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Edition No. 89

Date:- 07 March 2003

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Realm of Hepumia 
Review by Dominic Bonner.

TWO decades ago we were introduced to a marvelous two-dimensional game known as pacman giving years of fun for many families across the globe. The striking similarity of Realm of Hepumia looked destined to replace pacmania with a delightful new approach.

Sadly this is not the case. Although this game may offer many foes and different aspects of an already respected game with the addition of spells. Eonix have only succeeded in providing a wet drip of a game that makes going out on a rainy day seem appealing. 

Jumping around the screen proves tiresome and cumbersome due to poor controllability through the often confusing mazes. Also as the levels progress the expectancy that the difficulty of this game to enhance becomes blighted. The ogres and monsters look and run around the mazes with about as much menace as Julian Clary with a personality enhancement. 

Offering a series of well orchestrated music to entice a gamer is really poor subsidy for a maze game that lacks challenge and punch. Realm of Hepumia fails on all levels of grading and simply not worth a look. 
1 out of 5

This game was produced by "Eonix Games".

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Beach Soccer 
(Inca Gold) Review by Dominic Bonner.

EVEN the most popular of sports has its hybrid. Yet with the arrival of this game, the expectancy for disappointment of taking football away from its natural home appears to be more like a cup final as opposed to a wet day in a home game with Bognor Regis.

Beach soccer may not be the most known title in current day releases. But it certainly is a gem not to be missed. What makes this game so spectacular is the depth and range this game has for the noted marker of it being a little over twenty megabytes in size. Indeed, to find all the usual world teams present as you play for the prestigious Beach soccer cup - friendlies and normal match ties, shows a comprehensive game that holds a pleasant surprise.

The appeal graphically is pleasing to the eye as the level of rendering goes into overdrive for this minute game by today’s standards - evidence that even the smallest game can compete with current releases by bigger software companies.

Yet the movement in this game has lost focus as it appears somewhat strange and a little cumbersome as a pointer system for direction of passing and shooting is a little confusing – interrupting the flow of the game. 

The fact that the camera flow is superb adds another aspect to the games enjoyment. A projection of smooth yet active camera alludes nicely to the detail of the sand and Beach Soccer’s players, with as always, the innocuous two-dimensional crowd.

However, this may not be Fifa 2003 given the small concern of the lack attention to detail with the absence of a referee and slightly awkward gameplay including the irritating tackling feature of it. But, it certainly has gained its place in the ranks of great football games as the next best thing to what EA games can offer.
  3 out of 5


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