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11 June 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Men's Health Matters Week 10 to the 16 June 2002

The government have launched an "Informed Choice" Program for men of 50 and over to have a Prostate Cancer Assessment with their GP, which was introduced in July 2001.  Unfortunately according to the Leighton Hospital Cancer Support Group and Awareness Campaign in Crew "The cancer is the second largest killer of men in the UK and will soon very take lung cancer in a year if present figures continue to increase.  This is a terrible indication of successive governments who have not provided sufficient funding into research and diagnosis.  Education into prostate cancer, when considering the resent treatments available are 85 to 90% successful when diagnosed in it early stages.  As of yet this test program  that the government has introduced has not filtered down to all the surgeries and medical centers across the UK.  Although the government have confirmed they should have received the information in a "hard copy form" and is on the website at www.NELH.NHS.UK/PSA."   

The assessment involves two simple tests, a digital rectal examination and a PSA blood test.  The doctor is also expected to provide a selection of leaflets on relating to the tests and should point out the disadvantages along with the side effects if cancer is diagnosed and treatment is available.

The Government has also launched a £13. million trial into the effectiveness of current treatments for Prostate Cancer.  A spokes person for the L.H.P.C.S.G.A.C. said "Something we could tell them for absolutely nothing... This is a complete waste of money considering government funding into research has only just been raised from £47.000 per year to £1million over the next 4 years!"   

Although the Governments "Informed Choice" program goes some way towards screening for men, there is too much emphasis on the side effects of the treatments.   If you don't get treated you are likely to die!  

Symptoms to look out for are as follows:-

1. Frequent need to pass urine, especially at night.

2. Strain before flow, stopping and starting.

3. Slow Flow, or dribbling.

4. Blood in Urine.

5. Pain in bones in lower back, spine or hips.

Anybody suffering should see their doctor right away!

Prostate Cancer does not have symptoms during the early stages and the following symptoms are usually indicate an "Enlarged Prostate" and that is more probable.  3 in 10 mean suffer with an enlarged prostate that is not cancerous!

For those requiring further information, they can contact Gary Steele on 01606 553097 or the help line on 01625 525272 or the Prostate Cancer Charity help line on 0845 300 8383.  Please also take a look at this web page

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