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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 78

Date:- 13 December 2002

Anomaly' blamed for space rocket's disintegration.
Report by Ananova (SEDS) Photograph by Louise Pitchers.
THE European Space Agency is blaming "an anomaly" for Ariane-5's disintegration on take-off.

The comment came as the agency announced a major investigation into the second botched attempt to get the rocket into space.

Data analysts are working to try to identify the reason for the mission failure.

Flight 157 lifted off from its base in French Guiana, South America, late last night but fell into pieces over the Atlantic just three minutes later.

The unmanned rocket was carrying two multi-million pound French satellites, which also plunged into the ocean.

A Department of Trade and Industry spokesman has confirmed that no British money was involved in the mission.

Flight director Jean-Yves Le Gall apologised to clients of Arianespace - the Ariane programme's commercial operation - for the loss of the satellites but suggested the problems could be overcome.

Mr Le Gall said:- "We've known them before. We have always overcome them and we will overcome this one, too."

He added it was too early to say why the mission failed.

Both satellites on board - Stentor, an experimental telecommunications satellite commissioned by France's space agency CNES, and Hot Bird-7, the French television company's Eutelsat SA's television broadcast satellite - were insured.

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Northwest Science launches Strategy for the Region.
Report by Lisa Margis.
NORTHWEST Science today held the launch of the Northwest Science Strategy at the House of Commons in London.

This is the first science strategy to be launched by an English region, and it will position the Northwest as a centre of excellence in scientific research and development.

The strategy is focused, and initially, Northwest Science has worked with business clusters in 5 of the sectors that also form part of the Region's economic strategy. These are Biotechnology, Aerospace, Chemicals, Environmental Technologies, and Nuclear Energy. However, the strategy will be updated and modified with the changing and advancing nature of the science and technology sector. 

The strategy has also been designed to build on the Region's strengths, such as Jodrell Bank, the most sensitive, high-resolution imaging radio-telescope in the world. Daresbury Laboratory is also showing enormous potential to develop as a centre of scientific excellence, with the installation of the fastest supercomputer in Europe, and Daresbury 4GLS, creating the world's leading synchrotron facility.

Sir Tom McKillop, Chair, Northwest Science, said:-

"I am delighted to be part of this major initiative that will help to shape the Northwest's science industry, and is fundamental to the Region's future. It was one of our first objectives to produce a strategy that will not only help to create jobs, but will position the Northwest as a centre of excellence in scientific research and development. We are working with businesses, universities, and other science partners, to compete on an international scale, and together, we will build this region into something really special in science."
Yuri party!
Report by Mark S. Bentley.
Saturday:- 12 April 2003
JOIN with over 100 other events all around the planet as we celebrate the 3rd Annual Yuri's Night, the World Party for Space.

What do we want to make happen?
  •  10,000 people celebrating humanity's 1st step into the cosmos
  • 10,000 people coming together to share the power of space with the world 
  • 10,000 people taking steps to make our space dreams real
We need you to play your part! Sign up to host a Yuri party today!! Parties are already confirmed in Stockholm, London, Greece, Pakistan, Houston and Bangladesh!


(send your name, address, phone, email or website, affiliations, party location, additional team members and any ideas or questions!)

Our goal is to create an event that brings together the global space community, shares the excitement of space with our local region, and raises funds to enable other local space related projects

Meet the other space people in your area and put together something the town will love. Party ideas and ways for party-goers to get involved in space will follow!

Peace, Love, Space, Loretta Hidalgo, George Whitesides and the whole Yuri

For more information or visit:-

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