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07 March 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Labour party holds its North West conference in Southport
Labour in Southport for Regional Conference Politicians and members from across the region gathered in Southport (Floral Hall) to attend the Labour Party's North West Regional Conference.
Around three hundred delegates and visitors arrived to take part in the bi-annual conference. 
Delegates were given their chance to grill the politicians when health minister, Hazel Blears, education minister, Ivan Lewis and home office minister, Bev Hughes, took to the stage for a question and answer session on the state of the public services. 
Also high on the agenda was a document looking at the possibility of directly elected regional government for the North West. The Government is to shortly launch a White Paper on regional devolution and delegates took the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the issue. 
As well as a unique, social occasion, the conference helps to formulate national Labour party policy. 
A Labour Party spokesmen said:- 
"We are delighted to be back in Southport and back at the Floral Hall. The conference has been a huge success and our delegates have really enjoyed Southport's hospitality"
One question asked to the MP's was "When will we have the guts and the will to sort the tax system out" 
MP Derek Twigg's reply "Steven Byers wants a more fair tax system put in place" 

On hand were Hazel Blears, Ivan Lewis, Derek Twigg and Southport Labour Party's fundraisers plus Helen Jones MP for Warringhton North. Junior Health Minister Hazel Blears, who are pictured by Phil on the news forum page.
First report above by Phil Rodwel and photographs on the page by Patrick Trollope.       
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The Euro 
was in Southport
During the conference, the Britain in Europe group showed off the Euro to interested Labour party members.  As of yet the Euro has not hit Southport, but already shops here and businesses are looking at using it in every day usage.  The only businesses who are using it are ones who would have had to use other currencies anyway.  
Gary Arthurs, Regional Organizer for North West in Europe group said, "The Conference was a great success and we signed up dozens of new supporters for both ourselves & our sister organization,  the European Movement. Like the general public, Labour Party activists are increasingly alive to the fact that Britain's future prosperity lies in sharing the common currency. People can see we will pay the price of isolation in lost jobs, lost trade, lost investment and 
higher prices."  
I discovered the design of the E symbol was inspired by the Greek letter epsilon, harking back to Classical times and the cradle of European civilization. The symbol also refers to the first letter of the word "Europe". The two parallel lines indicate the stability of the Euro. The front of each coin has the same design for all 12 countries in the Euro area. The reverse side displays different designs for each country, created by their own national artists. All coins can be used anywhere in the Euro area.

On 1 January 2002, seven banknotes were introduced in 12 Member States of the European Union.  On the front of the banknotes, windows and gateways symbolize the European spirit of openness and co-operation. The 12 stars of the European Union represent the dynamism and harmony between European nations.  To complement these designs, the reverse of each banknote features a bridge. The bridges symbolize the close co-operation and communication between Europe and the rest of the world.
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Feel look
to stop counterfeiting the euro bank notes have  hologram foil stripe, iridescent stripe, colour-shifting ink and “raised” print making the notes very hard to copy.  Even the Euro coins are produced according to advanced technical specifications that make reproduction extremely difficult and easy to detect. 

For more information on the Euro go to:- and also
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