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Edition No. 97

Date:-   03 May 2003

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Elections 2003
Photographs by Patrick Trollope of Liverpool Councilors. Liverpool and Sefton Results.

Results for Liverpool

Past control by:-   1973-  NOC, 1975-  NOC, 1976-  NOC, 1978-  NOC, 1979-  NOC, 1980-  NOC, 1982-  NOC, 1983-  LAB, 1984-  LAB, 1986-  LAB, 1987-  LAB, 1988-  LAB, 1990-  LAB, 1991-  LAB, 1992-  NOC, 1994-  NOC, 1995-  NOC, 1996-  LAB, 1998-  LD, 1999-  LD, 2000-  LD, 2002-  LD 

Abercomby     Labour Hold  
Aigburth  Labour Hold 
Allerton  Lib-Dem Hold 
Anfield                          Lib-Dem Gain
Arundel               Lib-Dem Hold 
Breckfield                                     Labour  Hold
Broadgreen Lib-Dem Hold
Childwall    Lib-Dem Hold
Church Lib-Dem Hold
Clubmoor       Labour Gain
Croxteth         Lib-Dem Hold
Dingle                      Lib-Dem Hold
Dovecot Lib-Dem Hold
Everton Labour  Gain
Fazakerley Labour  Hold
Gilmoss Labour  Gain
Granby Labour  Hold
Grassendale Lib-Dem Hold
Kensington Lib-Dem Hold
Melrose Labour  Gain
Netherley Lib-Dem Gain
Old Swan Lib-Dem Hold
Picton Lib-Dem Hold
Pirrie (2 seats) Labour Hold
St. Mary’s Lib-Dem Hold
Smithdown Lib-Dem Hold
Speke Labour  Gain
Tuebrook Liberal Gain
Valley Lib-Dem Hold
Vauxhall Labour  Hold
Warbreck Lib-Dem Hold
Woolton Lib-Dem Hold


Past control by:-   1973- CON, 1975- CON, 1976- CON, 1978- CON, 1979- CON, 1980- CON, 1982- CON, 1983- CON, 1984- CON, 1986- NOC, 1987- NOC, 1988- NOC, 1990- NOC, 1991- NOC, 1992- NOC, 1994- NOC, 1995- NOC, 1996- NOC, 1998- NOC, 1999- NOC, 2000- NOC, 2002- NOC 

AINSDALE Hands Richard Ronald Liberal Democrat
BIRKDALE Parry Paula Margaret Conservative
DERBY Mann Thomas Erin Conservative
CAMBRIDGE Kehoe Pauline Liberal Democrat
CHURCH Fanning Nicholas Labour
LINACRE Pearson David Conservative
DUKES Cluskey Kevin Eamon  
KEW Storey Eric Conservative
LITHERLAND Francis Terence James Liberal Democrat
HARINGTON  Kerrigan Doreen Labour
FORD Hardy Patricia Labour
MEOLS Barber Martyn Paul Conservative
MANOR Douglas Neil James Liberal Democrat
NETHERTON & ORRELL Tattersall David Liberal Democrat
MOLYNEUX Howe Geoffrey George Liberal Democrat
NORWOOD Rimmer Brian Mayson Liberal Democrat
VICTORIA Byrne James William Liberal Democrat
St OSWALD Ibbs Anne Conservative
RAVENMEOLS Dowd Peter Labour
SUDELL Mainey Sylvia Frances Liberal Democrat
PARK Hill Michael Anthony Liberal Democrat

Well done to all the candidates.

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