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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 85

Date:- 31 January 2003

Film review:-  I Spy.


Photographs ©2002 - Columbia Pictures - All Rights Reserved.

BASED on the 50’s, 60’s and 90’s I Spy TV programs, this is a XXX movie as in NO, NO, NO, sorry but this one has no real class. Directed by Betty Thomas, this comedy makes you snigger, but not at the jokes, but the idea that anyone could write such drivel and get it made into a film with actors, like Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson starring in it. They always say remakes and sequels lose something… yet to say it is based on the old 50’s and 60s TV programs is very stretched and as for the 90’s comparison – well, beyond the title, the names and the profiles of the characters, there are no similarities to be noted. I have to make the point that one of the spies is a professional athlete. Eddie Murphy, who normally contributes good punch lines, makes a very annoying boxer, who is asked to help a US agent who keeps messing up his assignments. Their mission is to recover a missing jet. This a slapstick and one-liner script, which passes the time, but is not worth the ticket price. Wait till it gets on TV! It is a far too familiar style and casting is very predictable with no imagination. Come on Eddie; get a new act please... Ok this was funny, but it is now old hat. With MI, MI2 style plot, UNCLE style acting and gag lines (very dated) and 1981's Condorman gadgets, this is a very repetitive film. (Just like this review is becoming, You’ve gathered I did not rate it.) Sorry, if it was on TV, I would give it 3 stars, but alas, for payment, only 2 stars.... out of a potential 5. Better films in the cinema.

Cast credits. First credits only:- 

  • Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole, Viv Leacock, Phill Lewis, Darren Shahlavi, Blake Lirette

  • Tagline:- Attitude meets espionage.

  • Runtime: - 96 mins            

  • UK: - 12A

  • Directed by:- Betty Thomas

Film Review by Patrick Trollope

Film Age Rating In The UK:-  

Our verdict 2 stars out of five stars:-


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