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Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Welcome to Southport Reporter 

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter


Who owns the site...  Contrary to the popular myth, we are not Southport.GB.Com, we are not the Visitor, we are not the Champion, nor the Liverpool Echo....    We are an independent group, run by Patrick Trollope BA(Hons) LBPPA called PCBT Photography.  
A QUICK introduction...   Our main driving force was to produce a online newspaper that incorporated a cross reference section, historical information, music and video, to give locals and visitors alike a new experience of our local news.  We also wanted to make a news resource that is environmentally friendly, so this is  what we came up with.... 

We are a professional media group called PCBT Photography, operating mainly in the UK.  The service you see now was set up 1999 in a far more rag tag way.  It went through quite a few changes and by 2000 we teamed up with anouther local web page Southport.GB.Com, as a way of helping promote the area and each others sites.   Our site and their site grew far quicker than anticipated and the results are what you can see now.   

By 2001 we had moved further away from SGB and the name Southport Reporter was finally decided upon in 2001 after a year long debate.  By 2002 the sites name was trade marked, due to the huge interest it had produced.   Our main aim was to use Southport as our test bed and then expand the site to cover the all of Merseyside.  This has lead on to the formation of Mersey Reporter.    Mersey Reporter was set up in 2003 is now the group home of all the sites connected with Southport Reporter,  like Liverpool Reporter, our online radio station set up in 2004.   Mersey Reporter also holds all the advertisements that you see across our site and all the event listings for the who of the North West.  Not forgetting cinema showing times, useful phone numbers as well as other useful information.  We also have a large historical reference section.  Our back dated editions are also kept on Mersey Reporter and can be accessed via any of the sites.

Well not as quick an introduction as it could be, we will work on it.... promise....  

SO WHAT DO WE COVER?  We cover any event that affects Merseyside, not just events that happen in Southport, it is a regional paper not just a local one!  The site is aimed at showing what the area is really like.    It is run just the same as any other traditional hard copy newspaper, running to the same rules and regulations, the same deadlines.  We aim at producing a high standard of delivery that is objective and aim to cover as many interests as possible.      

Just some of the events we cover....    Southport Weekender,  The Mersey River Festival, The Manchester Commonweal games, just a few examples.

A few names that we have interviews and photographed....  Atomic Kitten, the Osmonds, Suzan Vega, Chris Rea... and that's just a few names from the music industry...  lots more stars and bigger names have been on here....

Take a look for your self...

WE hope you enjoy the service we offer.  Please remember that we are constantly changing and improving it, so if you have any suggestions or want us to add a section, please email us at 
PLEASE note that letters in italic and underlined are links to out side sites.  We can not be responsible for their content, but if they are troublesome, please let us know and we will take a look.  If it is deem a problem, we will remove the link.
REMEMBER  if you like the site, please let us know.   Also it is your newspaper, we might own it but it is run for you!  So if you have any news tell us about it by email or by phoning us on 01704 513 569.   If you have an event we will add it to the event listing for FREE.  our aim is to help promote the area, so let us know who and what we can do for you.


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