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 24 July 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Film review:- Minority Report

The other night we went to see Minority Report,  Starring Tom Cruise, as Tom Anderton, a pre-crime cop.  The story is very good, with some nice plot elements, that make you think, action is well shot, but doesn’t overwhelm the film or story, and there’s even some humour in the film as well. 

Tom Cruise does his usual job of acting, which is to say good, but not outstanding. 

The whole question of preventing crime before it happens, presents the moral problem of whether the perpetrator is guilty if you have stopped him from committing the crime.  Which would no doubt plague this sort of technology in the real world if it was possible.  This has shades of capital punishment running throughout as well.

Special effects are awesome, but what we have come to expect from modern cinema.  Nowhere near as blatant as Matrix, but still good and used in the right places and without, again drowning the film or story. 

If you manage to work out the story before the film is ready to give it to you then you are a better man than I, as the story is well thought out, and is relatively believable, as all good sci-fi should be.

My only reservation about the film was it’s length, I started to lose some interest around three-quarters of the way through until the action kicked my senses into gear again.

Overall I will give this film a three out of five rating, not as good as Spider-man but almost.

Film Review by Eric

Cast credits. First credits only:- 

Tom Cruise as John Anderton, Colin Farrell (I) as Danny Witwer, Max von Sydow as Lamar Burgess, Samantha Morton as Agatha, Steve Harris (I) as Jad, Neal McDonough as Officer Gordon Fletcher, Patrick Kilpatrick as Jeff Knott, Jessica Capshaw as Evanna 
Richard Coca as Pre-Crime Cop, Kirk B.R. Woller as Pre-Crime Cop (Ross), Klea Scott as Pre-Crime Cop, Frank Grillo as Pre-Crime Cop, Anna Maria Horsford as Casey, Sarah Simmons (I) as Lamar Burgess' Secretary, Eugene Osment as Jad's Technician 

Film Age Rating 
In The UK:-
Our verdict 3 stars out of five stars.
Running Time:- 87 mins.  
Sound Mix:-  Dolby Digital.
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