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04 July20002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Letters to the Editor. 

Harassment of horses in Churchtown Southport

We all know, or should know the diseases dog dirt causes.  Blindness for one, and children are more susceptible, as well as being tread into the home etc.  How can anyone compare dog dirt to horse manure?  Horses eat grass, and the droppings are used for the garden to fertilise plants, roses and rhubarb etc.  If the horse happens to do this as it is being exercised, and rode along the road, a shower of rain and it is washed away, after all it is organic grass.  Dog dirt remains unless picked up by owner, which are few and far between.  So people give horse riders a fair deal, this applies also to the police horses, which also get a lot of flack.  So please educate yourselves on this subject, if these people who complain about the horses went down to New Market where the Queens horses are, they would be laughed at.  So I hope one day you will see sense, but I doubt it. 

PS:-  this refers to an incident that happened in Longacre Churchtown in June.

Name and address supplied.

Help Please.....

Hold your Plums???????

 Here’s a plea for help from one of our readers. 

A Mr John Hastings would like to get hold of the Audio cassette Hold your Plums volume 3.  he is willing to pay a good price if the tape is in good condition and has the original cover.  If you think you can help him contact him at the following address:- 

               45 Moss Bay Rd
               CA 14 3XG

Thank you on behalf of John.

If you have a letter or article you would like us to put up our address is:-

Southport Reporter, PCBT Photography, 4A Post Office Ave, Southport PR9 0US.

Police Invitation.

I am writing to invite you to the next Police and community forum for Sefton (central Southport) which will be held on Tuesday 16th July 2002 at Mornington Road Resource and Day Centre, Mornigton Road, Southport, PR9 0TS, at 7.30pm.

Police and community forums give members of the public a chance to meet police officers from various departments, including their local constables, and an opportunity to discuss policing issues.  You may also wish to make some suggestions about the quality of policing in your area.

Don’t forget, it’s your police service, come along and air your view.

Special subject:- tackling town centre violence.


Birkdale’s Orpheus Society presents Barry Manilow’s Exciting Copacobana.  It features the Grammy award winning song “Her name was Lola…..” , spectacular sets, dazzling costumes, and sensational choreography.

It will be shown at the Southport Arts Centre between the dates of 2nd November and the 9th of November, at 7.30pm each night, with a 2pm Saturday Matinee (9th November).

Below are the ticket prices and the dates: - 

Saturday, 2nd November               £9

Monday, 4th November                 £7

Tuesday, 5th November                £8

Wednesday, 6th November            £8

Thursday, 7th November               £9

Friday, 8th November                   £10

Saturday Matinee, 9th November    £8

Saturday evening, 9th November    £10


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