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Edition No. 97

Date:- 03 May 2003

Film Review:- Bullet Proof Monk

THIS is a kung-fu kicking movie with style, with elements of the “Matrix”. If you don’t know part two and three are out this year…. Any way back to this film…. This is a high kicking action pact film with good humour that reminds me of the “Golden Child”. The opening is more “Indiana Jones” in style meets the “Matrix” as the hero “Monk With No Name” played by Yun-Fat Chow does his stuff on a bridge agonised his master, the “Master Monk” played by Roger Yuan. Soon the martial arts kick in as bullets fly. Kar who is a young street kid, played by Seann William Scott is soon into the picture as he is, well, sort of tort to protect a scroll helped by the fantastic princess Jade or Bad Girl and also as Jamie King, played by the very sexy James King. It is strange though, that this is not every ones cup of tea. In fact this is a bad American martial arts that is entertaining. One point that has been made is that the bad guys turn up out of nowhere with no real explanation as to how this discovered our heroes location. After the second viewing, yes I went twice, it does get explained in the film after Monk is shown newspaper cuttings and other reports the baddy has. 

The trailers however give to much hype to what is lazy script writing and this looses the film points. Don’t anticipate the film to be the Matrix and you will enjoy it. It is more complex than you would fist think and does warrant a second view, as you will enjoy it more second time round. Well done Paul Hunter I found this film fun and entertaining, but due to the disjointed script and some hard to follow screen play it only lets me give three stars out of the five. 

Cast credits. First credits only:- 

  • Yun-Fat Chow as Monk With No Name, Seann William Scott as Kar, James King as Jade and Bad Girl also as Jamie King, Karel Roden as Strucker, Victoria Smurfit as Nina, Marcus J. Pirae as Mr. Funktastic, Mako as Mr. Kojima, Roger Yuan as Master Monk, Chris Collins as Sax and as Sean Bell as Diesel, Mauricio Rodas as Wicho, Bayo Akinfemi as Shade, Russell Yuen as Brother Tenzin, Albert Chung as Young Monk and Karis Han as Boy Monk

  • Running Time:- 104 min 

  • Tagline:- "A power beyond measure requires a protector without equal."

  • Directed by:- Paul Hunter

Film Review by Patrick Trollope

 Certification for UK:-

Our verdict 3 stars out of five stars:-


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