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Local Council Election Results for Liverpool City Region
Report by Patrick Trollope.

WE attended Southport this year, on 2 May 2019, to see the votes being counted. In Sefton it was mostly a Labour win, but nationally both Labour and Conservatives have taken quite a pounding at the polling booths. We were quite shocked to see the amount of ballot papers that had been spoilt with wording like:- "Get Teresa May Out" and other similar wording, along with statements like:- "Brexit means Brexit." All the candidates standing commented the same, that this was a wasted opportunity by all those who did it, to make real changes locally.

On the same day as the Local Elections, some areas held local Parish Council Elections, and in Formby, mimicking the national result, many of local parties did well, with Labour losing seats to a local Formby pressure group Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.) Interestingly though, unlike the Parish Council Elections, Labour increased its majority, within Sefton Council.

But even after the election results were announced, the drama did not end; in Liverpool, the elected City Mayor, Joe Anderson found out that he is to face a fresh challenge to his leadership, amid calls for the role of the elected City Mayor to be scrapped. This followed a motion being tabled, the following day, proposing a return to the Council Leader model, used before Mr Anderson became Mayor in 2012, via a senior Labour Councillor and former Liverpool City Deputy Mayor Ann O'Byrne. The motion will now go before the ruling Labour group's AGM on 13 May 2019. Interestingly, the City's Liberal Democrats signalled they would support the motion, if put to the Council by Labour! In response, Mr Anderson described the move, announced after polls closed, as:- "distasteful."

Another shaking up of the local political landscape was over on the Wirral, where Labour has lost its majority, losing 3 seats to the Conservatives. Also another part of Liverpool City Region, Halton saw Labour comfortably holding on to power, despite losing a seat to the Liberal Democrats. Labour lost 4 seats in St Helens and in Knowsley, Labour lost 3 seats, with 2 to the Green Party and 1 to an independent.

Nationally it was a disastrous night for 2 major parties, but a fantastic night for the Greens and Lib Dems as they surge ahead. In total the Lib Dems gaining more than 600 and the Greens gained more than 180 seats.

So what do you make of the results? Please do email your thoughts to:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com. Also, are you going to vote in the European Elections this year? Again, we would love to know your views on this…?


Liverpool City Region Local Election Results are as follows...

Sefton Council Members Elected On Thursday, 2 May 2019:-

Ainsdale Ward - Terry Jones - Conservative.

Birkdale Ward - Simon Shaw - Lib Dems.

Blundellsands Ward - Christine Catherine Howard - Labour.

Cambridge Ward - Leo Francis Evans - Lib Dems.

Church Ward - Veronica Webster - Labour.

Derby Ward - Dave Robinson - Labour.

Dukes Ward - John Pugh - Lib Dems.

Ford Ward - Ian Moncur - Labour.

Harington Ward - David Irving - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Kew Ward - Sean Robert Halsall - Labour.

Linacre Ward - John Fairclough - Labour.

Litherland Ward - Paul Tweed - Labour.

Manor Ward - Clare Louise Carragher - Labour.

Meols Ward - Yaso Sathiy - Lib Dems.

Molyneux Ward - Marion Atkinson - Labour.

Netherton and Orrell Ward - Susan Bradshaw - Labour.

Norwood Ward - Greg Steven Myers - Labour.

Norwood Ward - Carran Janet Waterfield - Labour.

Park Ward - John Sayers - Labour.

Ravenmeols Ward - Maria Bennett - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

St. Oswald Ward - Paula Spencer - Labour.

Sudell Ward Ward - Patrick McKinley Ward - Labour.

Victoria Ward - Leslie Byrom CBE - Labour.

Sefton Parish Council Elections Results:-

Aintree Village (North Ward)

Mike Carter (Chair) - Green Party.

Peter Gill.

Glyn Harris - Independent.

Neil Kelly

Shane Toner - Labour.

Aintree Village (South Ward)

William Michael Bennett.

Jack Colbert.

William Honeyman - Independent.

Becky Moore - Labour.

Peter Joseph Owens.

Raymond Preston.

Marion Wykes - Green Party.

Formby (Harington Ward)

Colin Appleton - Conservative.

Sandra Baxter - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

David Plato Dutton - Conservative.

Yvonne Irving - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Susan McCann - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Carol Ann Richards - Labour.

Joseph Stubbs Riley - Conservative.

Paul Graham Wiencke - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Formby (Ravenmeols Ward)

Derek Baxter - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Maria Bennett - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Dawn Theresa Brodie - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

David Irving - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Bob McCann - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Bernard George Prescott - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Michael George Weild - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)


Karl Brennan.

Carol Farquhar.

Jenny Longfellow.

Linda Munro.

Elizabeth Triggs.

Ince Blundell

Victoria Jones.

Bob McCann - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Kevin Sharpe.

Little Altcar

Sandra Baxter - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Maria Bennett - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Yvonne Irving - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Leonid Kolassa - Independent.

Bob McCann - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Michael James Walsh - Green Party.

Michael George Weild - Formby Residents Action Group (FRAG.)

Lydiate (North Ward)

Valerie Kelly - Labour.

Edith Louise Pope - Lib Dems.

Lydiate (South Ward)

Jose T Jimenez Armas - Labour.

Andrew Wilson - Labour.

Ian Wilson - Labour.

Lydiate (West Ward)

Bailey - Labour.

Anthony Robertson - Lib Dems.

Neil Spencer - Labour.

Maghull (East Ward)

Josh Burns - Labour.

June Frances Burns - Labour.

Thomas Hughes - Conservative.

John Anthony Sayers - Labour.

Maghull (North Ward)

Jonathan Michael Desmond - Labour.

Ross Craig Ferguson - Labour.

Patrick McKinley - Labour.

Denise Mullen - Labour.

Yvonne Sayers - Labour.

Maghull (South Ward)

Tony Carr - Labour.

Clare Carragher - Labour.

Maghull (West Ward)

Chris Carlsen - Labour.

Sean Dohertty - Labour.

Kenneth Hughes - Conservative.

Adam Lee Lloyd - Labour.


Stephen Baines - Melling Resident Since 2006.

Ron Baker - Melling Resident Since 1983.

Danny Burns - Labour.

Tony Carr - Melling Resident.

Pat Clatworthy - Melling Resident 47 Years.

Gordon Harrison - Independent.

Andrew Stuart Kyle - Melling Resident Since 2001.

Sharon Marie Kyle - Melling Resident Since 2001.

Lynn Rigby - Melling Resident Since 1964.

Christine A Rogers - Melling Resident Since 1997.

Alan Graham Todd - Assistant Leader of Melling Cub Scouts.

Sefton and Lunt (North Ward)

Judith Daley.

Marie Duffy - Independent.

Ann McKeating.

Sefton and Lunt (South Ward)

Paul Clare.

Suzannne Roberta Clare.

Roy Greason - Green Party.

Gerard George Lee.


Janice Blanchard - Conservative.

Andrew Roy Donegan - Green Party.

Election results for Wirral Council

Bebington - Jerry Williams - Labour.

Bidston and St. James - Brian Martin Kenny - Labour.

Birkenhead and Tranmere - Steve Hayes - Green Party.

Bromborough - Joe Walsh - Labour.

Clatterbridge - Helen Janet Cameron - Conservative.

Claughton - Stephen Foulkes - Labour.

Eastham - Dave Mitchell - Lib Dems.

Greasby, Frankby and Irby - David Robert Burgess-Joyce - Conservative.

Heswall - Andrew Chapman Hodson - Conservative.

Hoylake and Meols - Alison Jean Wright - Conservative.

Leasowe and Moreton East - Karl Gerard Greaney - Labour.

Liscard - Sarah Kathryn Spoor - Labour.

Moreton West and Saughall Massie - Steve Williams - Conservative.

New Brighton - Pat Hackett - Labour.

Oxton - Andy Corkhill - Lib Dems.

Pensby and Thingwall - Mike Collins - Conservative.

Prenton - Chris Cooke - Green Party.

Rock Ferry - Yvonne Carol Nolan - Labour.

Seacombe - Christine Mary Jones - Labour.

Upton - Tony Smith - Labour.

Wallasey - Paul Alan Hayes - Conservative.

West Kirby and Thurstaston - Jenny Johnson - Conservative.

Election results for Halton

Appleton - Ged Philbin - Labour.

Beechwood - Chris Loftus - Labour.

Birchfield - Sandra Marie Baker - Labour.

Broadheath - Robert Gilligan - Labour.

Daresbury - John Christopher Bradsaw - Conservative.

Ditton - Eddie Dourley - Labour.

Farnworth - Angela McInerney - Labour.

Halton Brook - Carol Patricia Plumpton Walsh - Labour.

Halton Castle - Chris Carlin - Labour.

Halton View - Louise Jane Whitley - Labour.

Halton Lea - Kath Lofton - Labour.

Heath - Margaret Anna Ratcliffe - Lib Dems.

Hough Green - Kevan Peter Wainwright - Labour.

Kingsway - Andrea Wall - Labour.

Norton North - Geoff Zygdllo - Labour.

Norton South - Dave Cargill - Labour.

Riverside - Pamela Wallace - Labour.

Election results for Knowsley

Cherryfield - Jayne Elizabeth Aston - Labour.

Halewood North - Shelley Powell - Labour.

Halewood South - Barbara Elizabeth Dunn - Independent.

Northwood - Marie Ellen Stuart - Labour.

Page Moss - Del Arnall - Labour.

Prescot North - Ian Smith - Lib Dems.

Prescot South - Joanne Burke - Green Party Save Our Green Space.

Roby - Hughie Malone - Labour.

Shevington - Tony Brennan - Labour.

St. Gabriels - Crispin John Hugh Evans - Labour.

St. Michaels - Mike Kearns - Labour.

Stockbridge - John Jason Donnelly - Labour.

Swanside - Chris Bannon - Labour.

Whiston and Cronton - Ron Gaffney - Green Party Save Our Green Space.

Whitefield - John Joseph Morgan – Labour.

Election results for St Helens

Billinge and Seneley Green - Joe Pearson - Labour.

Blackbrook - Linda Lovina Maloney - Labour.

Bold - David O'Keefe - Green Party Save Our Green Space.

Earlestown - Pam Howard - Labour.

Eccleston - Michael Haw - Lib Dems.

Haydock - David Ian Van Der Burg - Green Party Save Our Green Space.

Moss Bank - John Fulham - Labour.

Newton-le-Willows - David James Smith - Lib Dems.

Parr - Bisi Osundeko - Labour.

Rainford - James Allan Jones - Conservative.

Rainhill - Donna Marie Greaves - Independent.

Sutton- Janet Elizabeth Johnson - Labour.

Thatto Heath - Robyn Olivia Hattersley - Labour.

Town Centre - Carole-Ann Gill - Labour.

West Park- Marlene Mary Quinn - Labour.

Windle - David Edward Baines - Labour.

Election results for Liverpool

Allerton and Hunts Cross - Kimberley Jane Berry - Labour.

Belle Vale - Pauline Walton - Labour.

Central - Nick Small - Labour.

Childwall - Carole Mary Storey - Lib Dems.

Church - Liz Makinson - Lib Dems.

Clubmoor - Roz Gladden - Labour.

County - Gerard Woodhouse - Labour.

Croxteth - Peter Mitchell - Labour.

Everton - Ian Robert Byrne - Labour.

Fazakerley - Lindsay Rebecca Melia - Labour.

Kensington and Fairfield - Sue Walker - Labour.

Kirkdale - Malcolm Kennedy - Labour.

Knotty Ash - Alison Ruth Clarke - Labour.

Knotty Ash - Harry Philip John Doyle - Labour.

Mossley Hill - Elizabeth Kennedy Hayden - Labour.

Old Swan - Joanne Calvert - Labour.

Picton - Paul David Kenyon - Labour.

Princes Park - Anna Rothery - Labour.

Riverside - Hetty Wood - Labour.

Speke and Garston - Doreen Knight - Labour.

St Michaels - Thomas Crone - Green Party.

Tuebrook and Stoneycroft - Billy Lake - Liberal Party.

Warbreck - Cheryl Didsbury - Labour.

Wavertree - Angela Catherine Coleman - Labour.

West Derby - Pam Thomas - Labour.

Woolton - Kris Brown - Lib Dems.

Yew Tree - Tony Concepcion - Labour.

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