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07 Feb 2002

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Excel Lads Night!


Most people who know us, know that we normally hate this type of night, but I was talked into going to see what it was all about. One of my female friends said  “Go and see. You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

I turned up to be greeted by the owners, who in turn introduced me to the four young ladies, who where going to strut their stuff and lap dance the night away. I have to say that I was very surprised to find them very friendly and sociable towards me,  being a photographer and a journalist!  The young ladies are very nice people and on told me “We do this as we enjoy it and it gives us some cash.” I have to say I personally felt uncomfortable at first, but as the night went on, the fact that scantily clad ladies where about was not very apparent at all. It was more like a normal night's atmosphere!  Looking at my old expectations of this type of night, I have to say now my views are changing.  After speaking to the girls and seeing for myself, it has made my take a  fresh look at my prejudices. I am very surprised to say that my views are a tad less rigid now. One of the punters, who was female had come along for a night out, not knowing it was a "Lads Night". She said “Its not a problem with me. I think it is a bit of harmless fun for the lads. It is the young ladies dancing who really exploit the lads, not the other way around!” I have to say after seeing for myself, she had a point. A female who works on the bar also said "Its only a laugh, I am not offended.  This is not because I work on the bar that I am saying that, it is just that I genuinely  am not offended and cannot see any harm in it." 
This was not the night for me, but still I did have fun, most of the time chatting, as usual, to people around the bar. I have to say it was an experience that has opened my eyes and I
would recommend it to others of both sexes to see. It was not done in a provocative fashion, nor in an 'in your face' manner that is very tasteful. This was well-managed, “clean” fun  but at the same time always  discreet.  It was more  jocular than serious, but I know the cynics will say, “I am a lad.”   I do however have to add that this would make a very good night out for a stag night! Ladies, I have heard plans are afoot for you lot as well, so it might make a good night out for hen nights.  Watch this space! 
I have to say though I won't go to another, but this is not to say the night was bad or wrong, it was OK for me as a one off, as a eye opener.  Other people will like this type of night more often and this is now set as a regular night at the club!

My views have changed and if nights like this one are handled like this one was, it does not do any harm at all. 

This will shock most people who know me!

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