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Edition No. 70

Date:- 18 October 2002


Southport and Formby Community Health Council represent the public's interest in local health services.

At their public meeting at 7.15pm on Tuesday 22nd October 2002, at 53 Hoghton Street, Southport, the Community Health Council will be hosting a presentation by Dr Memon, Consultant Dermatologist at Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust on Dermatology Services.

Members of the public are most welcome to attend.


Minutes of Southport and Formby Community Health Council held on 17th September 2002 at CHC office, 53 Houghton Street, Southport.

Present: Cllr P Starkey Chair
Mr D Berry Vice Chair

Mr T Dawson Mr F Pointon
Mrs R Goodman Mrs M Pointon
Mrs A Hindley Mr L Simans
Mr J Latham Miss V Webster
Mr G Leek

Apologies: Mrs L Coulter Mrs K Taphouse
Mr J Wesgate

In Attendance: Ms J Beenstock Southport & Formby PCT
Mrs F Shaw Assistant to the Chief Officer
Mrs M Yarwood Chief Officer

There was one member of the public present.

The Chair welcomed John Holden, past CHC Chairman and thanked him for his dedication and commitment during his four years as Chairman of Southport & Formby Community Health Council. On behalf of the CHC, the Chair presented Mr Holden with a book token in appreciation of his services. Mr Holden in response thanked the Chair for her kind words and gift and wished the CHC Chair, members and staff well for the future.

Southport & Formby PCT Annual Report

The Chair welcomed Jane Beenstock, Chief Executive, Southport & Formby PCT.

Jane Beenstock explained that Southport & Formby Primary Care trust Annual Report had previously been distributed across the district as a 4-page wrap around cover in the local free newspaper (The Champion). Copies of the wrap around were circulated to those members who had not received the paper. 
Through a series of overheads, (attached), Jane Beenstock explained that Southport & Formby PCT have a statutory duty to produce an Annual Report and present it to the public by 30th September each year. This statutory requirement will be fulfilled on 25th September when the Annual Report will be presented at the PCT AGM. The mandatory requirements of the Annual Report were outlined and the three objectives of the Trust for this year:
Ř Improve the Health of the Community
Ř Integrate Health and Social Care Locally
Ř Planning and Securing of Services

Jane Beenstock agreed to feedback on issues raised by members.

The Chair thanked Jane for a most interesting and informative presentation and urged members to attend the forthcoming PCT AGM if at all possible.

02/03.01 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 18th June 2002, having been previously circulated, were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.

02/03.02 Matters Arising:

i. Nursing Staff at Ashworth, The Chief Officer reported that a proportion of nursing staff at Ashworth were Union Members.
ii. Facilities for Children with Mental Health Problems. Lily Batterson, West Lancs PCT will meet shortly with the Chief Officer to discuss issues of concern.
iii. Acute Trust DNR Policy. This had been received and the Chief Officer had spoken with Ian Harrison, Medical Director, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust to clarify the wording.

02/03.03 Chair's Report:

Agreed that the report be accepted.

02/03.04 Chief Officer's Report:

Agreed that the report be accepted.

02/03.05 Assistant to the Chief Officer's Report:

Agreed that the report be accepted.

02/03.06 ICAS Pilot:

The Chief Officer informed members that plans for the ICAS were forging ahead with October hopefully being the start date. A separate telephone line was being installed and stationary would be ordered once confirmation was received that ICAS was to remain the official name.

02/03.07 Nugent Care Society Tenancy:

The Alzheimer's Society had vacated their office on 5th September and the Nugent Care Society had approached the Chief Officer for accommodation. After consideration it was agreed to rent the room under the same tenancy agreement as for the Alzheimer's Society.


02/03.08 Acute Trust Working Practices:

The Chief Officer reported on changes in working practice at both Southport & Ormskirk sites resulting from the requirement to reduce the hours of junior doctors. Working practices on both sites had to change but each site required a different approach, as the number of junior doctors and their skill levels differed on each site.
It was reported that Southport has a higher number of junior doctors with greater seniority. The method of admission would change, ensuring that individual consultants had their patients based on one or two wards, with a system of ward based junior doctors and house officers. This would mean that a junior doctor would always be available.

The system proposed for Southport would not work at Ormskirk because of the limited number of junior doctors, who also had limited seniority. Ormskirk would require a radical change in consultant working, with two consultants spending four weeks on inpatient work, therefore reducing their outpatient commitment. Two consultants would be responsible for 100 patients, 9.00pm - 5.00pm and one may also be physician of the week. Consultant sick leave would necessitate the removal of a consultant from outpatients, thus reducing outpatients provision. Consultant leave would also be taken from outpatient commitment, therefore reducing their availability to undertake outpatient work. This would subsequently have a knock on effect for waiting times. After a four-week period the consultants would move to outpatient work and be replaced by two different consultants. Patients would therefore have continuity of care for four weeks. The junior doctors would have a rota system to fit in with consultants when available.

The Chief Officer had raised concerns about the planned changes which were shared by the Trust, but the Trust felt that no alternative solution was possible. It was stated that a single site was needed quickly. These two systems will move forward from October 2002.

02/03.09 Mens' Health Event:

The Mens' Health Event held on 3rd August at the Asda superstore in Southport was a resounding success. The chief officer reported that over 175 men and some women participated in health related activities. A wide range of literature was distributed and the event proved to be a very useful exercise. It was agreed that the Asda site, with its captive audience was an excellent venue. Thanks were extended to members and staff involved.

The CHC has been approached by Southport Police to repeat the event for the Police and Fire Services at Southport police Station. This event will take place on 23rd October.

02/03.10 CHC Representation:

Agreed that the following reports be accepted:-

i Cancer Services 24/7/02
ii Doctor Patient Partnership 11/7/02
iii Mersey Care Trust 26/6/02
iv Southport & Ormskirk Trust - 11/6/02
v Southport & Ormskirk Trust - 9/7/02
vi Southport & Ormskirk Trust Clinical Governance 24/7/02
vii Southport & Formby PCT 10/7/02

02/03.12 CHC Visit to Park Unit, Hesketh Centre:

Agreed that the above report be accepted.

01/02.14 Date of Next Meeting: 

Tuesday 22nd October 2002

Southport and Formby CHC Chairman

Report for September 2002

3 Liaison Meeting
4 Southport & Formby PCT
17 CHC Public Meeting
25 Southport & Formby PCT AGM
26 Mental Health Sub Group
27 McMillan Coffee Morning

Southport and Formby CHC Chief Officer
Report for September 2002

3 Liaison Meeting
4 PCT Patient Prospectus Social Inclusion Project for Older People Mtg re Norwood Surgery pharmacy Application

9 J Parry M Haig re men's health event

10 CHC Communications Group

Acute Trust Board

12 Consultation Event - Health Professions Council
13 PCT Awards
17 Appeal - Norwood Surgery pharmacy application

CHC Public Meeting

18 Church St Surgery re Local Pharmaceutical Services Pilot
19 NW Community Network
Cardiothoracic Centre, AGM
23 Merseyside HAZ Learning Event
24 PCT Capacity Planning Group Complainant

Clinical Governance Committee

26 Mental Health Sub Group
Lily Batterson, WL PCT
27 McMillan Coffee Morning
30 Shortlisting for PCT PALS Manager Post

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