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30 August 2002

Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter...News...Southport Reporter

Green Bank High School 2002 GCSE Results.
Article by Eric Lyon Taylor.
Congratulations to all who took their GCSE's this year.  Remember you can only do your best.   Any way back to the results, and sorry for the delay in posting up these ones, as we had technical difficulties with them.  
Key = Name Entered/Passed at C+
Elizabeth Abramova 11/5;Michelle Aindow 11/11; Rosie Aitken-Greenhalgm11/6; Kayleigh Aldred 11/2;  Rachelle Alty 11/9; Charlene Amphlett 10/2; Helan Andrew 11/11; Rebecca Atkins 11/9; Mira Azhar 11/11; Kim Bailey 11/1; Carol Barber 11/10; Leanne Baxter 4; Sarah Baxter 11/8; Lisa Bedford 11/11; Cheryl Bell 9; Charlotte Bennett 10/4; Rachel Bennett 11/11; Gayle Birnie 11/11; Laura Blankley 11/9; Jennifer Bolton 11/11; Debra Botham 11/2; Leanne Bottomley 3; Vicky Boyd 10/1; Lisa Brooke 11/11; Amy Brooker 11/11; Louise Brookfield 11/8; Joanne Brooks 10/2; Charlotte Brown 11/10; Emma Brown 11/8; Emma Brown 11/11; Danielle Buist 11;Louise Byrne 11/7;
Sarah Byrom 11/9;Marie Cavanagh  10/2; Anna Chadwick 11/11; Naomi Chalmers 11/11; Sonia Chapman 11/11; Victoria Clare 11/9; Hayley Cobham 11/5; Rachel Cooper 11/6; Anneke Couch 10/1; Lydia Cox 11/11;
Helen Crummby 11/11; Amanda Cunliffe 11/7; Shopna Das 11/6; Emma Davies 10/2; Claire Delamunty 11/11; Kelly Dewhurst 11/2; Rachael Doyle 11/11; Catherine Drury 11/10;
Alice Duke 11/11; Katie Dutton 11/11; Karen Elder 11/11; Charlotte Ellis 10/2; Rebecca Farrow 11/3; Kathryn Finch 11/11; Georgina Fisher 11/11; Andrea Flynn 11/10; Sophie Frampton 11/9; Laura Franklin 11/9; Charlotte Garnett 11/3; Charlotte Gilchrist 11/9; Josephine Gillen 11/5; Rebecca Gobie 11/5; Laura Green 11/9; Natalie Griffiths 11/1; Charlotte Hall 11/10; Ashley Halliday 10/2; Sally Hancock 11/11; Felicity Harper 11/10; Amy Harrop 11/2; Jenny Harwood 11/9; Nicola Healy 11/2; Jenny Hedley 11/10; Rebecca Hegarty 11/10; Victoria Hemmings 11/11; Natalie Higgs 11/10; Louise Hilton 11/11; Stephanie Holmes 11/1; Nicola Holt 11/10; Lauren Horrocks 10/3; Jane Howard 11/1; Lucy Hoyle 11/11; Diana Huddy 11/4; Emma Hughes 10/7; Joanne Hughes 10/1; Stephanie Hurst 11/9; Tiffany Hyland 10/3; Kristine Jarman 10; Haley Jenkins 10/1; Amanda Johnson 11/5;
Melissa Johnson 11/5; Louise Kearns 11/11; Aimee Kearsley 11/ 7; Emma Keenan 11/8; Gillian Kelly 2/2;Jemma Kelly 11/11; Emma Kirby 11/11; Sarah knight 10/1; Louise Kung 10/10; Jenny Lam 11/10; Meagan Lange 11/4; Hannah Lathom 11/4; Recia Lawrenson 7; Amanda Lennon 11/6; Danielle Leu 11/7;
Joanne Lloyd 11/11; Samantha Lloyd 11/11;
Lindsey Lowery 8/1; Rachel Madani 10/6;
Zoe Magill 7; Louise Maguire 11/9; Amy Mansir 11/7; Carla Marshall 11/1; Sarah Marshall 11/10; Jeanine Matcham 2/2; Mairi McCormack 11/ 11; Hannah Mercer 11;
Sarah Mills 11/11; Amy Mitchell 1/1; Jennifer Moon 1/1; Sarah Moores  1/1; Kimberley Mordaunt 11/8; Hayley Morris 11/9; Jenna Morton 11/6; Victoria Mullen 11/7; Victoria Nice 11/6; Collette Morris 8/2; Leanne O’Hara 11/6; Kirsty Ogilvie 11/11; Danielle Payne 11/7; Sarah Pedder 11/1; Stephenie Pender 11/8; Jennifer Perrett 11/11; Nicole Perrin 11/5; Chantelle Porter 1; Sarah Powell 11/7;
Hannah Ramsey 11/11; Helen Rawcliffe 11/11; Anna Reid 11/11; Laura Rhall 11/9;
Jennifer Rhodes 11/11; Lucinda Rigg 11/9;
Kelly Rimmer 11/9; Bethaney Ritchie 11/11;
Carly Ritchie 10/9; Emma Roberts 11/5;
Susanne Rodgers 11/11; Katie Rowell 11/10;
Danielle Ruby 10/1; Elizabeth Rushton 11/11;
Emma-Louise Schofield 11/11; Ashlea Seaton 1; Laura Shacklady 11/9; Fiona Shaw 12/11;
Casey Shields 11/5; Kerry Sleight 9/5; Jennifer Smith 11/11; Nina Smith-Crallan 11/11; Jemma Snookes 8/1; Stacy Southwood 8; Georgina Spencer 11/10; Sarah Steel 11/5; Katy Stephens 11/11; Lindsey Stephenson 11/8; Paula Stevens 11/8; Catherine Sutton  10/2; Felicity Swain 11/2; Jennifer Sweeting 11/11; Hayley Tasker 11/11; Linda Tasker 11/11; Joanne Taylor 11/2;  Kirsty Thomas 11/11; Nicole Thomason 11/11;  Jennifer Thornley 11/2;  Carolyn Thwaites 11/11;  Sarah Tipton 11/3;  Helen Todd 11/10;  Helena Travis 10/9;  Samantha Trebble 10/4; Aimey Tyas 9/4; Sarah Utterson 11/11;Georgia Vickers 11/6; Sarah Viner 11/5; Zoe Wakefield 11/9; Karen Wareing 11/9; Kirsty Watkinson 11/6; Lucy Watson 9; Candice White 11/11; Lucy Wilcock 11/11; Claire Williams 11/10; Sophie Williams 11/7; Heather Woodcock 11/11; Lyndsey Worth 11/9;Leah Worthington 11/5; Claire Wright11/11; Nicole Wynne 11/3;

Good Manners and Courtesy Challenge for all in Lancashire

The Anthony Nolan Trust, a life-saving leukemia charity is supporting ‘National Courtesy Day’ on Friday the 4th of October in Lancashire and Cumbria by promoting a fourteen part good manners and courtesy challenge.  Twelve of which should be completed.
All the key challenges must be completed twice.  Simply saying, “please and thank you” can make all the difference.  Other examples are opening doors for others, giving up your seat for the elderly or infirm, slowing down and listening to others and treat them as you would wish to be treated yourself, etc.  everyone can take part, including the boss, colleagues in the workplace, at home, at school (entry form, in post) or college, anywhere where there are groups of people….. want to take part?  Just phone 01423 879510.
“The mood of the nation would change if enough people see the practical benefits of simple courtesy”  Reverend Ian Gregory – Campaign for courtesy.
This is the trusts very first organized Good Manners and Courtesy Challenge.
 Money raised from this event will be used to fund the Trusts life saving work finding and tissue typing matching donors for the thousands of terminally ill children and adults in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.
 The Anthony Nolan Trust relies purely on the generosity and support we receive from people supporting events like the Good Manners and Courtesy Challenge that enable us to fund its life saving work.  We receive no government funding and the lives of the thousands who turn to us for help every year can only be saved by voluntary donations.
The Anthony Nolan Trust maintains the world’s largest independent register of potential bone marrow donors.  There are currently over 320,000 people on the register but we continually need new donors to help patients suffering from diseases, which can only be helped by a bone marrow transplant.  “All adults who are eligible to join should seriously give it some thought to do so.  One day you might just save a life”.
Please take part in the first Good Manners and Courtesy Challenge and make it possible for us to save more lives.  Every £50 raised enables us to add one new volunteer, fully tissue typed, to the register.  That’s one more life that just might be saved by your kindness and generosity.
To take part in the Good Manners and Courtesy Challenge or if you would like further information on this event please call our regional office on 01423 879510 for an entry form.  Alternatively you can e-mail your details to

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