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Fox and Goose Rock Fest!

Nof8 started the weekend with a bang that lasted nearly 3 days!

Bringing a new meaning to boy bands with attitude these teenagers kicked some serious ***.  The Fox rocked loudly and the sound proofing was really put to the test.  So good were the boys that the crowd wanted more so we pleased them by fitting in a small set on Saturday and also Monday Night.  Nof8 were then followed by another teenage dirt bag ensemble, insantum who had the crowds jumping around the tightly packed pit.

Our headlining bands of the night cancelled out last minute (MORE FOOL THEM!) but they were not missed with bands fighting to get a slot.  The place was hot and sweaty, just as we like it.  The mosh pit was full, heads were banging and beer was getting drunk like it was the end of the world!  DJ's Greebo and Lucius kept us all rocking through the band gaps and got the crowd built up to a frenzy with the promise of yet more ear deafening sound the next day.

Sunday was a 11am opening, a bit slower than usual, as we all felt worse for wear after Friday, but the first band kicked off an hour late.  So that didn't matter and it did not stop DJ Psycho from getting everyone in the mood with his mix of rock, metal, punk and ska, oh not forgetting a bit of thrash and forgetting the one pop song!

Godzukie started with a nice bit of melodic hardcore punk!  Already a big fav with regulars here they got a big turn out, even though most would normally be still in bed!  Pike followed with some classic punk, not wanting to be out done by the kids, the volume was louder and well rocking the floor.

Good punk still lives on and Pike proves that with their hour set, covering classics as well as their own.  They brought along with them a band called Duckhunt, again more teenagers out to prove us right, but this time with a bit of ska/punk.

Then the day just got louder and louder and they don't get much louder than Acheron! So heavy was the drums that the drummer put his foot in it, literally!  Heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More metal followed with Split Level Head (formally D-bug) who brought a new meaning to scary!!  The crowds went wild!  Bodies were being slung from end to end of the pit, by now even the walls were sweating!!!  The atmosphere was added to by smoke coming from the nearby 7 foot Coffin that was next to the stage.

The crowd changed from a younger one to an older one, usually into old school but none let disappointed.  Then there came a twist in the form of Dagmars.  They had travelled all the way from Scotland for the rock fest with an American singer called Matt.  They rock-abillied us all with pure Americana!  People were swinging from railings and dancing with strangers.  I had doubted whether they would go down well, but when they did Led Zep the doubts vanished better than the smoke did!

The theme for the evening was "Rocky Horror" and the customers showed their enthusiasm by dressing up, as did the staff and me the licensee.  The scariest point of the evening had to be Jester who was next.  (Or was it the 35 vampires playing upstairs . . . Patrick will tell you more on that one another time!) 

On stage they went in their usual long leather coats, but this time they took them off........... Stripping down to reveal basques, fishnets and false boobs!   They did some of their own songs and some good old oldies like Pour Some Sugar on Me, and I'm Just a Sweet Transvestite from the "Rocky Horror Show" soundtrack to which unaware (or so they say) the assistant manager walked out in a French maids outfit complete with fishnets and suspenders and Para boots!

The evening finished with reprisals from Godzukie, complete with film crew and thrash Metal band the Drowning Formula.  Doors closed at 12.30am few hours kip and off again!


The fun started again after a delay due to the first band doing a no-show!  Bride of Frank entertained us with their witty lyrics to some stomping punk/rock pop style music such as "I have only one testicle coz I didn't wash them so ......................."

DJ Lord Starker kept the energy alive coz we were all showing signs of drooping where we stood.  The mosh pit began to look like a burial pit with bodies slumped everywhere (maybe the vampires should have come!)   The Drowning Formula went on to a smaller crowd, but those who were standing must have been the one's guilty of drinking all the red bull!!! Loud Brash and in your ears where were you went...

Saving some of the best to last Gi went on.  Having begged me to play on numerous occasions they gave us really good show, not sure of the genre we came up with our own for them nu-grock!  Nu rock and Grunge!  WOW!!!!!  And these boys knew they were good!

Sunday finished with a little Sunday service from Diamanthian (phew I spelt it right at last!) Hard, Heavy, Thrashy, Loud Metal, but thrown around the pub.  At least they were here!

Compared to and proved to be better than some big bands these are definately worth looking out for in the future!

Fox and Goose resurrected!  What more do I say, but see you all next Halloween!

The Fox and Goose, Southport has bandnights on every Friday night and sometimes through the week and is becoming one of the best places to play in the North West, with bands such as Carm Insanity playing regularly and Skinflick and PSST playing soon.

Contact Mandi on 01704 501 894 for more information. 

Article by Mandi

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