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Date:- 16 April 2007

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Miss Southport 2007
Photographs by Patrick Trollope.

NOT only is she a high flyer she has just been awarded this years Miss Southport 2007 title. So who is she?

The Miss Southport of 2007 is Chloe Davies, who is aged 20 and comes from New Brighton. Chloe day job takes her off the ground each day she works as a stewardess for Easy Jet and often works out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. She is a friendly, lively and very bubbly young lady, who looks a million dollars. We found here to be very level headed and very open with people. The title has not gone to her head. In some ways she is not a typical model as she is not out spoken and shy at times. Our editor Patrick was amused in some ways to find her stumped when he took her in to the town centre and she found the reaction of the public was one off respect towards her. At one point she managed tremendously to cover up her sight embarrassment when a young girl came over to ask her for information and to congratulate her. “I was not expecting this attention” she commented after to Patrick.

Chloe's mum told us that:- "I don't quite know what made her have the idea that has lead her down this path. I am so pleased that she has been picked to enter the Miss England contest. I always new she was good looking, but this is quite something different. It is not just me, her mother, saying it.”

We asked her mum why she thought Chloe had entered the Miss Southport contest? “I think it might be down to hear boyfriend, who DJ's every week at Southport's Lloyds Bar on Lord Street. His father is a photographer. He like many others photographers have all commented on how photogenic she is. He has also used her for a few photo shoots, as to have a few other photographers she id friends with over the last year. Her Myspace page has a fantastic picture of her, taken by her boyfriends farther on Southport beach. I think this interest must have given her the confidence to enter the Miss England heats. I was shocked though when she told me that she was going to enter. Up to this year she has never showed any real interest in modelling. I think this is fantastic, that she that the confidence to do this.

Chloe has already been photographed by OK Magazine and also for a few local papers, but entering Miss England is such a massive step. I know she is enjoying all the fuss and in my view she deserves it. She works so hard and tries very hard to help others along the way. It is nice to see her being re-warded in some way by life."

We then put the predictable question to Chloe. What was it like to enter and win? "The competition was fun to enter. The night did not get the same amount of coverage as last years though, but I can not complain. I have never done anything like it and I might never get the chance again, so I am just enjoying every minute of it.

It is a very nice feeling, but it felt hard to know what to do. I remember the result being read out and feeling lost as I did not know who to talk to. I had so many friends and relatives congratulating me all at once, I did not want to offend anyone by not accumulating them. That and the shock of winning mixed with a sense of pride and a warm glow. It is hard to explain exactly what it felt like. In all it is a strange mixture of emotions"

We asked did any one sound stand out after your name was read out? "I think was my brother’s hoots of support. He is 18, and I think he was the loudest when I won. That will be in my head for ever. It felt so nice to see him looking so proud at me."

Our editor asked her what it feels like modelling:- “I know you have done some work your self. Ok, it was connected with your course work at university, but I think you can relate to what I am trying to say. It is a strange feeling as you know people are looking at you and you want to know what they think. Then again you do not want to know as you think it might be bad. You have to keep your composure and just concentrate on the job you are doing and not the people around you. That is a very hard thing to do. It is both fun and nerve racking at the same time. Modelling is very time consuming and tiring. It takes a lot out of you, yet to passers by it looks so easy and none demanding. I have only just started, but I don’t want to sound bad when I say this, but in my view it is true. You have to have good support behind you to build up your self confidence and only then, when you have the confidence, can you think about doing modelling. If you do not have confidence, the job would be far to demanding emotionally as well as physically.”

Patrick then said:- “I have done quite a few fashions shows and theatre shoots over the years I have been doing press photography. One thing that gets me is the way models and actors tend to be, off stage, when working. I will never forget doing my first major fashion event, being asked to take pictures back stage. I walked through a mass of young ladies and lads all nude or in underwear as people changing their cloths and did their hair. As that happened TV and other photographers, back stage staff, hair dresses and other people walked around and the models did not even flinch. Ever since then I have seen it time after time. It always makes me nerves just walking into that type of environment. Do you feel you would have the confidence and the ability to do what those models do?”  Chloe answered “Yes, I think I would. I think it would be down to the confidence in the people around you more that in your self. You don’t have time to think about it, I guess. You would also know that everyone back stage has a job to do and would be concentrating on their jobs and not you. On fashion shows you have to change quickly, some times not only your cloths, shoes, but also your hair style and makeup, so you would not expect to be able to hide a way and change.”

Out next question lead was related to the general view about models in the UK. ...continued...


...continued...Our view was that most people think of modelling work is Page 3 style work. Often that views of the UK, we think, lead models to think about doing nude glamour work for magazines like Nuts, Zoo and other lad’s mags. We wanted to know how she feels about that type of modelling? “Sorry to disappoint the lads, but it is just not me. I don’t knock the girls who do that style of work, but for me, I’m a keeping my kit on! Not only have that, but the rules of the competition stated that I can not do nude work. I know that there is a huge amount of cash in it for the girls who do brave it, and show it, but I don’t think I could be taken seriously if I did go down that line. The farthest I would go is what I have done, swimwear. That is also part of the Miss England and the Miss World contests. It was also part of the Miss Southport contest this year. I think the nude photography has now lost is impact and become boring and predictable. As for people thinking that is what modelling is all about, you could be right, but I don’t know.”

Did your job help you, was our next question we put to her? "My job requires me to have a good appearance at all times and that I think helps. I think it has given me the confidence to deal with people and react to them in a very positive manor and I think this has helped my. My job also helps me to learn about my body language and posture, again useful."

This naturally led on to our next question, which was, “Do you have a sponsor yet for Miss England?” Chloe responded "No. I only have a few weeks to get one in. If any of your readers could help me that would be so amazing. I think the fee is around £1,500 to enter, so I am looking for as much support as I can get."

Unsurprisingly we had to ask if Easy Jet help sponsor her? "I don't know. I would not think I could get them to agree before the deadline, but I am asking anyway. I would think though a Southport based would be best placed to sponsor me. That way I can get the town more good publicity, as well as giving that business fantastic national exposure. But if my employers said yes, I would be made up."

Do you have any events planed as Miss Southport 2007? "Yes, I have two events planed and organized so far. As it surprised me that I should win so I have not thought about it fully at this stage. One idea I have had is a charity night in my home town, New Brighten. That will be held in a few weeks time. The other is in Southport. It will be my first guest appearance as Miss Southport 2007 at the re-opening of the Underground Club. I am planning other nights in Southport, so I can use my title to help the businesses in Southport and the Southport community. Again if any of your Southport readers would like me to help, at an event, they contact me through you and I will do my best to help them."

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