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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 86

Date:- 14 February 2003

Film review:- Final Destination 2

Photographs and Poster © 2003 - New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved

THE stylization of this film is a bit old hat, but still it is just as fun as the last film. Even though the plot line is very predictable, practically if you had seen the first film, it does not disappoint in blood and bad test humour. The fist film Final Destinations tagline was "No Accidents.  No Coincidences.  No Escapes.  You Can't Cheat Death." Well Ali Larter who played as Clear Rivers who in the last film savvied a plane crash might just prove that statement wrong... AJ Cook plays as a young innocent teenage girl called Kimberly. She is dizzy and some what weak as a character at first but as the story goes on see soon ends up cheating death and saving others from its the clutches. As in the other film, death has other ideas and goes after the savvier. The only problem for death is that both Clear Rivers and Kimberly Corman have other ideas. Kimberly realizes their is something very wrong with they way death is acting and acts upon it. The film does have a bad dark humour and at the end a twist. As the tagline goes "For every beginning there is an end." So if it pays off in the cinema box offices you could see Final Destination 3, or is this now the end of the story? This is not one of the biggest films to be screened this year.  But for a sequel, it is just as good as its predecessor was in 2000. That is a disappointment, as I expected more from this one. I have to rate this one as a three out of five as it is good but loses out due to lack of its ability to pick up the potential possibilities the last film gave it. Its predictability and because of that it loses its shock value and the story line needs a bit more imagination. Come on Mr Ellis, if you do part three please expand the plot to something a bit more supernatural and the answer to the question "WHY DID ALEXANDER LIVE?".... 

Cast credits. First credits only:- 

  • Ali Larter as Clear Rivers, A.J. Cook as Kimberly Corman, Michael Landes as Officer Thomas Burke, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Eugene Dix, Jonathan Cherry as Rory, Keegan Connor Tracy as Kat, Sarah Carter as Shania, Lynda Boyd as Nora Carpenter, David Paetkau as Evan Lewis, James N. Kirk as Tim Carpenter, Tony Todd as Mr. Bludworth, Justina Machado as Isabella Hudson, Alex Rae as Dano, Shaun Sipos as Frankie and Andrew Airlie as Mr. Corman 

  • Running Time:- 110 mins

  • Directed by:- David R. Ellis

Film Review by Patrick Trollope

Film Age Rating In The UK:-  

Our verdict 3 stars out of five stars:-

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Photographs and Poster © 2003 - New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved


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