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14 May 2002

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Film review:- Showtime!


It's tagline being "Lights. Camera. Aggravation." and the name Eddie Murphy says what this film is going to be.  "It's Showtime"  Sorry could not resist.  This film is an all out two buddy cops. Silly in places, just like "Beverly Hills Cop", "48 Hours", and "Lethal Weapon" etc. but it does not have that same feel.  It is still very good and the movie that has its moments even if the subject matter is now dated.

The film is a spoof that sees the two cops with very different approaches to police work being forced to team up on a new reality based TV. cop show.   Mitch Preston,  played by Robert De Niro, is a cop on the edge, who does not like being blocked and looses his temper very easily.  Eddie Murphy playing Trey Sellars, a cop who wants to make it into the Movies and is irritating and does any think to get on TV. Both are set to become partners as a bust goes wrong and the two are picked as the candidates for the show by the show producer Chase  Renzy's played by Rene Russo.  The film has some very good stunts in it and has some very funny comedy moments as the rip off all the real TV. Cop shows and shows like COPS.

The Plot dated and a bit behind the times.  It is still very interesting and easy to follow, for some strange reason.  Even thought the film has action violence, bad language and some drug content, it is not all that bad for the family.  The bad language is used well and not just put in for the sake of saying an expletive, the action has to be in it and well the drug part is no worse than you see in the "Bill".  Even the big names dose not make this a very spectacular film.  Over all this film is not ground braking, sensational or even provocative, it is just what it is a  Action / Comedy Spoof Cop Movie.  I have to say 3 out of 5 for this film!    A very average film.

Actors, first credits only:- Robert De Niro as Mitch Preston, Eddie Murphy as Trey Sellars,
Rene Russo as Chase Renzi, Pedro Damián as Ceasar Vargas, Dante Beze as Lazy Boy, Ken Hudson Campbell as Ken Hudson Campbell, Frankie Faison as Captain Winship, William Shatner as Himself, Nestor Serrano as Ray, Drena De Niro as Annie, Linda Hart as Waitress 
T.J. Cross as ReRun, Judah Friedlander as Julio, Kadeem Hardison as Kyle and Peter Jacobson as Brad Slocum 

Directed by:- Tom Dey.         

Writing credits, Jorge Saralegui (story) and Keith Sharon (screenplay)

Film Review by Patrick Trollope.

Film Age Rating In The UK
    Running Time 95 mins.
 Our verdict 3 stars out of five stars.
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