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16 August 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Results for A Level and AS Exams 2002!
Photographs by Patrick Trollope.  Page 1 of 2.
4 of Range High Schools star scholars!

Range High School's Results.


A - Art;  B - Biology;  Bs - Business Studies; c - Chemistry;  Cs - Computer Studies; Dt - Design;  E - English;   Ec - Economica;   F - French;   Fm - Further Maths;   G - Geograhy Gn - German;    Gs - General Studies;   H - History;    H/Sc - Health and Social Care;  m - Maths;   Ms - Media Studies;   p - Physics;   PY - Psychology;   Re - Religious Education;  Ts - Theatre Studies   

Allwright Stuart Dt Gs p
Ayre Carl  Bs Dt Gs H
Black Graeme  G Gs H Pe
Broad Peter  A Ec Gs H G (AS)
Broad Sarah B F Gs
Brown Sophie Gs H PY 
Butterworth Patrick Cs Gs m p
Byron Jonathan Cs Gs
Chadwick Michael A
Chew Rebecca Gs H/Sc PY Gn (AS) 
Cooper Christophe  C Gs m p
Corlett James Bs Gs
Craven Simon D G Gs PY
Crosby Deborah B Gs m Pe
Dalton Emma Ec Fm G Gs m
Davies Lisa E Gs  H Ms
Dennison Kate A E Gs  H
Doyle Hannah E Gs H/Sc
Duffy Louise A G Gs PY 
Dunning Samuel Bs Ec Gs M (AS) 
Entwistle Samantha Gs H/Sc 
Evans Peter  B C G Gs 
Everett Timothy Ec  Fm Gs m
Farrington Andrew Ec Gn Gs H
Fell Deborah A F Gs H
Fuller Ceri  E Gs  H PY
Gajendragadkar Parag B C Gs  m p
Gifoyle Paul Bs Cs G Gs
Gordon Beth A E PY
Green Scott Gs m p
Gregory Lindsay Gs H/Sc 
Hewitson Peter Ts  Ms (AS)  Py (AS) 
Heylings Emma  A G Gs PY
Hill Wendy A Fm Gs  m
Hopsdal Lisa 
Housley Victoria H/Sc 
Hughes Sarah Gs H/Sc  PY 
Jackson Natalie H/Sc Ms
Jelfs Richard  A G Gs H
Kinsella Peter B G Gs 
Leach Henry  Cs Fm Gs m p
Loxharn Miriam E F Gs
Lyonette Andrew Cs Gs
Makinson Gillian Bs G Gs
Maskell Sara A Ms 
Mawer John Gs Ms 
McNaughton Susan E Gn Gs PY
Miller Toby  A Dt Gs p
Morris Clive  Bs G Gs 
Morris Hayiey A Bs E F Gs
O'Connor Thomas A B Gs PY
Pearson Robert C Ec Fm Gs m
Prior Suzanne Cs  Gs 
Rigby Benjamin C Gs m p B (AS)
Range High School pupils calibrate together!
Roach Caroline  Bs     Gs PY Re
Roberts Thomas T Dt  Gs
Robertshaw Carolyn Gs  H/Sc
Rothwell Felicity  A Gs Ms PY
Routledge Sarah  Bs  E Gs Re
Sangster John Ec G Gs
Selby Karen Bs E
Spencer Graeme  Bs  Cs  G Gs
Stephens Andrew A Fm
Sweeney Michael      E Gs H PY
Taylor Jennifer    E Gn Re 
Teasedale Sarah Cs Gs m p
Thomas Victoria E F Gs Ts
Thompson Mark A
Tickle Matthew  B Cs Gn Gs
Tolman Katherine A Dt G A Dt G
Tsang Rebecca Bs E Gs Bs E Gs
Tucker Neil Dt Gs G (AS) Py
Tunstall Sarah-Kate A E
Turner Rachel Bs E Gs PY
Underwood Alan Bs E Gs
Walker Alison  A Bs Gs m
Walker Matthew  Ec Gs H Ts
Walton Joanne Bs Py (AS) Re (AS)
Westley Rebecca   E
Williams Jane  A G Gs Me
Wooder Daniel     Fm Gs m p
Yarnell Martin      A FM  BS Ec Gn Gs 

Formby High School's Results.

Formby High School's Brian Rourke told us that "Staff and Governors are pleased with the success of the Sixth Form students in their 'AS' and 'A2' level examinations. The results are a fitting reward for the hard work and commitment of both students and teaching staff.

We wish our students every success in the future and in their studies at university."

Clair Barnes CH GS D&Ts    
Stuart Campbell GS GG PSY    
Steven Christian EC & B EN & EI GS PSY  
Amy Coutts EC & B EN & EI GS PSY  
Kate Davis CH GS MA MU PH
Colin Dean BI GS MA PH  

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