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Edition No. 103

Date:- 14 June 2003

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Music Review:- Morning Sci-Fi.
Band:- Hybrid

Review by Eric Lyon-Taylor.

THE first track ‘This is What it Means’ reminds me of Coldplay, a lighter Soundgarden, music in that vein, quiet lyrics backed with haunting melodies. It’s not new but it is well executed, and if your cup of tea is that sort of music then this is for you.

The second track ‘True to Form’ starts with some sampled sounds, again nothing new there, but when the drumbeat comes in you think yes this is more like it. Shades of Gary Numan here, although it is instrumental, it’s a nice piece of music something that can relax or take your imagination places. I actually liked this track.

Track three ‘Know Your Enemy’ is more upbeat but also a lot more electronic, this isn’t as impressive as the previous track although not completely bad, again another instrumental, with shades of Gary Numan. The music moves from slow to fast throughout this piece and is again well played by everyone.

Track four ‘Marrakech’ is only slightly different from the previous track; it has slightly deeper tones to it than the previous track. The drumbeat is slightly different as well, with it being more complex; it also has haunting chants behind the main music.

Track five ‘I’m Still Awake’ has lyrics, I wasn’t impressed by this one either, the lyrics were Coldplayish, and the background music is just that, background musak. Next track please.

Track six ‘Visible Noise’ is another instrumental piece, but very dance orientated. The traditional dance beat is present, as well as the electronic sampled sounds. A piece that would probably go down well in a dance club, but it’s very ‘old skool’ so maybe not, we’d have to see I suppose.

Track seven ‘We are in Control’ this has piano in it, and one of the other staff likes this piece, but to my mind, this isn’t that different from the previous tracks. The piano nicely blends with the electronic music, but it isn’t anything new. It’s quite a heavy piece of music and instrumental again, it’s listenable.

Track eight ‘Higher than a Skyscraper’ is a more orchestral piece, less electronic at least that’s how it starts off, then the electronic drumbeat comes in and the orchestral stuff disappears, this is most unfortunate, as you are getting into the orchestral stuff and then it ends. It comes in every so often but the electronic beat is always there and you lose some of the impact of the orchestral music because of it.

Track nine ‘Steal you Away’ starts well with a guitar slowly bleeding into lyrics which are again a little whiney but which suit the music. The electronic sound that then comes in rising and falling over the top of the other music doesn’t help this song at all. It seems to clash with the lyrics or at least the volume of the lyrics. This track just doesn’t seem to go anywhere, which is a shame as the intro promises good things then fails.

Track ten ‘Gravastar’ starts with sampled sounds again, and then into quiet a nice drum beat fairly up-tempo. When the rest kicks in you realise you are listening to an ‘old skool’ style dance track again, this is not to say that it isn’t good I liked this piece,
as to my mind it was well done and kept up the pace and tempo well, with enough

 variation on sounds to make the track interesting. Play this one loud to get the full effect.

Track eleven ‘Out of the Dark’ starts with a frenetic piece of electronic music, then a rapid beat drum set comes in, backed then by a heavier drumbeat to keep things going.
Unfortunately it’s only the drumbeats that are interesting and the rest of the music doesn’t live up to this. I prefer the previous track and could easily miss this one out. Lyrics kick in about a third of the way through the track, but for me just make the track worse. Then the music returns to upbeat drums and electronic sounds over the top of that.

Track twelve ‘Blackout’ takes a little time to get going, but once the lyrics come in, female and quiet good, suiting the music, it promises to be a good track. Reminds me of a mix of Moby and some of the slower tracks off the Crow Soundtrack. The slow build up works well for the last track of the album
Although I expected the track to have some sort of final crescendo and it disappoints.

In summery, the album is easy listening, with nothing really to offend anyone, but lacks any powerful tracks that give a distinctive sound. I’ll give this one 3 out of 5, I would buy this if I had nothing else to buy and I wanted some mood music.


Sefton Advanced Motorists

MONDAY 16th June is the next meeting of the Sefton group of the Institute of Advanced Motorist. The speaker will be Paul Jonker a DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Examiner. He is coming to speak to us about his work at Cardington, the main examining centre. As always the meeting is in the Royal Clifton hotel in Southport.

If you live in Maghull, Lydiate, Litherland, Crosby, Ainsdale, Southport, Hillside, Tarleton, Burscough, Scarisbrick to name but a few places in Sefton then we are the group for you. Not sure, then give us a ring and we can tell you if we are your nearest group, or if not, which one is. PHONE – RAY WOODS – 01704 538595 (daytime). The present course is underway but it is not too early to place your name on the list for the next course which starts in SEPTEMBER.

Car meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at the Royal Clifton hotel – 8pm except August and December, when there is always a speaker.

Motorcyclists meet weekly at the Richmond Hotel, Scarisbrick New Road, Southport. They have a list of runs for 2003, so if you have a bike and fancy joining them, give Alan a ring. Motorcycle information can be obtained from Alan Filson 01704 579874.

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