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13 September 2002

Southport & Formby Health Council Notices.

Meeting of Southport and Formby Community Health Council to be held on Tuesday 17th September 2002 at 7.15pm at the Community Health Council office, 53 Houghton Street, Southport.


1. Southport & Formby PCT Annual Report - presentation by Jane Beenstock, Chief Executive Southport & Formby PCT.

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on: 18th June 2002

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

5. Chairman's Report

6. Chief Officers report

7. Assistant to the chief officer

8. ICAS pilot

9. Nugent society tenancy

10. Acute trust revised working practices

11. Mens health event

12. CHC representation:-

· Cancer services 24/7/02
· Doctor patient partnership 11/7/02
· Mersey car trusts 26/6/02
· MPTA Transport access panel 24/7/02
· Southport & Ormskirk Trust 11/6/02
· Southport & Ormskirk Trust 9/7/02
· Southport & Ormskirk Trust Clinical governance 24/7/02
· Southport & Formby PCT 10/7/02

13. CHC visits:-

A) Park Unit

14. Urgent Business

15. Questions from members of the public

16. Date of next public meeting: 22nd October 2002.

Meeting procedures

1. Members of the public attend meetings as observers and only have speaking rights at he invitation of the chairman.

2. CHC members should always address the meeting through the chair by indicating their wish to speak and then waiting to be called.

3. Members should be succinct to avoid repeating their statement/questions so that the meeting can progress at a steady pace.

4. Members should remember that Southport and Formby CHC is concerned primarily with local healthcare and that news items from other areas are frequently not relevant.

5. Members should refrain from discussing items with one another when other people are speaking.

Your assistance in these matters is appreciated

Minutes of Southport and Formby Community Health Council held on 18th June 2002 at the CHC office, 53 Houghton Street, Southport.

Present: CIIR P Starky Vice Chair

Mrs L Coulter Mr L Simans
Mrs A Hindley Mr L Wesgate
Mr G Leek

Apologies: Mrs R Goodman Mrs M Pointon
Mr J Holden Mrs K Taphouse
Mr J Latham Miss V Webster

In attendance: Ms J Beenstock Southport and Formby PCT
Mrs F Shaw assistant to chief officer
Mrs M Yarwood Chief Officer

There were no members of the public present.

Local implementation strategy (LIS)

The Vice chair welcomed Carole green, informatics project manager, central Liverpool PCT. Local Implementation strategy (LIS) is small team working across Liverpool, Sefton and west Lancs. With the brief to deliver the information for health and all associated strategies. Information strategies aim to provide the public and health care professionals with better access to health and well being together with online access to records.

Discussion took place on the nature and type of information, which could be accessed, the issue of maintaining patient confidentiality and date protection and the need for secure back up systems.

In conclusion the vice chair thanked Carole for a most informative presentation, which had enabled CHC members to gain an understanding of concept of LIS ands its benefits for both patients and health professionals.

01/02.87 minutes of previous meeting:-

It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 21st may 2002 having previously circulated, be signed by the chairman as a correct record subject to the following amendments.

Page one final paragraph amendments in italics. The lack of in patient mental health facilities for children was discussed. It was noted that a mental health co coordinator is to be recruited by the PCT to work with GB practices to look at the population and their needs.

01/02. 88 matters arising:-

AGREED that the chief officer would seek clarification on the following

1. Whether nursing staff at Ashworth hospital are members of the prison officers association.
2. Lack of patient facilities for children with mental health problems.
3. Seek clarification on acute trusts DNR policy

01/02. 89 chairman's report:-

AGREED that the report be accepted.

01/02. 90 chief officers report

AGREED that the report be accepted.

01/02. 91 Assistant to the chief officers report

AGREED that the report be accepted.

01/02. 92 men's health event:-

The chief officer reported the progress to date and asked for volunteers from the CHC membership to help on the day

01/02. 93 future of CHC:-

The House of Lords have accepted amendments made in the House of Commons and the bill will shortly be given Royal assent.
The government has made very substantial concessions and accepted the argument for more independence for patients' forums. The new role envisaged for the primary care trust patients' forums has the potential to preserve the informed over view, integration and independence which would have been lost with the abolition of CHCs. A transitional advisory board is in place but as yet there is no further news on the timetable for CHC abolition/

01/02. 94 health care sans frontiers II - patients rights in Europe:-

This is a project co coordinated by the CHCs' development association with financial support from the NHS executive and the Leonardo fund of the European union and provides for people involved with the CHCs to travel abroad to share and exchange information and knowledge. The chief officer reported that she had been successful on obtaining a place on this years study tour and would be visiting Holland from the 7th to the 12th July to look at patient and public involvement.

01/02. 95 CHC Representation:-

AGREED that the following reports be accepted.

Mersey care trust board 20/5/02
Southport & Ormskirk hospital NHS trust board 14/05/02
Southport & Ormskirk trust clinical governance 29/5/02

01/02. 96 date of nest meeting:- AGM Tuesday 23rd July 2002 
Speaker - Ian Wright, mental health Early Intervention team. 


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