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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 83

Date:- 17 January 2003

Film review:-  The Tuxedo.


Photos ©Dreamworks all rights reserved

This year has one hell of a line up of block buster films, most of them will blow you away, so we will keep you posted as what to see and what not to see.  Now to the review.

WITH a tagline of "He's Not Looking For Trouble... He's Wearing It!!" and the surname Chan it is predictable what this film is… It is a high kicking film that will put the boot to James Bond and XXX when it comes to fights… Go Jackie GO

This film has all the moves and the class of most of the top Spy Films, but the really fantastic moves of an expert fighter blended in for good measure or should I say "Shaken not Stirred!" Dreamworks must have known well before the film hit the cutting room that this was going to be a knockout. Director Kevin Donovan and scripts by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, keep this entertaining with good one-liners, slapstick humour and of course action that involves stunts ranging from car chases to amazing fight seems. For an unusual twist Jackie has let the film generate stunts in as well as initiating his flamboyant style of moves, with good rip offs of the matrix. 

The combination of humour, the usual martial arts style bad one-liners and strange locations proves to be its star quality. Saying all that the actual story is a bit pants, it retains the reputation that most spy and martial art genre films are of normally such low quality. 

Ok, some people do not like this film, saying, "Jackie Chan should have stop making films where Computer graphics and wires are needed. It stops the skill and fun he has been noted for in the past making they're way through." My thoughts are, "GO WITH THE TIMES!" At least in this film they do it with tongue in cheek precision and class.

Any way to the story. A hapless Jimmy Tong, a taxi driver who is very bad at driving and dating, gets chosen by a secret organisation of the US government to become their top agents chauffer. Soon he is plunged into the secret agent's place and is forced to use the agent's special gadget-laden tuxedo. That is when the Demolition starts and the action alignment itself is more akin to the James Bond theme. 

Due to a large after film debate that lasted a good hour, nearly as long as the film, as to what star rating it should get...  I gave it a four, but to persuaded by the others in the cinema to drop it down to a three.  Sad I know, but I have to go with the average vote if recommending a film.   

Cast credits. First credits only:- 

  • Jackie Chan as Jimmy Tong, Jennifer Love Hewitt as Delilah 'Del' Blaine, Jason Isaacs as Clark Devlin, Debi Mazar as Steena, Ritchie Coster as Diedrich Banning, Peter Stormare as Dr. Simms, Mia Cottet as Cheryl, Romany Malco as Mitch, Daniel Kash as Rogers, James Brown as Himself, Jody Racicot as Kells, Boyd Banks as Vic, Scott Wickware as CSA Agent Wallace, Christian Potenza as CSA Agent Joel and Karen Glave as CSA Agent Randa.

  • Runtime: - 98 min            

  • UK: - 12A

  • Directed by:- Kevin Donovan 

Film Review by Patrick Trollope

Film Age Rating In The UK:-  

Our verdict 3 stars out of five stars:-

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