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Edition No. 112

Date:- 16 August 2003

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 Swiss Life extra

250 more jobs are to go from from Merseyside at Swiss Life. Staff were shocked by the news. Some staff have been invited to apply for jobs in Bristol. See past report

A Levels and AS Results Part 1. 

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who tool A-levels this year.  The results came out this week and we will  place all the results up as we get them in next week.   These are the results we got in so far.

Good luck to all who took them with your future courses and/or jobs form all of us at Southport and Mersey Reporters.

Range High School
A level and AS level results 2003

Arnold L. Health and Social Care, Media Studies; Baldwin S. Business Studies Geography; Ball M. Design, Geography; Barford J. Business Studies, Geography, General Studies, Information Technology (AS); Bevan G. Health and Social Care; Briscoe W. Business Studies, Economics, General Studies, Information Technology; Brown A. Geography, General Studies, Mathematics, Physics; Carton J. Art, Media Studies; Clark P. Business Studies, Geography, General Studies, Psychology, Religious Education (AS); Clarke T. English, General Studies, History, Psychology; Cleary H. English Language, General Studies, Psychology, Religious Education; Clifford M. English, History, Physical Education; Cookson J. Health and Social Care, Media Studies; Corlett J. English, Economics, General Studies, Psychology; Davies C. Art, Geography, Information Technology; Delaney L. English, Media Studies, Psychology; Desmond J. Business Studies, General Studies, History, Information Technology; Dickson N. Art, Geography, General Studies, Psychology; Drewen-Jones G. Business Studies; Evans S. Biology, Geography, Physics (AS); Flatman L. General Studies, Health and Social Care, Physics (AS); Fraser I. Business Studies, Geography, General Studies, Mathematics; Information Technology; Gibney M. Economics, German, General Studies, Mathematics; Gibney S. Art, Business Studies, Information Technology; Hale G. Art, General Studies, Mathematics, Further Mathematics (AS); Heath R. Art, English, German, General Studies; Hewitson P. Media Studies, Psychology; Holder J. Art; Howel G. Biology, Chemistry, General Studies, Mathematics; Jackson R. English, General Studies, History, Mathematics; James M. Business Studies, History (AS); Jones G. Business, Economics, Geography; Jones M. German, General Studies, Information Technology, Mathematics; Kaye D. Design, Information Technology; Kent J. English, History, Psychology; Kristiansen I. Biology, Chemistry, Geography; Lande R. Health and Social Care, Psychology; Leonard N. Biology, Chemistry, Geography; Lomax K. Art, English, History; Lunt M. Chemistry, General Studies, Mathematics, Physics; Manley H. Biology, English, Psychology; Mcardle H. Art, Media Studies, Psychology; Moncar H. Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics; Murphy A. Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics; Owen D. Business Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics; Pickering J. Art, History, Religious Education; Pierce R. Biology, General Studies, Mathematics, Psychology; Pike M. Geography, Mathematics; Potter D. General Studies, History, Mathematics, Psychology; Richardson A. Art, General Studies, History; Rigby M. Further Mathematics, Geography, General Studies, Mathematics, Physics; Rimmer M. Biology, Chemistry, Geography; Routledge D. Chemistry, Further Mathematics, General Studies, Mathematics, Physics; Selby C. Health and Social Care, Theatre Studies; Shires E. Theatre Studies; Smart C. Geography, General Studies, History, Psychology; Smith K. Business Studies, Economics, Geography, General Studies; Smitton H. Health and Social Care; Stammers J. Business Studies, Economics, Geography, General Studies; Sullivan C. Art, Design, Mathematics, Physics; Sutton L. Media Studies, Theatre Studies; Taylor P. Art, Geography, General Studies, Mathematics; Teffer E. English, Psychology, Religious Education; Thomson L. Media Studies, Psychology, Theatre Studies; Thomson J. Geography, Media Studies; Tong S. Design, General Studies, Mathematics, Physics; Tuft S. General Studies, History, Physical Education, Information Technology (AS), Mathematics (AS); Tuppen R. Art, Business, Design; Underwood A. Business Studies, Design, English; Valjalo D. Art, English, Media Studies; Vine D. Business Studies, General Studies, Information Technology, Mathematics; Walsh C. Art, English, Geography, General Studies, History; Wooder T. Business Studies, Economics, General Studies, History; Wright S. General Studies, Information Technology, Media Studies; Yarnell E. Health and Social Care.

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Rachel AKINS, BST, Dr/TS, GS, GP; Sarah Jane ARMSTRONG, BS, GS, GP, RSt*, Natalie ASHKAR, ELI*, GS*, GP*, H*, M*, Abigail ATTWOOD, B*, C*, GS*, P*, Julia BISHOP, GS*, G*, GP*, Sp*, Octavia BLACKBURN, B*, C*, GS*, P*, M*, AEA-Chemistry - Distinction, AEA-Physics-Merit, Jennifer BOND, Dr/TS, ELL, GS, H, Sarah BOX, BS, GS, RSt, Emma BURLEIGH, BS, GS, Sp,CLC, Geraldine BUTTERWORTH, ELL, GS*, H*, CLC*, Hannah CHALKLEY, Dr/TS, GS, Jane CLEWETT, ELL*, GS, GP, H, L*, Sarah COOKSON, BS, GS, H, RSt, Rebecca COONEY, BS, F*, GS, Sp*, Ambre CROSS, GS, GP*, P, HEc, Sophie DALY, A Des*, B, G*, Philippa DANIELS, GS, GP, H,CLC, Robyn DONALDSON, Dr/TS*, ELI, GS,CLC, Ting-Ting DONG, A Des*, GS, P*, M*, Annabelle DONOVAN, GS, G, GP, H, Louise DORAN, BS, C, GS*, M, Charlotte ELLIS, B*, C*, GS*, P, M, Victoria EVANS, GS, G*, GP*, H, Kate FELLOWS, BS*, GS*, G*, GP*, RSt*, Alexandra FOY, Dr/TS*, ELI, GS, H*, Hannah GIBSON LAPSLEY, B*, C*, GS*, G*, Alexandra GOLDREIN, F*, GS, H*, Sp*, Naomi REDRUP GREEN, GS*, GP*, P, M, Sarah HARDING, B, C, GS, G*, Jessica HARGREAVES, B, RSt, CLC, Beth HARRIS, BS*, GS, H*,CLC*, Samantha HELSBY, GS, H, L,CLC, Victoria HOLGATE, B*, GS, H,CLC, Dalia ISKANDER, B*, GS, H*, CLC*, Anna JACKSON, B, C*, GS, M*, Tija KING, GS, GP*, RSt, CLC, Kirsty LIGERTWOOD, F*, GS, H*, MUS, Kate LITTLER, B, C*, GS*, G*, Sophie LUDLOW, B*, C, GS*, GP*, Rachel MARANTO, B*, BS*, GS*, GP*, H*, Antonia MARTIN-WRIGHT, ELL, GS, G*, RSt*, Emma McCABE, BS*, GS, GP*, H, Alexandra McCREADY, ELI*, GS*, H*, CLC*, Rebecca McGREAL, C, GS, G*, P, B(AS), Laura McLAUGHLIN, Dr/TS, GS, MUS, M, Siobhan MORGAN, Dr/TS, GS, H, CLC, Charlotte NAIDOO, B*, C*, GS * G*, P*, Shelley NAUGHTON, BS, GS, H*, CLC, Rachel O'CONNOR, A Des*, BS*, GS, G*, Lucinda O'DONOVAN, ELI*, GS, GP*, RSt*, CLC*, Lyndsey O'HARE, BS, GS, GP, CLC, Rachael O'HARE, ELI*, F*, GS, H*, Lyndsey PARKER, B*, ELL*, GS, G*, Lucy PATTISON, GS, G, H, CLC, Helen PEMBERTON, B, C, GS, G*, Sarah PETTICAN, B*, C*, GS, P, Emma PHELAN, ELL*, GS, H, CLC, Amy PLANCHE, GS, GP, RSt, CLC, Molly RALPHS, BS, GS, P, M, Laura ROBERTSHAW, BS, GS, CLC, M, Saba SADIK, ELI, GS, GP, CLC, Hanna SAIL, BS, F*, GS, Sp*, Mandy SEDDON, GS, GP, CLC, PE, Neha SHARMA, B*, C*, GS, G*, Emma SHONE, B, C, GS, H, Emma SIDEBOTHAM, C, GS, G*, CLC, Rachael SIMMS, GP, H, Sp, Shilpi SINHA, B*, C*, GS, P*,  Vicky SIZE, Dr/TS*, ELI, GS, RSt*, Victoria STAPLEY, B, C, GS, P, M, Tracy TAI, C, GS, M, Victoria TYNDALL, B*, C, GS, G*, Natalie UNSWORTH, GS, RSt, Sp*, PE*,  Emily WEINDLING, B*, C*, GS*, P*, Rosemary WHITLOCK, B*, Dr/TS*, ELI, GS, Yusra KHOGEER, Arabic*.



This year's results are among the best on record, probably reflecting national trends, but also from a largely very able set of girls. The number of A grades is certainly well above any previous record with 50% of subject entries, excluding General Studies, being awarded the highest grade. The accumulative percentage of A and B grades of 71% was only bettered in 1999.

Five girls gained five A grades:-

Natalie Ashkar * Politics Octavia Blackburn * Chemistry Kate Fellows Charlotte Naidoo
Rachel Maranto * Business Studies

A further six girls gained four A grades:-

Abi Attwood; Julia Bishop; Hannah Gibson Lapsley * Geography, * Chemistry; Alex McCready; Lucinda O'Donovan; Emily Weindling

* denotes one of the top 5 marks from the AQA Board.

Sixty of the 75 candidates met the offer from their first choice university with a further five being accepted despite dropping a grade. 

A level results for Roby Sixth form College

The college has achieved its overall highest pass rate ever as students notched up a 96 percent pass rate with a further improvement for fourteen subjects gaining a totality pass rate of 100 percent. 

This was further emphasised as the college was keep to express its results for the widest range of courses in Merseyside as it gained a 90 percent pass rate over nineteen subjects as the college improves from strength to strength.

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