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Issue Date:- 23 July 2008

Interview Kasabian about Creamfields 2008

THIS is a quick interview that was conducted with Kasabian about his selection to play at Creamfields 2008... 

You’re not playing any other festivals this year.  So Why Creamfields?  “The thing is, we did nearly all the big festivals last year.  Because of that, we got recognised for what we are as a live band again but we weren’t sure what we’d really accomplish by just repeating it.  So we were going to be a bit more discrete this time.  Then we got asked to play Creamfields and we were like “why not?” – I mean, it’s rare that a band gets to play that kind of event.  Unlike playing Glastonbury, there’s something new for us there.”

A lot of bands will just stop-off everywhere on the summer circuit.  For Kasabian, has there now got to be more of a personal achievement involved with the gigs you select?  “Yeah.  But I’m not sure when our new album is going to be out so it’s not like we’ll even have a record to promote.  If we did, then it might make more sense for us to play V or wherever once again.  As it is, we can take a back seat.  But we wouldn’t ever want to be in one of those same old bands that turn up at every event.”

Given how Creamfields is recognised as a dance-oriented festival, could this hint at what direction the band’s going next?  “Nah man.  The thing is, we will be playing to a lot of Kasabian fans even there.  Purely because we’re not playing anywhere else, I reckon that a lot of our supporters will make the effort to come to that show.  And as for all those people that are just up for that euphoric festival vibe?  I reckon we’ll be able to connect with them on an amazing level: we’ve always had a groove about us anyway.  Even if they’ve never heard us before, I reckon that they’ll get us because we are a crossover band.  We’re not ‘an indie band’.  We are a rock & roll band.  But we have always been interested in that electronic fusion.  We’ve got our obvious rock monster hits but we also care about beats and bass.  We can flip any kind of music: blues, rock, funk, psychedelia, whatever.  It’s the perfect opportunity for us to step up this year and demonstrate that.  For us – especially in the long run – it’s important that we’re doing gigs like this.”

What about your fans who will be making that pilgrimage?  Do you reckon they will be as open to all the different styles that are on offer?  “The majority of our fans are off their head anyway
.[laughs] I reckon that loads of them are into people like The Chemical Brothers.”

There’s been a lot of suggestion – especially early on – that your sound was very much influenced by a lot of northern bands.  But you’ve been quick to deny, like, a ‘Madchester’ influence, haven’t you?  “Yeah.  But first we’d also been tagged as ‘lad rock’ and what does that mean?  The Arctic Monkeys are probably ‘lad rock’, aren’t they?  It’s just what the magazines wanted to pigeonhole us as early on and I’m really glad that we managed to shrug that off with the Empire album.  I’m far happier that people now see us as a 21st Century rock & roll band.  The problem in the beginning was that we were lairy and we were inexperienced and because we shouted and shouted and shouted to get ourselves noticed, it was very easy for people to look in our direction and write us off as just a bunch of cheeky little bastards.  That’s all it ever was.  And I’m glad we shook that shit off…”

You’re going to get a degree of that swaggering thing from most groups made up of young lads, aren’t you?  Otherwise you’d all just be sensitive singer-songwriter types?  “Definitely.  We were just full of enthusiasm and self-belief.  And whether it’s the Rolling Stones, Led Zep, the Sex Pistols or U2, that’s always been around.  I think it’s traditionally a part of British music.”

Liam Gallagher sang your praises very early on.  He actually said something about you being ‘like a gang’, didn’t he?  “But the band did grow up together.  We’ve been making music since we were 16 years old and we’ve been through a hell of a lot of shit together.  We are like brothers now.  When Liam said that, it showed how he really got what we were about.” 

...continued...  I know that after your sound was associated with Manchester bands, you did successfully challenge preconceptions with Empire.  But had any of those kinds of bands actually help shape Kasabian?  “Okay, the Stone Roses - God bless them and all that - but they were making records when we were nine years old.  So when journalists started going on about the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, we really didn’t know who they were talking about.  We were 14 years-old when Oasis popped up and they did have a massive effect on us.  They came along and we really wanted to be rock stars.  As we got older, we started buying 1970’s Krautrock records – German shit by Neu and stuff – plus electronic records and really cool old blues stuff.  So we were always open to influences.  It’s just that the Stone Roses genuinely weren’t what we had been listening to.  I’ve since heard their music.  Obviously.  The first Stone Roses record especially.  That one is amazing.  There are some fantastic elements in there.”   And would you ever argue that you’re a better vocalist than Ian Brown anyway?  [Laughs] I reckon you’d be better asking Ian that.  Nah.  He’s cool.  I’d heard that he’s playing Creamfields too and having Browny there is even more amazing.  It’s the nuts.  And he’s the bollocks.  He is the kung-fu master.  He’s like Bruce Lee, man.  You can’t really compare what we do though.  He’s a completely different fish from what I am: I’m like a piranha and he’s, like some kind of amphibian.  Yeah, he can also live on land.  He’s hardcore.”

Do you try and check the other acts when you play a festival?  “Usually we’re more ‘get in there, do what we have to do and get out’ but if Ian Brown’s playing and the rest of the line-up is as strong, then obviously we’re going to make the most of it.”

Will you be playing any new material?  “From the new album?  I’m not sure.  It’s too early to say as we’re still working on the record.”   How’s it sounding?  “Again, it’s in the early stages.  But I have to admit that it’s already pretty spectacular.  This is even better than the other two.”

The rumours are that it’s a more psychedelic record.  “There are a lot of different elements going into in...  all these different atoms and neutrons.  I can’t even say when it’s likely to be released either.  All I know is that we make it, we then give it to the fucking record company and they announce when people can finally get a chance to hear it.”

You can’t tell us anything else?  “I can tell you what I do know: we’re playing Creamfields and, seriously, it’s really something new for us – it’s us with our balls out.  And we’re fucking delighted to have that opportunity.”

Kasabian headline this years Creamfields Anniversary Festival, Saturday, 23 August 2008 & Sunday, 24 August 2008, Bank Holiday Weekend.  Tickets on Sale now!!! Call:- 0844 888 4401 or visit

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QUESTION 2 = "What day is Kasabian playing at the Creamfields 2008 event?" 

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