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Edition No. 111

Date:- 09 August 2003

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Holiday Driving in the UK.

THE IAM said this week that "Motoring holidays should be enjoyable, but they can be spoilt if you and your care aren't properly prepared for the journeys that are involved. By following these simple guidelines, your driving will be easier and safer.

1. Modern Cars are not infallible so make sure your car is properly roadworthy before you set off on holiday and remember to carry out the a simple check called POWER. This should be done every day, not just for holidays mind. Power stands for Petrol, Oil Water (including screen washers, electrics (Lights, Indicators, and Horns etc.), Rubber (Your tires and wiper blades)

2. Over loading the car is dangerous. If your luggage does not go in the boot, use a properly fitted roof rack. A loaded roof rack (and even an empty one) will add to the wind resistance and increase your fuel consumption, so keep an eye on the fuel gauge.

3. Tiredness Kills! Find somewhere safe, legal and convenient to stop to take a break with some exercise at least every two and half-hours. Frequent short stops are better than one long stop. Avoid heavy meals and any amount of alcohol before your journey. It may be worth travelling overnight, but not after a long day's work and it is always help if you can share the driving with someone else.

4. Plan your route before you set off and get someone else to do the map reading for you.

5. Additional traffic on holiday routes may cause severe conjestion in some places. Over estimate how long it's going to take you and leave enough time to get to where you are going.

6. Keep calm. Getting frustrated with the inevitable traffic congestion won't get you there any quicker. If you can, travel during off peak times. Always be careful and courteous.

7. Keep your car radio tuned into the RDS mode if you have one for up to date travel information."

If you wish to do a IAM course visit


WITH the searing heat over last week, most peole are please, but not commuters. Fresh from the makers of the fames lines "Sorry for the delay coursed by leaves on the line" and "Sorry for the delay due to the wrong type of show is on the lines" it is now… "Sorry the track is to hot." 

Again commuter misery on the UK railways across the country, as passengers using Virgin Trains services were advised that their journeys may be extended as a result of the heat related speed restrictions imposed by Network Rail. 

The speed restrictions applied between 1200 and around 1900 previously this week for the foreseeable future caused a nightmare scenario for passengers returning home from work as the current spell of high temperatures caused delay after delay.

Good news was delivered for commuters working at night as restrictions on rail travel were removed during the latter parts of the evening. But Network Rail speed restrictions in force again today caused further extensions and misery to those journeying on the west coast of England and cross-country on a heatwave that is apparently endless. 

Please tell us your weeks travel stories...


A STATEMENT this week on incidents at nuclear installations in Britain that meet Ministerial reporting criteria and is reported to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and the Secretary of State for Scotland, every quarter for the Health and Safety Executive said 

"For second quarter of this year, no incidents at any of the nuclear licensed installations that met the reporting criteria."

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