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Date:- 19 November 2007

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AN outspoken Southport MEP is calling for political parties to put the issue of population on their agendas.  Chris Davies says that measures to reduce climate change will be a complete waste of time unless rapid world population growth is halted.

The Liberal Democrat claims that the single most important step that young couples in Britain can take to combat global warming is to have no more than 1 child.  He said:- "There were 2.7 billion people in the world when I was born in 1954. Since then that number has more than doubled. If I make it to the age of 80 the population will have reached 8 billion and will still be growing rapidly.  While every individual should be cherished, mankind's reproduction is akin to the replication of a virus. We are swamping the planet and devouring its resources."

A recent United Nations report warned that population numbers are contributing to massive environmental degradation, with an estimated 1.8 billion people expected to be suffering an absolute shortage of water within less than 20 years. 

But Chris Davies argues that the consumption of people in wealthy countries like Britain has a huge impact on the world.  "Each addition to the UK population will release 744 tonnes of carbon dioxide during their lifetime, the equivalent of 620 return flights from Manchester to New York," he said.

The MEP claims that while population growth is driven by natural emotions it is often also linked to poverty, the powerlessness of women, and the promotion of religious views that prohibits contraception. He says that provision of contraception and family planning advice is a hugely worthwhile investment.   He said:- "I cannot support Chinese-like ideas of compulsion to restrict family sizes. But political parties can no longer afford to avoid debate about population policy and the need to explore measures that might encourage smaller families.  I spend most of my time in the European Parliament working on legislation to combat climate change, but if we do not curb our planet's growing numbers there is no chance of us making a difference."

Editors Point:- I wonder though if he has thought about the consequences of less children in the future.  One of which will be that there won't be enough young workers to pay the pensions of all the people who become old and had only 1 child to pay for the 2 adults that gave birth to them?

And the other, well with only 1 child per family the population will fall, his intended target, lower population lower emissions, but at the moment in the UK we have a low population growth which is already predicted to have consequences to the economy in the future, so if it goes lower how will that affect the economy?  After all our economy is driven by consumerism, but with no consumers who will buy anything?  Also who would look after the old as their would be to many older people to look after for the young to run the country and look after the old?

Your views please!   Email us or Please Skype you voice message to liverpool-reporter.

 European Parliament passes first piece of climate change legislation

THE European Parliament has adopted its 1st piece of climate change legislation. The Parliament has voted for a new directive to include aircraft emissions into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  The Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) limits the amount of carbon dioxide a company can emit each year and allocates a number of permits to operators. The total number of permits set a limit on the overall emission from participants in the scheme. While some permits are allocated to operators free of charge, others are traded freely (auctioned) to allow emission reductions to be made where they are most cost-effective.

Speaking from Strasbourg Local Labour Euro MP, Arlene McCarthy said:- "Wherever I go at the moment the number 1 topic on the list of questions I am asked is Climate Change. It is probably the biggest challenge of our time.  Climate Change can not be tackled by the UK alone that is why we need to make laws at a European level. 

Europe is leading the way in setting emission targets and getting other countries on board.  As Labour Euro MPs we voted to include business jets in the scheme but unfortunately the Parliament as a whole voted to exclude them.  We all have a responsibility to take action on climate change now. The aviation industry must also take responsibility for its CO2 emissions for the sake of our future generations.”

FSB launches British Small Business Champions 2008

THE Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) launches British Small Business Champions 2008 (BSBC) to coincide with Enterprise Week. BSBC is the only national awards scheme solely for small businesses.  Entries are invited from thriving businesses that are well run and highly regarded by staff and customers. Businesses have to have been trading for at least 5 years at the time of entering and employ no more than 50 staff. Across the UK, 6 Area Champions will be chosen and these 6 businesses will go forward to the national final. 1 business will be chosen as the National Champion and scoop the top prize of £10,000.

For BSBC 2008 there are 2 additional categories: Young Entrepreneur and Most Promising New Business, both sponsored by AIMS Accountants. These have been chosen as a way for the FSB to show support for the new generation of up-and-coming businesses. Entries in both will go straight to national judging.  BSBC was launched by the Federation of Small Businesses in 2002. It is now firmly established as the most prestigious and highly valued of business awards for the small business sector. 2007 Area winners and runners-up in this region included Wirral firm 'Ice Communciations Ltd' Knutsford firm 'Holland Damp Proofing' and Wigan firm 'Advanced Food Safety'.

The prizes for BSBC 2008, which is free to enter and not exclusive to FSB members, are: £1,000 each to the Area Champions, the Young Entrepreneur and the Most Promising New Business, to be spent in the way winners wish as long as it benefits their business. The National Champion's prize includes a cash award of £10,000, also to be spent in a way that benefits their business.

To request an entry form and for more information about BSBC 2008 please contact Judith Francis on 020 7592 8120 or by email.  Please state which award you are applying for and give your business address.

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