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16 August 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Learn to Dive 2002!
Why is it that people like to sit at home and read a book about diving or watch the TV or go and see a film?  Because diving is interesting and very adventures.....  Well Now you have a chance to try it out for FREE!  Yes we said for FREE!   
Ormskirk Sub Aqua Club was established in 1975 and is a British Sub Aqua Club member and is opening the doors of Park Pool in Ormskirk for anyone who registers to submit yourself to the sensational experience of diving.  This is in conjunction of a national drive week organized through out the UK by BSAC (the governing body for UK water sports).   Andy Tomlinson told us that "It is a sport that is the closest thing you will get to going into Space!  It gives you a real sense of freedom and sights that you will never forget."  Last year OSAC did he same for some other lucky people and they to enjoyed them selves.   Take a look on OSAC's web page at and find out more about the club.    
"So what is a "Try Dive" event?   Firstly, it is not an "Experience Scuba" course!  A "Try Dive" or a "Come and Try It" or a "Suck it and see" session is nothing more than a taster for anyone interested in possibly taking-up the sport.   The "Experience Scuba" courses come later....
Basically all that is required is to get the participants into the swimming pool under safe, controlled conditions, in scuba gear, to let them experience the sensation of breathing underwater in a nearly weightless environment.  At time of say 15 to 20 minutes actually in the water is usually sufficient to "WET the APPETITE!"   In fact with the average pool session of a hour or so it is difficult to extend that time when safety breathings, kitting-up, and so on are taken into account."  said Judy Bradshaw.  
We have lots of members in Formby and Southport so you are not alone if you decide to join, even though we are based in Ormskirk!
David said "We have to say that it is an experience that you will never forget.  One you will want to continue with.  The sport over all is not all that expensive and is a very good way of keeping you fit and experiencing the joys of the marine life you miss doing other water sports!"  
The event will run like this:-
Reception of potential new members, completion of disclaimer forms and medical check.  
Candidates will then view the BSAC Promotional Video to explain what BSAC is etc.  
"Dry" a instructor will be assigned to you for safety breathings and kitting-up.  
Then your "Wet" instructor will take over and do a one-to-one basic pool session.
You will then be passed back to your "Dry" instructor and de-kit, debrief and clearing the pool etc.
Lastly a further chat over a drink in the PUB! If you are old enough to go that is....  If not don't panic.

If you want to come on September 4th 2002, then ring Greame on 01695423898 or Andy on 01695423197 NOW!

Photograph by Patrick Trollope of a pool session being carried out.

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