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Date:- 18 June 2007

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OUR Staff at Southport Reporter where invited to a fantastic night at Southport's Vue cinema on the 12 June 2007.

The cinema was running one of the North West film premiers of the Fantastic Four. Ok, nothing out the normal for that, but what was so different was this was the first of what is hoped to be many.

The unusual event was that the cinema had a live link to the UK's World Premier in London.

Viewers at the cinema in Southport watched exclusive clips and footage being shown as well as being treated to a goody bag....

Sadly, the actual red carpet could not be rolled out as planned but, in all, the experience was well worth it.

We look forward to the next one.

We are adding some of the audience’s views very soon... so please re-visit this page later this week.

FILM REVIEW:- "Fantastic Four. Rise of The Silver Surfer"

IT was just as well we got free popcorn at premier as we did not have time to leave the action to get some.... as this is a far better film than the first. It is really an enjoyable bit of sci-fi and a good take on the comic book, with some funny, subtle jokes for the comic book fans to enjoy.

Jessica Alba, who plays Sue Storm, is stunning as ever. For the lads, just having her in the film makes it well worth the trip.

For the ladies, Doug Jones who plays The Silver Surfer is well.... so I was informed by most of the many females in the audience.

The last film left the story with the death of Dr. Doom and this one takes up the story later on, as the Fantastic Four think life is back to what they consider to be 'normal'. On top of that Sue Storm is making plans to get married. Sadly it is all upset by the arrival of The Silver Surfer and the rising up of Von Doom. If that was not enough for the group of misfits, bigger problems are around the corner when Galactus has decided that Earth is to become his next lunch... I could go on, but that would spoil the plot for those of you who don't already know the story.

This is well worth a view and it signals the start of what is going to be a mad year of impressive films with Transformers, Shreck and lots more to come.

On an note of interest... this film has been nominated already by MTV for the title 2007 "The MTV Movie Award - Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet 2007".

I don't quite know if that is a good thing or a bad thing... only time will tell at the box office.

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