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Date:- 27 August 2007

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New Ride for New Pleasureland!

SOUTHPORT residents and visitors to Southport's waterfront might have spotted a new ride being erected on the site of the old Traumatizer. It is not only our editor that is impressed with this addition, but lots of other visitors to the town have also commented good things about it.

The ride is not as big as the one taken by Blackpool Pleasure Beach and renamed Infusion, but as many visitors have commented:- This is a fantastic addition to the rebuilding of the park." and other comments like: - "Wow... Now this is looking good... More please!"

It is now hoped by many in Southport that this will be the start of many other fun features and larger rides being installed on the Pleasureland site, which has now been renamed New Pleasureland, by the new owners of the lease, Dreamstorm.

One of the many visitors commented: - "I love the colours. They are very, very much like the old Traumatizers colours..."

Another visitor to the park, Sam, from Blackpool said:- "I think it is fantastic what is going on. I am ashamed at what Blackpool Pleasure Beach did to the site and to Southport.

The work being done here is amazing considering how long they have had to do this work in and the state the land was left in. This ride, I can see being built, looks like it will be a fantastic addition to the site.

Well done to all involved and I hope to get back before the end of the season to ride the new ride. Possibly for the Air Show."

One local, Nicola said:- "Sadly, as far as I can make out, the land is still only on a temporary lease from the land owners, Sefton Council. Let's hope that Sefton sees the light and lets this redevelopment of the old Pleasureland site continue. Southport needs Pleasureland and we need more rides like this being added.

Well done Dreamstorm for bringing in what looks like a fantastic ride."

DB's & Springboks Unite!

DESPITE the rumours that are circulating, Springbok and DB's ARE open for business. Springbok has lost its licence to sell alcohol only temporarily, due to a misunderstanding with its licensing. It had coincidentally been closed recently because of flooding, which necessitated rebuilding work on its toilets. A spokesman for Springboks said, "We are open and selling non-alcoholic drinks from 11am until late, seven days a week. We also have installed an extra new pool table, three vintage arcade machines, including one that has Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and other games like Pac-Man. As soon as we get our alcohol licence back, we will be holding a massive party. We also have lots of other things planned for Springboks, so the future is bright for the venue." In addition the owners of Springboks have taken over DB's and are re-naming it to Bada-Bing, American slang for "Spot On". That venue will be aimed at live entertainment, including live music, plus Burlesque / Moulin Rouge type acts...

The live music will include Jazz nights and country nights. Already being planned are a number of charity events including a Bachelors' auction. Nicole and Elle who are the owners of the two venues both said:- “Southport has lost its shine and fun. Springbok has tried since it opened to bring that extra buzz to the town and all in all, it was successful at doing so, but the town still lacks variety. So our new venture at Bada-Bing will, we hope, be a fantastic addition to the town's night life and add even more variety than that which we are able to offer at Springbok alone. We are aiming to have Springbok as the Disneyworld of Southport's Night Life and have Bada-Bing becoming the Pleaureworld. We hope that Bada-Bing will be the place for ladies to feel safe and have fun in Southport at night, just like Roberta Lees was for many years. Of course it will also be gay friendly!”


THE results of a survey commissioned by North West based healthcare provider HealthSure and national charity The Eyecare Trust has revealed that more than 40% of square eyed Brits remain unaware that they can claim a free eye examination from their employer if they regularly use a VDU at work. 

Despite spending a mind-numbing 128,780 hours per working lifetime sitting in front of a television or computer screen and suffering blinding headaches, eyestrain and problems with close-up and long distance vision, 1 in 10 say they have NEVER visited an optician.

Brand marketing manager at HealthSure, Laura Hickman Sparkes commented:- "As computer use in the workplace and at home continues to rise so does the number of people complaining of eye strains and pains. There are still a staggering number of employees unaware that their employer is legally obliged under health and safety guidelines to protect their eyesight and pay for a regular eye examination."

Iain Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust says:- "It is vital that computer users visit their optometrist for regular eye examinations and follow a healthy eye care regime. Staring at a screen will emphasise any existing vision problem that you have and 9 out of 10 VDU users will suffer from the effects of 'screen fatigue' and experience symptoms such as tired or irritated eyes; blurred vision; head and neck aches, and, dry eyes.

Although symptoms of screen fatigue don't lead to permanent damage to your sight they can lead to reduced productivity, lost work time and reduced job satisfaction."

The rewards and benefits of investing in an eye-friendly culture in the workplace are far reaching as good eye health can help to improve productivity and reduce days lost to eye related sickness. In fact, a recent Eyecare Trust report estimated that lost days due to eyestrain and headaches resulting from VDU use was costing British industry more then £1.5 billion a year.

Employers concerned about the cost implications of covering employees for an eyesight test should consider healthcare cash plans. 

Paying cash towards the cost of an eyesight test, new glasses or contact lenses, a company paid healthcare cash plan is an increasingly popular employee benefit that can help address key duty of care obligations and keep employees health, well and fit for business.

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