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Date:- 15 October 2007

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport emits the same amount of CO2 as Mali’s total CO2 emissions

EACH year, flights from Liverpool Airport release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as the total annual carbon emissions from MalI, the World Development Movement revealed.  Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement said:- “It is shocking to learn that the impact on the climate from flights from Liverpool airport is the same as that of an entire country. Climate change will hit the poorest countries with drought, flooding, disease and death. If the government is serious about stopping dangerous climate change, they must introduce legally binding targets to reduce carbon emissions in line with the latest science. These can only be met if the growth of aviation emissions is halted, which at the very least means scrapping the government’s airport expansion plans.”

The campaigners believe that the government is ignoring the climate impact of emissions from the UK’s share of international flights. The World Development Movement points out that, as flights from one airport alone produce as much CO2 as a whole country, the government’s targets to cut CO2 will be meaningless if they do not include emissions from international flights.

The World Development Movement campaign calls for the forthcoming climate change bill to include:-

* the UK’s share of international aviation and shipping emissions in the reduction targets

* a target of an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 and 40% by 2020

* annual targets for reduction of CO2 emissions

Top 6 scary climate change facts:-

* 160,000 people are already dying every year from climate change related diseases

* The aviation industry is exempt from VAT and fuel taxes – an effective government subsidy of £10 billion a year

* Flying accounts for 12 per cent of the UK’s contribution to climate change, exceeding that produced by driving cars or home heating

If effective action isn’t taken:
* Up to 1 billion people in Asia will suffer water shortages as the Himalayan glaciers melt

* Climate change is likely to cause more drought in sub-Saharan Africa, where crop yields are predicted to fall by 50%, leading to further cases of malnutrition and famine.

* 185 million people in sub-Saharan Africa could die from climate change related diseases by the end of the century


FLASHY Brits once spent thousands on clothes and cars to flaunt their wealth, the greatest status symbol of 2007 however is the grub we eat.  56% of Britons feel their choice of supermarket reflects their social status, according to a study of 1,631 people by real, honest food makers, Ginsters.

Forget forking out on Eton and Harrow, according to modern day Brits the supermarket you shop in is actually a greater status symbol than your education.  As 13% believe that shopping at certain supermarkets can make you seem richer, the average Briton is spending almost £260 extra a year to be seen in the right aisles. In fact, 11% are embarrassed to be seen shopping in certain supermarkets and 22% feel judged for the food they eat.

Women prove the most superficial shoppers - 9% eat food based on its packaging over taste and 16% focus their eating habits on the typical celebrity diet. Similarly, a pretentious 28% would choose to eat at Gordon Ramsay's or Jamie Oliver's restaurants simply for show rather than actual cuisine. 

Forget the latest Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga, the fashion must-have of 2007 is the plastic carrier - 42% admit that the right shopping bag is more eye-catching than any designer handbag.  Even environmentalism is a fashion statement for many Brits as 22% recycle their cans, bottles and plastic bags simply because it's considered trendy.

The study also highlights the most pompous foods Brits are consuming, with caviar claiming the crown. Other perpetrators in pretension include quails eggs, foie gras and truffles according to the study.

Top 10 pretentious foods

Quails' eggs
Foie gras
Ostrich steaks
Goji berries
Trofie pasta

The French not only shine in the fashion stakes but also dining as Brits also consider their cuisine the chicest. British food however trails behind Japanese and Italian in terms of style.

Larry File of Ginsters said:- "From fancy restaurants to organic shopping to avid recycling, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Brits' shopping habits have become more sophisticated.

The truth is we're doing it to improve our image, opting for posher recipes to keep up with the Olivers or Ramsays.

Surely eating should be about real, honest ingredients and taste - not about what the in-crowd says."

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