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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 85

Date:- 07 February 2003

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Merseysiders favour traditional holiday resorts.

Report by Dominic Bonner

THE NATION’S holiday destinations may be turning more exotic as each year passes, but such change is not for the people of Southport and Merseyside.

As we look away from the gloom of this wretched winter, a recent Survey by the UK’s third most popular travel agent Thomas Cook reveals that family destinations such as Turkey and Rhodes are turning the people of the Northwest to quieter destinations – As opposed to the rather hectic clubbing lifestyle seen in recent years by younger generation.

The tendency to go abroad for holidays may not have changed. But we are not turning to our native beaches of Morecombe and Blackpool either. The hype of Ibiza or the Algarve, favoured by Geordies and other parts of the nation - Appears to be the ultimate turnoff to a get-away for families in the northwest...

Sun, sand and sea have always been high on the agenda. Indeed the statistics show that a massive change in current trends that favour the destinations of Majorca, the Greek Islands and mainland Spain.

Thomas Cook Regional manager, Karen Lightfoot said:-"There is a lot of variety across the country in favoured destinations. Looking at last years figures it appears that Newcastle are the nation’s biggest clubbers heading for Ibiza, while Londoners are the most romantic favouring Paris. But here in Merseyside, we prefer to relax in the sun on holiday and head for more traditional holiday destinations."

Prudential fire warning on incomes for retirement
Report by Dominic Bonner

RESEARCH into the latest figures on the retired population revealed an astounding figure in which pensioners feel the pinch retirement.

As current economic boom leads a heady state of euphoria in our population, the concerns of our future become less and less as attitudes to spending become more relaxed.

But the reality of retiring tells a grim story. Currently the retired population of the UK stands at 10.38 million. In which the average person in the northwest has fifteen thousand pounds disposable income. One in three pensioners survive on less than ten thousand pounds, four out of five people experience a fall of monthly income and thousands face cut backs yet leave over a billion pounds in unclaimed state benefits.

Market director of Pru UK and Europe said, “Many people are shocked by how much their annual income drops by when they retire. People need to take much greater control over their financial planning.”

Trends in the retired population show part time work are becoming more attractive and there is more of an inclination to sell their homes to release equity given the current state of the housing market. 

Figures also show that there is also a sociological burden brought by such low incomes. Over one hundred thousand in the Prudential survey said that they considered turning to crime to fund their income. Yet the further increase in the retiree more likely to turn to their offspring for residence once their homes are sold shows similar detrimental burdens.

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