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Date:- 17 December 2007

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 The Southport and Liverpool Santa Watch Web-Cam

FOR the last few years the sky above Southport has been studied every Christmas by children, just like they have all over the world. This year, in our traditional spirit, we will be again training a Web-Camera on the sky above Merseyside to let children have a chance of catching a glimpse of Santa as he passes by on his rounds. The camera will be going Live in the morning of Christmas Eve. and the link to it will be placed on Liverpool Reporter's home page,  Also, thanks to the man himself, not only can you see him as he heads over Southport on our camera, but also you will be able to keep track of his movements throughout the world, on NASA's website!

Burglary at footballer's home

FORMBY is not normally the location for high profile burglaries to take place in, but sadly on Tuesday 11 December 2007, one took place and Merseyside Police are now appealing for information.

The confrontational burglary took place at footballer Steven Gerrard home, in Formby.  His wife and two children (the children were asleep upstairs) were in the house along with another woman. At the time Mr Gerrard was away.

It has been reported by Merseyside Police that the house was broken into by four men and that officers were called to the address just after 9.30pm on Tuesday 11 December 2007. The was following a call from the resident that four men had broken into the house. They escaped with a woman's Rolex watch and two sets of car keys.

The men are described as white, between 5ft 7'' and 5ft 9" tall and wearing dark clothing, hoods or balaclavas.

Both occupants of the house were shaken by the incident but uninjured. No weapons were used during the incident.

Crime Scene Investigators have attended the address and house to house enquiries then took place throughout the area.

Supt Phil Scarth, of Merseyside Police, said:- "I would like to express my sympathy to Mr and Mrs Gerrard for what is an upsetting experience. As with every burglary victim, we will be carrying out a thorough investigation and offering them crime prevention advice.

There have been a number of burglaries targeting the home addresses of footballers living in Merseyside. We are linking these incidents as they have all targeted Premiership footballers living in the Merseyside area and the incidents have taken place while they have been away at fixtures.

There were three burglaries targeting footballers in 2005 and 2006, but there were no further incidents following the conviction of a man for handling stolen goods in June last year.

"This year, there have been three incidents. Those affected have been targeted because they are wealthy and it is known that they will be away from the UK for specific fixtures.

The Force already offers annual security reviews for the players, if they wish to take advantage of them. We are now working closely with the individuals affected as well as the club to offer crime prevention and personal security advice as well as stepping up security around footballers homes.

The force is taking a co-ordinated approach to look into all the incidents, as we take all reports of burglary seriously."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Merseyside Police on 0151 777 3165 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Set a date aside in 2008 the Charity Band Night

A quick heads up for local music fans... We can recommend a fantastic night of music which is due to be performed at the Albert Pub, in Southport on 19 January, 2008. So far, we can confirm that the following bands will be playing the night way.... CJD, Damaged Goods, Same Old Mondays and The Sons Of Mod! This event will be to raise funds for the Kidney Fund in memory of local Singer Danny Curran who was the lead singer of Damaged Goods. The night starts at 7.30pm. Also on the agenda will be a charity auction, with signed football memorabilia and lots, lots more! So set that date in your diary for what will be a stunning night's entertainment. (Related Story)

Ok boys and girls..."Who Will Save Christmas?"


IT is that time of year again. If you haven't heard the immortal words "It's behind you..." and the words "Oh no they didn't..." ringing out across the land, you will at some point. If you had not realised, it is that mad time of year, not just to deck the halls with holly, but also to go to the theatre for the annual Panto season.

Joining all the other pantos on stages across the land this year is a new show called:- "Who Will Save Christmas", written by Southport based ABD Productions. Already the story about the "Dangerous mission to save Christmas" has been performed to packed out audiences with it's original music and scripts being well received.

This play first hit the stage at the Crosby Civic Hall on Wednesday 12 December 2007 where it will be performed, only until the 18 December 2007. But do not worry if you cannot get tickets, they are selling fast, but the whole show will be moving on to Southport very soon! Oh yes it is! Its next stop will be the Southport Arts Centre, from 20 December 2007 to 5 January 2007.

The play is all about poor o0ld Santa and his efforts to save Christmas, after a computer goes on the blink.

An evil pair of villains, Vin and Vic infect Santa's computer with a Virus, but can anyone find the antidote, held by homeless Auntie Bionics? Who will help him to get his sorting office back on track? And who can help find the missing names and addresses of all the children of the world?

This play is very apropos, considering the happenings of late, in quite a few organisations that have hit the headlines.

This is a well thought out play, that keeps the action rolling on in a magical environment, which is usually only be found in classic British Pantos.

The atmosphere engendered by the play's script is enhanced, not only by the good acting and well directed choreography, which you now expect from an ABD Production, but also thanks to stunning costumes and fantastically simple sets that help set the tone.

"Who Will Save Christmas" is designed to be a family play and is in the most part a very entertaining play, aimed at all ages. Sadly, some of the jokes and plot twists are aimed more at younger children at times, but hey... it is a Panto!

On another note, we would like to wish one of the cast a quick recovery after he was involved in a road accident, last week.

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