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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 84

Date:- 24 January 2003

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Counting down.  Who will win?

SOUTHPORT Rugby League Team is played the biggest game in their short history on Saturday!
The clash with Blackbrook of St Helens, is the start of the first game in the First Round of the National Cup for the Sandstormers. To put this game into perspective, the SANDSTORMERS are at the bottom of Division VI of the North-West Counties League, where as Blackbrook are at the top of the Premier Division, only 7 divisions HIGHER! The final score was 54-12 to Blackbrook, but this was not an indication of the effort that the underdogs, Southport players put in. The match nearly resulted in a very anouther out come. Despite some tremendous pressure from the Premiership team, Southport was in the lead, but it all blew away after as the first 15 minutes of the match due to a series of dubious and bizarre refereeing decisions, that helped Blackbrook pull back the lead. With in a few minutes Blackbrook scored 3 quick tries and Southport could not get any possession in order to mount an offensive of their own. Blackbrook then kept up the pressure, defended their ground like a sea wall againced a storm serge. With tremendous tackling by Simson Shakespeare, Neil Newton and Mathew Robinson, but the relentless pressure told again with Blackbrook running in 3 more tries before half time. With Blackbrook starting to get a little rattled as the second half wore on and they started to mount more pressure on their own, but Southport's defensive wall held firm with some excellent try saving tackles from the Homby brothers, Kevin Hall and Chris Dresher. Blackbrook were attacking again 15 minuets in to the second half, when the Stormers winger Dave Sewell intercepted a Blackbrook pass. He Stormed down the field going 90 yards flat out and scoring under the posts! To add insult to Blackbrook the try was then converted by Kevin Hall. Blackbrook again responded with even more pressure as the game intensified. Now the pressure was so grate the wall that Southport had placed up began to crumble and Blackbrook ran in 3 late tries. Despite loosing the teams valiant efforts have proven they are now a force to be recon with. When the final whistle went, The Sandstormers left the field to a standing ovation from the Blackbrook spectators. 

Man of the match sponsored by Steve Rigby, building contactors was Simeon Shakespeare. Match Ball Sponsor was XL Think big. 

Sandstormers official media sponsor Southport Reporter will be revealing the new Sandstormers web page next week. For more information about the team, visit the temporary web page address.

Football sells out to junk food brands

PREMIER League football clubs and national football organisations are allowing their school-linked health promotion activities to be compromised by fast-food, confectionery and soft drinks companies, according to a new survey by the Food Commission, published today in the Food Magazine.

In a Football ‘Food League’ Table, the Food Commission warns nine Premier League clubs that they are in danger of relegation for promoting junky foods and drinks to children. Teams criticised included Manchester United for its high-profile link-up with Pepsi, Tottenham Hotspur for working with McDonald’s, and Sunderland City for accepting sponsorship from Coca Cola and McDonald’s.

The sport’s coordinating body, the Football Association, was singled out as one of the worst offenders, for circulating nutrition advice to schools and football academies written and sponsored by Mars and promoting Snickers chocolate bars, which are high in fat and sugar1.

"None of the food brands promoted by Premier League clubs and the Football Association should be eaten by footballers in the run-up to a game,"
said Annie Seeley, nutritionist and campaigns officer for the Food Commission. "With rising levels of obesity and diabetes in children, top footballers could be excellent role models for children, demonstrating the link between good diet and good health. But instead we see adverts showing top players from Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers drinking Pepsi, the Premier League logo on Walkers Crisps, and the Football Association encouraging children to eat chocolate bars and wear McDonald’s branded football kit.

The only Premier League Team found to be offering unbiased health advice to children, without compromise from junk food sponsorship, was West Ham. The club offers an education programme sponsored by Sports Match and Railtrack, involving children in physical exercise and giving nutrition advice under the title:- "An Active Life + A Healthy Balanced Diet = Healthy Living."

Report with thanks to the Food Commission.

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