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Edition No. 139

Date:- 14 February 2004

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Media Blunder Dismays Southport Group

NATIONAL and local media tattletale horrified Southport scout group, the 55th Birkdale Scouts earlier this week. The reports were about a rescue on the 7 February in the Lake District.

Unfortunately early reports in the week in the other newspapers miss named the Scout group involved at the rescue at Priest hole and we were asked to run this letter from one of our readers to clear up the problem. 

Group leader Nick Morris said:- "I want to make it clear to everyone that despite the story in the Liverpool Echo (and in the Post), the 55th Southport is not involved directly or indirectly in these events, and that no member of the Group was in the Lake District at the weekend.”

As for the group who was involved, they were all safely rescue. The youngsters and adults, aged between 11 and 24, were picked up by an RAF helicopter after mountain rescue volunteers were called out February 7 at night. 

They had intended to spend the night in a cave on the 2,000ft Dove Crag, but became trapped in heavy snow and gales. The mountain rescue team said:- "The wisdom of taking a group of children out in these conditions, at night, does have to be questioned. The weather was should have been no surprise. The Met Office had been issue weather warnings for the previous 36 hours. If the helicopter hadn't managed to evacuate so many of the group at the first attempt, then the rescue would have been considerably more complicated.

It is worth noting two 'firsts' during this rescue... 

One:- Our Landrover overtook a Porche (OK, so it (the Porche) was sliding backwards down Kirkstone Pass on the snow at the time. 
Two:- a number of team members managed to walk uphill faster than the helicopter. This was due to it was having great difficulty making progress into the wind and very poor visibility” 

Inspector Paul Kisack, of Cumbria Police, said:- "It was an incredibly dangerous time to be in the mountains, especially with the weather the way it was. These mountains can be very dangerous, especially for young children. None of the group needed hospital treatment, but they were lucky.” 

The Scout Association says lessons will be learned from the dramatic rescue. 

Police are questioning the leaders of the group to ensure safety procedures were adhered to.

Arthritis becoming more common in UK
ARTHRITIS is a huge, underestimated problem in the UK. It’s the second most common cause of days off work, and more than 7 million people are affected by painful joint and bone conditions.

With so many different types – 200 at last count. The most well known are Rheumatoid and Osteoarthiritis, but did you know that back pain, osteoporosis, lupus, and fibromyalgia fall under the umbrella term arthritis? And although few people have even heard of conditions like ankylosing spondylitis, vasculitis, and polymyalgia rheumatica they can be severe, painful, and like most kinds of arthritis, have no cure.

With so many misconceptions abound about arthritis. Many conceive the illness as something that only affects elderly people and a minor ailment. But children and young men and women can be crippled by it too.

Research carried out in the UK by the medical research charity Arthritis Research Campaign, has enabled better drug treatments are now available with joint replacement surgery offers the chance of a pain-free for older sufferers.

The research has proved that simple measures such as taking cod liver oil can help people with osteoarthritis. Contrary to popular belief, regular exercise and keeping moving is much better for people’s stiff, aching joints, than resting up.

Here are the answers for the Lambrini competition.
Question 1:- Fun.
Question 2:- A (40) 
Question 3:- A (Halewood International)
Question 4:- C (Lambrini)

Well done to Angela Wheeler of Southport for getting all the answers correct. 

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