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North West among Britain's savviest 2nd hand users

BRITAIN is sitting on a goldmine worth up to ₤13 Billion as it stores valuable 2nd hand goods tucked away in its bits 'n bobs drawers. The research also found that 86% of people in the North West have purchased pre-owned goods in the past. The average bits 'n bobs drawer contains tech worth up to ₤500, according to national research by Mazuma Mobile. And with almost 9 out of 10 of the 27.6 million households in the UK having a bits 'n bobs drawer, that's a staggering amount of forgotten loot lying dormant in UK homes. It does seem, however, that Britain is becoming savvier about the value of its pre-loved, often unwanted, goods, the Mazuma Mobile study reveals. And the nation is increasingly keen to cash in on the contents of those bits 'n bobs drawers by selling them to make cash. Almost 85% of Brits now regularly purchase pre-owned products instead of paying full cost for new item equivalents. From books and handbags, to higher value tech items such as computers and mobile phones; the 2nd hand market in the UK is blossoming.

The research suggests that the amount of pre-owned wares in the average Brits home is growing as the majority of the nation partake in the buying and selling of 2nd hand goods.  The items Brits are most happy to buy pre-loved are books (68%), cars (62%) and furniture (49%). Other items in the list include mobile phones (34%), beds (13%) and even underwear (4%).

The savviest shoppers are those aged 35 to 55, following by the younger generation under 25. Shrewd shoppers also differ across different regions, with the Welsh being most stringent with their cash; 90% purchase 2nd hand compared to just 78% of those in Northern Ireland, who are splurging the most on brand new products. Those aged between 35 and 44 are most likely to purchase a pre-owned mobile phone with the over 50s most likely to purchase cars, books, crockery and jewellery. The most likely age group to purchase 2nd hand underwear is 25 to 34. Whilst women are the most likely to purchase 2nd hand goods (86%), the survey found that men are more likely to sell their pre-owned goods (73%). A 5th of Brits regularly sell on our unwanted items (at least once a month) and the average Brit has made up to an average of ₤441 selling a 2nd hand piece of technology. 88% of those surveyed admitted they have a drawer at home where they keep random 'bits and bobs' and tech, which have on average three discarded mobile phones and with 10% hoarding more than 7 old phones, some of them more than 10 years old (17%).

Craig Smith from Mazuma Mobile said:- "Many of us could be sitting on a lot of cash in our bits 'n bobs drawers. The 2nd hand goods market is on the rise and this means there are new opportunities for people to sell their unwanted items. For example, old mobile phones can be swapped in for cash easily via websites such as Buying and selling pre-loved phones and other items also has a positive impact on the environment. Buying 2nd hand reduces the huge carbon footprint from producing new mobile phones and other technology and selling stops waste from going to landfill. Companies such as Apple are regularly launching new models, such as the iPhone 11, meaning fantastic savings can be made after these launches by purchasing a good as new 2nd hand iPhone X from Mazuma. The good news is that as soon as new model is launched, many people trade theirs in for the next model up. Models such as the iPhone 7 still offer what most of us need from our phones, and they can be picked up as good as new for under ₤200."

Money Magpie's Jasmine Birtles is a huge advocate of the 2nd hand and pre-owned goods market. Jasmine, a financial and business expert, author and presenter, has focused her career on making and saving money for consumers. She said:- "Buying 2nd hand goods can offer huge savings for shoppers and many are now not ashamed of owning pre-loved products and becoming proud of bragging about their bargains and how much greener it is to buy 'nearly new' instead of new. I'm surprised that only a third of us would be happy to buy mobile phones 2nd hand, compared to who would buy a 2nd hand car. We all know how a new car loses money as you drive it off the forecourt, but what many people don't know is that buying a brand new mobile phone has exactly the same effect. As soon as you walk out of the store with it and take it out of the box, it loses a big chunk of its value. I'm pleased to see that Brits are finally waking up to the idea that there's no shame in buying pre-loved goods. In fact, not only is it often the most cost effective option, it's also kinder to the environment. What's not to like?!"




1. Books (68%) 1. Batteries (68%)
2. Cars (62%) 2. Cables (63%)
3. Furniture (49%) 3. Old coins (58%)
4. Clothes (43%) 4. Allen keys (52%)
5. Jewellery (37%) 5. Mobile Phones (53%)
6. Musical instruments (35%) 6. Spare buttons (50%)
7. Mobile phones (34%) 7. Tools (45%)
8. Televisions (32%) 8. Various electronics (37%)
9. Handbags (29%) 9. Jewellery (30%)
10. Computers (29%) 10. MP3 player (24%)

60% of young people work 2nd job to meet costs of living

BRITAIN'S Graduate debt crisis means that nearly ½ of current students and recent Graduates (42%) have joined the gig economy, in order to combat debt, afford rent and the rising cost of living. 22% also cited having 2 additional jobs, with the next generation of workers concerned about the overwhelming cost of living.  Side hustles are most commonly defined as a type of employment undertaken in addition to studying or having a full time job in order to provide additional income. However, Milkround's survey of nearly 5,000 students and recent Graduates has revealed that on average, they're spending over 8 hours a week on their 'side hustle' as they can't afford to live on their main income or student loan. Subsequently earning an average extra of ₤3,393 a year. With the value of outstanding student loans topping ₤121 billion in March 2019, and full time University fees set at ₤9,250, Graduates are already in more than ₤50,000 debt from the very first time they walk into the workplace. The Graduate debt crisis has never been more acute and it's no wonder that money is the main motivator for side hustles. 60% of students and Graduates across the country said that they have a side hustle because the cost of living is too high to exist on their main salary or student loan, and 43% wouldn't be able to afford their rent without the additional income from their side hustle. Whilst 87% of respondents who didn't currently have a side hustle would contemplate one in order to earn extra cash. Whilst 30% are sacrificing between 8 and 10 hours a week or more on their side hustle; which they felt could have been better spent having fun or socialising; not all side hustles are purely financially motivated. Whilst many believe they are sacrificing their social time, 41% cite their side hustles as a creative outlet, as it improves their quality of life (61%) and even enables them to meet new people and friends (65%). 20% of those had quirky, creative jobs such as a nightclub lighting designer, a trampoline park party host, escape room host and a tattoo artist.

Georgina Brazier, Graduate Jobs Expert at Milkround, said:- "With student loans, the cost of rent and living consistently rising, there are more financial burdens placed on students and Graduates than ever. Not only has our research uncovered the financial pressures students are facing, but also the tensions between losing out on socialising due to having a side hustle, to earn extra cash.  Unsurprisingly, hospitality, events and retail were the most popular sectors for side-hustles, most likely due to the flexibility and social benefits that come with these types of roles. There are various benefits to having a side hustle, including channelling creative talents, passion for learning new skills and standing out from the crowd to future employees, whilst earning money at the same time. The fact that 31% have a side hustle to gain experience in the industry they want to work in, demonstrates a real desire for candidates looking to push themselves in an increasingly competitive Graduate job market. As celebrities, Schools and recruiters call for more creative skills to be taught to students[4], creative side hustles should be encouraged, and entrepreneurial instincts recognised by more companies when recruiting."

With businesses such as Instagram and Under Armour having started out as side projects for their founders, the passion over pay approach is on the rise amongst Gen Z. 31% of students and Graduates have a side hustle for extra experience and 43% agreed that their side hustle helps to develop entrepreneurial skills. As softer skills such as excellent communication and creativity become more desirable to employers, those with side hustles are consistently enhancing their skill set and demonstrating the dedication to their creative passions, to ensure they are the strongest candidate for recruiters.

Tips on Self Assessment scams

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is warning millions of Self Assessment customers to be aware of fraudsters in the run up to the 31 January 2020 filing deadline. Over the last year, HMRC received nearly 900,000 reports from the public about suspicious HMRC contact:- phone calls, texts or emails. More than 100,000 of these were phone scams, while over 620,000 reports from the public were about bogus tax rebates.

Some of the most common techniques fraudsters use include phoning taxpayers offering a fake tax refund, or pretending to be HMRC by texting or emailing a link which will take customers to a false page, where their bank details and money will be stolen. Fraudsters are also known to threaten victims with arrest or imprisonment if a bogus tax bill is not paid immediately.

HMRC operates a dedicated Customer Protection team to identify and close down scams but is advising customers to recognise the signs to avoid becoming victims themselves. Genuine organisations like HMRC and banks will never contact customers asking for their PIN, password or bank details. Customers should never give out private information, reply to text messages, download attachments or click on links in texts or emails which they are not expecting.

Customers are urged to take action by forwarding details of suspicious calls or emails claiming to be from HMRC to:- Phishing@HMRC.Gov.UK and texts to:- 60599. Customers who have suffered financial loss should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or use their online fraud reporting tool.

Customers can find out more information on GOV.UK on how to avoid and report scams and recognise genuine HMRC contact. If customers think they have received an HMRC related phishing email or text message, they can check it against examples on GOV.UK.

Tax is automatically deducted from most UK taxpayers' wages, pensions or savings. Where tax is not automatically deducted, or when people or businesses have earned additional untaxed income, they are required to complete a Self Assessment tax return each year.

People need to complete a tax return if they:-

Earned more than ₤2,500 from renting out property.

► Or their partner received Child Benefit and either of them had an annual income of more than ₤50,000.

► Received more than ₤2,500 in other untaxed income, for example from tips or commission.

► Are self employed sole traders.

► Are employees claiming expenses in excess of ₤2,500.

► Have an annual income over ₤100,000.

► Earned income from abroad that they need to pay tax on.

City turns orange to highlight domestic violence

LIVERPOOL is holding a series of events in support of a United Nations campaign to break down the wall of silence surrounding domestic violence. Domestic abuse is a crime that can affect anybody and reported incidents are on the rise. Merseyside Police received over 13,500 calls in 2018, high risk cases increased by 17% and recorded crime went up by 41%, compared to 2018. Monday, 25 November 2019, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, and the region is showing its support with the start of a 16 day campaign to raise awareness about how to speak out and gain support for anyone suffering domestic abuse. According to the United Nations, 1 in 4 women in the UK annually suffer from domestic violence and between two and three women are killed each week.

Cabinet member for communities and partnerships, Councillor Liz Parsons, said:- "It is a sad indictment of society that violence against women and girls is an issue that even in this day and age needs tackling. Abuse comes in many forms and with the rise of the internet and social media means abusers have developed new ways to intimidate and silence their victims. Friends and relatives of victims have a huge role to play in spotting signs and offering to listen. Often it is the first step in speaking out which is the hardest thing to do. By raising awareness and providing information to educate people hopefully we can break down these walls and save lives."

The Council's Safer and Stronger Communities team and partner organisations will be in Williamson Square in the City Centre sharing information and giving out white ribbons. Landmark buildings including the:- Town Hall, Cunard Building and the Radio City Tower, will be lit orange in solidarity with the international campaign. There will also be discussions about domestic violence among groups who meet at locations including children's centres and voluntary organisations and there has been an advertising campaign on Radio City in the run up to the launch.

Merseyside's Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said:- "It is completely unacceptable that violence remains a part of daily life for some women and girls, either in the community or in their own homes. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the 16 day campaign it kick starts, give us all an opportunity to make it clear violence will not be tolerated. By wearing orange and lighting up some of Merseyside's most iconic buildings in this vibrant colour, we are sending out a visible message that we are supporting the United Nations campaign for a brighter future for women and girls, free from violence and abuse. I hope that through this campaign some of those women who do feel frightened and trapped realise there are lots of people and organisations who are there to help. Merseyside Police is 1 of those organisations and I'm pleased that headquarters will also be glowing orange this week to let all victims know that the police are on hand to help you to get the care and protection you need if you are escaping an abusive or violent situation."

Anyone wanting to report domestic abuse can do so by calling:- 999 in an emergency. Links to support services are available online at:- VictimCareMerseyside.Org or EHD.Liverpool.Gov.UK

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