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10 JAN 2002

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'Loosely' based on the incident a few years ago where an Air Force pilot (LT Scott O'Grady) was shot down over enemy territory and later rescued US forces, this film has other than that no other similarities.  This film has a maverick pilot LT Burnett who is played by Owen Wilson.   Although somewhat predictable, the action was non-stop and full of suspense it tends to get monotones and at times reminds me of countless other films that have been made. Their is also a very good advert for Sky News imbedded with in the film.  As most of Wilson's  previous films have been light hatred comedy, the result is quite surprising.   He comes over well as an all-around normal guy thrust in an unusual situation by his job, and not some muscular action-hero that would have no problem in a situation like Arnold Swasnigger.  His light hearted comedy side does come in in places, but often with very dry affect.  For an example on the Flight deck with the Rugby Ball, he is seen setting it off into the air with a catapult and trying to catch it.  I very suppressed that used UK Pop music for a lot of the film, as the US film industry normally uses music written just for a film or music that has been made by a US band.  Also I did think it made the images feel out of place when at one stage a song came on with the words Devon in!  this film is grate for plane spotters  in places, but no where near like Top Gun and it tries to hard to say to much.  It got a two star rating from my self and the three others who went with me to see it.  Others in the cinema who I asked gave it only one star!  Over all most agreed two stars out of five, so that is our verdict!

Voices, first credits only:- Owen Wilson as Lt. Chris Burnett, Gene Hackman as Adm. Reigart, Gabriel Macht as Stackhouse, Charles Malik Whitfield as Rodway, Joaquim de Almeida as Piquet, David Keith as Capt. O'Malley, Olek Krupa as Lokar, Vladimir Mashkov as The Tracker, Marko Igonda as Bazda, Eyal Podell as Petty Officer Kennedy, Geoffrey Pierson as Admiral Donnelly, Aernout Van Lynden as Himself, Sam Jaeger as Red Crown Operator 1, Shane Johnson as Red Crown Operator 2 and  Don Winston as Red Crown Operator 3                                                                       Film Review by Patrick Trollope.

Film Age Rating In The UK
                     Tagline:- In War There Are Some Lines You Should Never Cross. 
 Our verdict 2 stars out of five stars.
Running Time:- 105 mins              
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