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Date:- 15 October 2007

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The 2007 British Musical Fireworks Championships Results
Photographs with thanks to Pyromania Displays Ltd.

THE 2007 British Musical Fireworks Championships where held in the Kings Gardens, Southport, Merseyside, over the 5 October 2007 to the 7 October 2007.

The event this year (2007) attract over 10,000 spectators each evening and uses up to 1/2 tonne of fireworks and shells that reached heights of over 600ft. The event was short listed for The Mersey Partnership Annual Tourism Award of "Best Tourism Experience 2006/07", so it was no wonder that contestants from all over the UK begging to enter. In fact, this year, the event organisers, Sefton MBC, had to make a list of 20 British fireworks companies who all wanted to take part in the championships. To pick who would be entered, a ballot was drawn up and the six team names picked. These names where then declared earlier on in the year.

This years amazing championship had a tremendous standard that was upheld over the three days, with two displays each evening lasting sixteen to eighteen minutes, fired to a musical theme. Each competitor, as normal, selected a unique musical programme, which was then played at the venue, so that the fireworks could be synchronised...

To find out more about what happened, please see our report we ran last week by clicking here.

We can now release the names of this years winners of the 2007 BMFC as the following:-

First place was awarded to local Kent based company Phoenix Fireworks Ltd. from Wrotham.

Second place went to Pyromania Displays Ltd, with their stunning display.

A close third place was awarded to Festival Fireworks Ltd.

“It’s a great privilege to have had out wits pitted against some of the best companies in the country and to have come out of the championships as the top pyromusical fireworks display company in Britain

Of all the fireworks competitions in the UK, there
are only two that matter and this is one of them” said Ken Fifield, Director of Sales & Marketing at Phoenix Fireworks Ltd.

“We used music that really suited fireworks and gave great scope to do some advanced computer sequences that wowed the crowd.

The venue at Southport has a lake in front of it where the judges sit, so we used fans of silver comets springing out of the lakeside casting huge glittering reflections...”
said Alex Selby Phoenix’s chief designer.

Phoenix’s MD Martin Coffin told us that:- “There was a huge level of expectation from the crowd. They had heard we were the company that fired the paint fireworks for the Sony Bravia advert that has been screening for the last year (were we fired 70,000 liters of paint in 70 seconds) and were expecting something very special – which we gave them.”

The other three teams in the 2007 The British Musical Fireworks Championships where:-

Essex Pyrotechnics Ltd.,  Anytime Firework & G Force Fireworks Ltd.

All three put on a fantastic show as well and should be congratulated for their enters and for entertaining us all with what proved to be one of the best British Musical Fireworks Championships to date.  We hope to see you all again....

Letters to the editor:- "Ninth British musical fireworks Championships"

"Dear Sirs,  I'm writing in response to you article posted on the internet regarding Friday nights 2 firework displays which I find misleading, unfair and above all wrong. Festival Fireworks are a full time professional display team firing displays across Europe with the manpower and equipment to match. Pyromania displays on the other hand are part time run by a  Husband and Wife team and 2 non paid helpers.

And to say and I quote: ''they where not quite able to put Festival Fireworks into the shade'', I find total unfair and misleading and above all Wrong. If you had been at awards presentations after the shows on Sunday night you would have known  that Pyromania BEAT Festival into a well deserved 2nd place.

Incorrect comments by your reporter, can only damage the there good name should be put right in the form of a reply and an apology to Pyromania Displays."  Yours Sincerely, Mr P Woolley, Lincolnshire.

Editors Reply:- "Congratulations on coming second place.   We are sorry that you did not like our report last week about the BMFC.

We have never before had a complaint about our reporting of the event.  We have corrected the report, as we have found the word 'totally' had been removed by the grammar checker and sadly it was not spotted.  However we can not see how that would damage your reputation as we did say "They put on an excellent reply"

We can not see what the size of your group and the fact that it is run as a part time company has to do with the report we ran last week. 

On the note about covering the award presentations, as we are not the official newspaper media partner, it is a tradition that the presentation is only covered by them and that we only run the results, if we carry them, after the Champion Newspaper has run them."
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