers

LOCAL Labour Euro MP, Arlene McCarthy welcomed an EU-wide ban on old-fashioned mercury barometers, which comes as part of global efforts to reduce the amount of mercury in everyday life.  She is a Local Labour Euro MP and Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee and she said;- "We know that mercury is dangerous. It is one of the most toxic substances you can put in a human body. It is known to contribute to neurological disorders, including autism, dementia, and even Alzheimer's disease.  Mercury is also accumulative building up in the human body over time, which for 1in6 women means they can pass on above average levels of mercury to their unborn child.  Children no longer play with Mercury in school science classes. The overwhelming majority of modern barometers are not made with mercury. Where we don't need it or where there are alternative safer substances we should get rid of it.”  Arlene added:- "Some British MEPs including Chris Davies MEP are saying this is the EU meddling with a British tradition – the barometer. They are ignoring the scientific fact and gambling with people’s health.  This ban will not affect people buying new modern barometers for their homes, and the very small number of companies making new mercury barometers will have two years to adjust their businesses. This is about taking sensible precautions to protect public health and the environment."

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