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Southport News - Issued on the 30th July 2001

Extra entertainment was on offer on the Streets of Southport as two groups collectors were on the town this weekend. The RSPCA rep. on the right in Clown costume and on the left, tourists look at the organ, and flea circus of the National Home Finders for Retired, Injured and Abandoned Greyhounds.
Article by Editor Patrick Trollope.
The local churches in Southport had their youth leaders out on the streets.  "We are out to promote God and Christianity.  We are from all over Southport and the event we are promoting is to being held over the 29th to the 31st in a tent on Mornington Road, next to Southport College.  The idea is to bring unity between the churches and denominations through out Southport."  Gill Bennety 18 years old from Southport.
Happy Birthday!

It's your Birthday, Mark from Formby.  45 Love from your son!

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A friendly face from Turners moves on and staff at Turners, PCBT Photography and Southport GB say "Good Luck." Drop us an email soon and let us know how you are.
Fire Strike Ends?
Article by Editor Patrick Trollope.
Monday the 23rd back out but not for long. (Above)
The Fire Strike ended on this week with the Merseyside Fire Brigade Chief and the firefighters reaching a compromise.

A statement about the Fire Chief was made by a local politician "He is supposed to serve the community, but he doesn't listen to what they want.  This is not good management surely? We need to get rid of this guy." Cllr Barry Griffiths, quoted in the Champion.  

"We are pleased to have come to an agreeable solution and we thank the public for their support." Said a Firefighter.
With the Green Goddesses having been called out to 470 incidents over Merseyside during the fire strike, can we let this happen again?  Voice your views on the chat room about this and other matters in the news.

Picketers out again.

On a wet Monday morning, UNISON picketers where out again.  Picture here  in front of the Hesketh Centre.  "S.O.S. Save our Services" were on their lips.
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Film review:-  Jurassic Park 3.

 A rescue mission that has a kidnapping that goes badly wrong. Well, it is predictable. I cannot see how this film has survived. Not content with the last film, Spielberg does it again, but true to form, on a bigger scale, just as stupid and like 2 a sheer disaster.  The only good part is the graphics, but they are now old hat and do not dazzle you.  This prehistoric film story plot that has been reborn, will make you fall asleep.  Not even the new species in this film can stop from becoming yet another Police Academy style sequel.  With bad and blatant rip offs from other films, the bad humour and the endless storyline comes to a very unsatisfactory ending. Just like the last film.


Sorry, just dozed off.  Even the children in the audience were saying it was the worst film in the series.  The plot sees a mother and father trying to rescue their son from the clutches of the Jurassic monsters.  They leave this sequel with a lead on for yet another film! Guesses at what the next film will start with. The ending reminds me of an opening sequence in a classic B movie called "Q, The Wings Serpent". Even Lara Croft is better than this film!  I am not even going to state why I gave this 0 in a summary.   

Congratulations. This is the first to get 0 stars!

Cast, well voices overview, first credits only:- Not even going to bother.

Did anyone out there enjoy it?

Rating PG

 Our verdict 0 stars out of five stars.


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