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Men's mental health Kickstarter launched for new short film

kickstarter campaign has been launched to produce a short film about men's mental health. Filmmaker Sai Karan Talwar's debut short, Ghanimah, received critical acclaim; winning multiple awards at top film festivals globally; and his next profound masterpiece, What Men Do For Love, needs your help.

What Men Do For Love aims to highlight the danger of a broken male ego, whilst delving into the fragility of a man's state of mind in today's pressured society. It follows the story of 2 different men from different walks of life; 1 the victim of infidelity and the other the culprit who has inflicted it upon him.

The short film is about love, loss, male mental health and ego; told through 2 men who are very different but in some ways the same. The film is due to be shot over the summer of 2023, with £10,000 required for all costs by 31 May 2023, and will be showcased at major film festivals internationally throughout:- 2024 and 2025.

Sai Karan Talwar's debut short film, Ghanimah, won best film at the New Delhi Film Festival and was a Finalist for the Remi Award, at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. Its USA premiere will be taking place at the LA Asian Film Festival (LA Film Festivals) very soon and will also be showcased at the DWF in Hollywood. Its UK Premiere was at the 25th UK Asian Film Festival at the BFI.

This next project features a multi award winning team including:- Producer Adi Alfa, from Liverpool, Director Of Photography Eric Myers and Art Director Louis Lasa-Tarbuck. With the help of the public who donate to the kickstarter, the team can produce a masterpiece of substance and heart about love, the current state of masculinity and men's mental health that will have a penetrating impact.

Sai Karan Talwar said:- "The reception for our 1st production as a team was immense; even greater than anticipated. Ghanimah, a hard-hitting story about a young British Muslim who signed up to the British Army, went down a storm at film festivals and was very impactful; making the audience think and question things. That's what we aim to do as filmmakers; create something that has a social impact and makes the audience think and feel. Our next production will be equally as powerful and impactful; we're looking to the general public for help to get this work of art out and make a difference; any donation will be most appreciated."

Award winning filmmaker Sai Karan Talwar is looking to raise £10,000 in order to produce his next masterpiece, What Men Do For Love. The short film highlights the issue of love and men's mental health and masculinity in today's society in a powerful and impactful way.

To donate to this kickstarter, (deadline 31 May 2023) please click onto:- KickStarter.Com.

Ratflation - Councils tackled 618 rodent infestations a day in 2022

LOCAL Authorities dealt with 225,430 rodent infestations in 2022, equivalent to 618 per day, according to new research from Direct Line Home Insurance. There has been a significant rise in residential rodent infestations in the last 2 years, increasing 12% from 201,871 infestations (552 per day) in 2020.

The research found that each Local Authority spent an average of £101,044 dealing with residential rodent infestations. In total, local Authorities could be spending an estimated £36 million tackling rodent infestations each year2. 19% of local Authorities provide pest control services to residents for free. For those households that don't qualify for discounts, Councils typically charged £80 for pest control related services.

Rodents can cause significant structural damage to homes by gnawing under floorboards, within stud walls and drywall linings, or by making holes in loft insulation which can cause condensation and rot in the joists. If mice and rats chew through plastic pipes it can also lead to damp, or flooding whilst chewing through electrical cables could cause significant fire risks. Some rodents also carry diseases such as Salmonella and Listeria, which can easily spread to humans, normally through rodent urine, droppings, or by coming into contact with food preparation areas.

Table one: Local Authorities dealing with the most infestations:-

Rank Local Authorities 2021 2022 y/o/y change
1 City and County of Swansea 15,516 16,767 8%
2 Southwark Council 8,761 16,664 90%
3 Birmingham City Council 14,464 12,736 -12%
4 Liverpool City Council 12,032 10,373 -14%
5 City of Glasgow 7,894 10,323 31%
6 Sunderland City Council 3,232 5,968 85%
7 Wigan Metropolitan Borough 5,382 4,715 -12%
8 North Lanarkshire Council 3,469 4,462 29%
9 London Borough of Lambeth 3,246 3,645 12%
10 Nottingham City Council 4,115 3,573 -13%

Source:- Direct Line Home Insurance 2023...

The City and County of Swansea dealt with the most residential rodent infestations in 2022, a total of 16,767. Southwark Council and Birmingham were the 2nd and 3rd busiest Councils, in 2022, dealing with 16,665 and 12,736 infestations respectively. Eastbourne Council saw the highest increase in rodent infestations in 2022 with 598, up from 208, in 2021 (a significant 188% increase). London Borough Councils dealt with 40,768 infestations, in 2022; 18% of the total for the UK.

1 estimate suggests there are now 150 million rats in the UK. Some 'super rats' are now resistant to traditional pest control methods and can grow to be as big as a cat.

Dan Simson, Head of Direct Line Home Insurance, said:- "Mice and rats pose a real risk to the home and people's health. They take advantage of issues like broken pipes, slipped roof tiles or holes in skirting to gain access to a property, often causing serious damage to the structural integrity of a building or belongings. We recommend that anyone with an infestation contacts either their local Authority or an extermination service to have it taken care of professionally."

Ian Andrew, Chief Executive at the British Pest Control Association, commented:- "Rodents are a serious public health pest and they have rapid breeding cycles, which means infestations require swift action as they can escalate quickly. Unfortunately, being unable to afford pest control increases the likelihood of people either ignoring infestations or attempting DIY pest control methods, which can make the issue worse and endanger other people or non-target species. A pest professional such as a BPCA member will have the technical knowledge and experience required to deal with an infestation quickly and safely, as well as having access to products not available to the public. Pest management is vital for maintaining the safety, health and wellbeing of people, so it would be great to see something in the UK like the proactive approach New York City are taking, with the appointment of a 'rat tsar.'"

To help homeowners prevent pest invasions, Direct Line Home Insurance has provided the following 5 tips:-

  • Keep refuse bins sealed: Avoid attracting rodents to your property in the 1st place by keeping all rubbish bins containing food waste properly sealed, clearing away garden waste and by using rodent safe bird feeders.

  • Keep surfaces clean: Rodents are drawn to food debris so wiping down surfaces regularly, clearing up food spillages and throwing away uneaten food will help to prevent unwanted visitors.

  • Fill cracks and crevasses:- Many rodents are crafty at finding entry routes into the home. Prevent them from getting in by sealing gaps around doors and windows. Also block holes above or under the sink as many pests will use this area to gain access to water.

  • Seal food: Store food in safe and enclosed containers to prevent rodents from being tempted to visit your home.

  • Avoid clutter:- Rodents love hiding in dark areas so keep the home clutter free to remove opportunities for them to set up a home in your house.

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