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11 June 2002

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Ride to Work Day 2002

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) are warning commuters, planning on taking scooters to work, to be wary of their fellow scooter commuters.

IAMs recently published a survey to coincide with the 14th of Junes "ride to work Day", and the survey consisted of the most common mistakes made by motorcyclists.  The IAMs currently have 11000 + advanced motorcyclists and they made the following observations. 

The first and most dangerous mistake made by motorcyclists was poor observation of hazards, which was made by 29% of riders, closely followed by excessive speed which was performed by 19% and then incorrect positioning which was committed by 15% of bikers.  Also noted were dangerous overtaking, tailgating and bad manners which covered most of the remaining 37%.

"We know that car and van drivers have many bad driving faults that pose a significant threat to those on powered two-wheelers.  But we forget that not every motorcyclist has advanced riding skills.  Our survey is a timely reminder for those who see the appeal of two-wheels - take care." said IAM Chief Examiner Bryan Lynn.

"As the Department of Transport says, bike related injuries are rising.  The best motorcyclists ride defensively so that they are less likely to have crashes.  And those tempted by the appeal of 'Ride to Work' day should remember that they have to cope with dangerous motorcyclists as well as all the other road hazards."

For further details please look at or phone 020 8996 9600.

There are also two publications available for scooter riders from IAMs, the first is a free fact sheet, and the second an A5 booklet priced at £1.99.  Both are available from IAM, use the above details to get hold of them. 

The Department of Transport has also issued 2 "Think!" leaflets:- "Don't be a statistic: tips for safer motorcycling" and "Watch out for motorcyclists" which are also both IAM endorsed.

Article by E G Lyon-Taylor 

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